Cardano Memecoin Storms the Market: Why SNEK Is Blowing Up

Unraveling the SNEK sensation: Why did this Cardano memecoin jump in price and viral status?

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  • Cardano meme coin SNEK surges in price.
  • Interest in SNEK is re-ignited by social media chatter
  • SNEK has landed a new influencer partnership deal.

Over the last 24 hours, the Cardano meme coin SNEK has surged while the rest of the crypto market remained largely flat. The unexpected price pump has triggered social media chatter among Cardano enthusiasts and memecoin traders on why the SNEK token is blowing up.


SNEK made a trough-to-peak move of 27% over the past day, growing from $0.0010624 to an intraday high of $0.0013464. Although SNEK’s current price is far below its $0.0028758 all-time high and $0.0025057 year-to-date peak, the token’s sudden resurgence has ignited a frenzy on social media.

Cardano’s SNEK Announces Partnership

SNEK’s recent announcement of partnering with influencer Max Maher fueled the social media frenzy. The SNEK team unveiled Maher as an official investor and partner, touting his accomplishments and declaring a “long-term structured plan” to grow the brand.

Maher is an established figure in the make-money-online and affiliate marketing spaces, boasting a YouTube channel with nearly 1 million followers. He has built and exited multiple million-dollar brands and is considered a marketing expert.

Addressing the SNEK community, Maher stated “you guys are seriously the strongest crypto community on the planet, I couldn’t resist joining.” The message was enough to send the price of SNEK soaring, but the Cardano meme coin was unable to hold onto the majority of the gains, falling to $0.0012156 at the time of writing.

SNEK daily price chart in USDT per Trading View.
SNEKUSDT daily chart on Trading View

SNEK’s recent resurgence in form has sparked renewed interest in the project, but Maher’s partnership was revealed to be more than superficial.

Marketing to the Max

During a recent X Spaces, it was revealed that Maher is taking on an active role in marketing the Cardano meme coin. When asked about specific strategies he had in mind, such as targeting sports teams or individuals for sponsorships, Maher stated that nothing concrete has been decided yet.


Maher did, however, express admiration for the approach taken by super brands like Red Bull, which sponsor high-profile teams and athletes across various sports including soccer and Formula 1. 

Yet the reality of funding remains an issue for SNEK, leaving Maher to concede that the current focus is “figuring out the highest leverage way to convert those dollars into the most eyeballs on SNEK as possible.”

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