Publishing Policies

DailyCoin is a leading crypto news outlet dedicated to providing investors with reliable, trustworthy coverage of the cryptocurrency market. Our experienced news reporters and journalists work tirelessly to provide in-depth analysis, breaking news coverage, and unique flip-side perspectives.

It is our mission to provide accurate, reliable, and unbiased news coverage in the cryptocurrency industry. This Ethics Page explains DailyCoin’s policies and the practices that govern our operations.  

We value the trust and support of our readers and are dedicated to delivering accurate and reliable news coverage in the cryptocurrency industry.

Submission Policy:

We accept article submissions from several sources, including staff writers, freelance journalists/reporters, and industry experts. 

All article submissions undergo a thorough review process to ensure they meet our quality and accuracy standards. 

We strive to publish diverse perspectives while upholding our commitment to factual reporting and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Find more information about our Topic Selection process on our Editorial Processes page.

Feedback Policy:

We deeply value feedback from our readers and use it to improve our reporting and editorial processes. 

Feedback can be submitted via email to

While we cannot respond to every individual submission, all messages are reviewed by multiple editorial team members within one working day. 

Corrections Policy:

Accuracy is of utmost importance to us. We promptly investigate and make all necessary corrections if errors are identified in our published content. 

Corrections will clearly indicated within the article or in an editor’s note, acknowledging the mistake and providing accurate information. Dailycoin is committed to maintaining transparency and holding ourselves accountable for inaccuracies.

Visit our Editorial Processes page for more information about how corrections are managed within DailyCoin’s editorial team.

Diversity Staffing Report:

We recognize the importance of diversity and inclusivity in our newsroom. Our goal is to foster a work environment that embraces individuals from diverse backgrounds, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, age, and cultural perspectives. 

We regularly review and assess our hiring practices to ensure equal opportunities and a diverse team.

Coverage Priority Policy:

We prioritize news coverage based on relevance, impact, and newsworthiness concerning the cryptocurrency industry. 

Our decision to cover (or not cover) any given topic is also weighed against accuracy, fairness, and public interest principles. 

We do our best to avoid sensationalism, bias, or undue influence from external parties.

Bylines Policy:

We attribute authorship to each article by providing bylines and identifying everyone who works on an article, including the journalist/reporter/contributor, copy editor, and editor.  

Bylines credit reporters and journalists with their work while also allowing readers to understand the source of information presented. 

In cases of collaborative work, we ensure appropriate credit is given to all parties involved.

Unnamed Sources Policy:

While we aim to provide transparency in our reporting, there may be instances where the use of unnamed sources is necessary to protect the safety or identity of individuals. We handle these cases cautiously and carefully consider such sources’ credibility and reliability.

We strive to provide context and justification for using unnamed sources when possible.

Fact-Checking Policy:

We have a dedicated team responsible for fact-checking all of our content. 

Our fact-checkers verify information, claims, and statements using reliable sources before publication. More information about our Fact-Checking Processes can be found on our Editorial Process page.

If inaccuracies are found, we promptly correct them per our Corrections Policy.