dogwifhat (WIF): What Makes WIF the Most Ridiculous Meme Coin Yet?

Can WIF stand up against top dogs Shiba Inu, FLOKI, and BONK?

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dogwifhat (WIF) is one of the most delightfully polarizing meme coins in the crypto market. Meme coins are ludicrously silly by nature and that’s part of their unique appeal, but dogwifhat takes cryptocurrency shenanigans to new levels.

While WIF’s canine rivals like Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Floki (FLOKI), and BONK (BONK), have all made an effort to transcend meme coin status and create a built-out ecosystem of products and tools, WIF chose anarchy.

What is it about Solana’s new darling pooch that has made dogwifhat such a sensation? 

What Is dogwifhat (WIF)?

dogwifhat is a popular meme launched on the Solana network in November 2023. As the name suggests, WIF’s mascot is a dog wearing a hat. Despite its humble and downright nonsensical background, WIF has captured the hearts and blockchain wallets of tens of thousands of Solana users.


Against all odds, the unassuming meme coin enjoyed a meteoric rise into notoriety and firmly placed itself in the top 100 cryptocurrencies in the industry by market cap. WIF’s explosive popularity has secured a Binance listing for the digital asset, an honor reserved for only the most iconic meme coins in the space.

As any experienced DeFi trader will know, dog-themed tokens are the bread and butter of the meme coin cryptocurrency market. Every day, dozens of shiny new dog coins are launched on every blockchain, from Ethereum (ETH) to Aptos (APT), with most succumbing to an early funeral mere hours after they launched.


What made dogwifhat different, and why is WIF so wildly popular?

It could be because WIF found itself in the right place at the right time. dogwifhat launched at the beginning of a euphoric Solana meme coin season. After the success of Solana memes like BONK, thousands of risk-on traders were throwing wads of SOL at any new meme coin that might show a hint of following BONK’s lead.

As a result, WIF price, and consequently its hype on social media, went wild. WIF rode a bullish wave of momentum off the back of Solana’s incredible ascent to break all-time high after all-time high and cement itself as a pillar of the ecosystem.

Other theories suggest that the adorable meme coin is adamantly unpretentious. While other meme coins bend over backward trying to make a statement about the crypto market or promise to build a revolutionary Web 3 brand, WIF’s objectives are non-existent.

dogwifhat site.
Source: dogwifcoin

A quick look at the coin’s official website tells you everything you need to know. The usual propaganda you might find about a new crypto asset, like “transcending boundaries & paving a new era in finance and technology,” has been playfully crossed out, leaving only the most important message of all:

“i mean bro, it’s literally a dog wif a hat”

dogwifhat History

dogwifhat launched to relatively quiet fanfare on November 20, 2023. Like most meme coins, WIF started from humble beginnings. It was added to the Raydium DEX (Decentralized Exchange) with a few thousand dollars in liquidity and no expectations.

Originally priced at $0.000013 USD, WIF was indistinguishable from the hundreds of other meme coins launched on-chain that day. Like most of its competitors, it was worth a fraction of a cent and had a large circulating supply, meaning that traders could easily buy millions of tokens with a small amount of starting capital.

As time went on, WIF went from strength to strength. Alongside rising crypto prices across the market, WIF found plenty of inflows and a growing community of passionate supporters eager to shill dogwifhat on social media and attract new buyers.

WIF price chart.
Source: DexScreener

As WIF’s trading volume and coin price continued to explode, people around the industry started to take notice. Crypto news outlets started mentioning WIF in the same breath as more established rivals like BONK, and crypto exchanges like Bitget and KuCoin started listing the Solana meme coin for trade.

The biggest day in WIF’s short history came on March 5th, when it was officially listed on Binance, the largest trading platform in the Web3 industry.

Generational Wealth Slips Through WIF Founders’ Paws

WIF’s dramatic success surprised countless blockchain enthusiasts, including the dogwifhat founder themselves. Within two days of WIF’s on-chain launch, the project’s anonymous founder sold 350M WIF in exchange for 511 SOL, valued at $29,000.

Fast-forward 4 months later, these holdings would’ve been worth a staggering $7.3M.

However, nothing is lost for the founder, who acquired WIF in a separate wallet. Having already realized over $1M in profits, the founder still holds around 294,000 WIF, valued at approximately $612,000 at press time.

$WIF in Vegas

WIF on Vegas Sphere.
Source: WIF Sphere

While many crypto projects are clamoring to secure a billboard in Times Square, New York, the WIF community has other ideas. The WIF community’s latest marketing stunt has them collectively raising $650,000 to showcase the dogwifhat logo on the Las Vegas sphere.

What’s Next for $WIF?

At this stage in WIF’s life, there’s not much left for it to accomplish. With no development team behind the project and no products or services being built, dogwifhat might struggle to sustain itself when newer, shinier meme coins enter the market.

WIF has already been listed on Binance, meaning there are no further exchange listings, except for Coinbase or traditional retail platforms like Robinhood, that would make WIF more accessible and put the coin in front of more potential investors.

That said, WIF has already outperformed all expectations on its crusade to the top 100 cryptos. Who’s to say it won’t continue?

dogwifhat Pros & Cons

dogwifhat is certainly a conversation starter. Let’s review the benefits and drawbacks of this popular meme coin.


  • Viral Social Presence – Like all meme coins, WIF benefits from a vocal and passionate community that promotes the coin at every opportunity. 
  • Quirky Narrative – Instead of claiming to be the next Bitcoin (BTC), WIF is self-aware and doesn’t promise to be anything other than “literally a dog wif a hat.”


  • No Product, Utility, or Team – Once you get over the fun meme, you’ll see that WIF has zero utility value other than buying and hoping the price goes up. Other meme coins in the past, like Shiba Inu and Floki, have pivoted to provide tangible services to holders, but at this point, WIF truly has nothing to offer.

On the Flipside

  • Despite having no tangible value or utility, WIF has proved that a good meme coin needn’t be anything more than a silly laugh.  

Why This Matters

dogwifhat shows us the immense power of a vocal and vibrant community and what it can achieve, even if the underlying asset has no utility or unique selling point.


What is the price prediction for WIF?

If you’re looking for a dogwifhat price prediction, I’m sorry to tell you that you’re in the wrong place. You should also do your own research and formulate your own investment thesis.

Where can I buy WIF?

You can buy WIF on crypto exchanges like Binance or Kucoin.

What is the total supply of WIF?

WIF has a total supply of 998,920,173 tokens.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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