Cardano (ADA)

Cardano (ADA) could be considered the purest manifestation of the crypto ethos, with the noble vision of illuminating a new era of decentralized applications and financial systems on a global scale.


Following disagreements about the future direction of Ethereum, Charles Hoskinson founded the Cardano blockchain. A Layer One network capable of smart contract development and a level of decentralization that puts its rivals to shame, Cardano embodies the fundamental principles of blockchain technology.

 Built on a foundation of peer-reviewed research and high-assurance development, Cardano distinguishes itself from the crowd by offering a research-driven approach to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing cryptocurrencies today: scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.

Why is Cardano Unique?

Boasting architecture designed by some of the brightest minds in cryptography at Input Output Global (IOHK), Cardano was built from the ground-up through academic research and has carved out a unique niche for itself backed by a hearty blend of innovation, rigor, and vision.

What truly sets Cardano apart? Why has it captured the imagination of a global community and is increasingly being adopted by developers, enterprises and national governments alike?

  • Ouroboros – Cardano’s innovative consensus mechanism, Ouroboros, is the first world’s first provably secure proof-of-stake protocol. Ouroboros helps Cardano maintain high levels of security and efficiency, making it one of the most energy-efficient blockchains in the crypto space.
  • Hydra – Designed to facilitate ultra-fast transactions by creating off-chain state channels, Hydra brings greater speed and scalability to Cardano. This is crucially important to Cardano’s ambitious goals of supporting millions of users.
  • Thriving Ecosystem – The growing range of Cardano dApps give the network an enormous range of diverse utilities and innovative protocols. From algorithmic DeFi applications like DJED to a growing NFT culture and community-led meme coins like SNEK, Cardano is making a name for itself in the on-chain world.
  • Unparalleled Decentralization – With validator nodes distributed all over the world and one of the highest Nakamoto Coeffiency scores in the industry, Cardano is arguably the most decentralized blockchain in crypto.