A16z CTO: Meme Coins Threaten Crypto’s Long-Term Vision

A16z’s Eddy Lazzarin worries that memecoins could negatively alter everyone’s perception of the crypto industry.

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  • Meme coins have recently been outperforming leading cryptocurrencies. 
  • A16z’s CTO is worried that the success of meme coins will alter how everyone sees the crypto industry. 
  • Eddy Lazzarin raises several arguments about how meme coins can negatively impact the crypto industry. 

Meme coins have recently been stealing the show despite their admitted lack of utility beyond being ‘for the memes.’ The asset class is confidently overshadowing leading cryptocurrencies with its performance, even with the latter hitting new all-time highs. This has led to investors becoming increasingly drawn to meme coins in search of quick profits, ignoring the high risks involved.

As the hype surrounding meme coins peaks, a16z CTO Eddy Lazzarin is worried about the asset class’s impact on the industry’s integrity and long-term vision. 

A16z’s CTO Voices His Concerns About Memecoins

Lazzarin’s comments come in response to a tweet by Michael Dempsey, managing partner of investment firm Compound, who lamented that the rise of meme coins is driving many crypto builders away, even more so than during the recent bear market. Dempsey further asserted that it was puzzling to see venture capitalists support meme coins while also claiming to prioritize the long-term goals and promises of the crypto industry. 


A16z’s CTO criticized meme coins, expressing that they altered the industry’s perception. Lazzarin elaborated, 

"Memecoins alter how the public, regulators, and entrepreneurs see crypto. At best, it looks like a risky casino. Or a series of false promises masking a casino,”

Lazzarin further argued that the emergence of meme coins has affected crypto adoption, regulation, and developer retention, suggesting that meme coins have been a source of significant frustration among various groups in the space.

While Lazzarin and other prominent voices in crypto voice their concerns about meme coins, the asset class ironically continues to perform as one of the best.

Despite Rising Concerns, Memecoins Outperform

There is no denying that these “joke” cryptocurrencies have captured the attention of everyone participating in the market. CoinGecko’s recent report showed that the top 10 meme coins in the space returned an astounding 1,300% in Q1, dwarfing the performance of every other crypto subsector. The next nearest category, real-world assets, managed a comparatively modest 298% gain, followed by AI-related tokens at 210%.


Meme connoisseur pepeXBT contented that meme coin mania was driven by growing desperation, as people struggle to afford basic life milestones like buying a home, sending their children to good schools, or even enjoying simple luxuries like vacations or dining out. 

Other influencers also pointed to human desperation as the main driver. 

It is true that given the current global economic climate and the volatility of the crypto market, meme coins seem alluring, especially with stories of overnight millionaires becoming a common occurrence; however, exercising caution and resisting FOMO has become equally paramount.

A Disclaimer For Those Wanting to Trade Meme Coins

With the crypto market performing as it is, FOMO is gripping a significant number of participants, which is why it is highly urged not to give into its allure. Meme coins are easily the riskiest subsector of the crypto industry

While they may promise astronomical gains, the reality is often quite different. Actual instances of users striking it rich with meme coins are rare, with many losing money instead. Additionally, there’s a whole lot more to the story. It’s not a simple game of buying low and selling high; most success stories often involve high-speed bots and costly tools, with success rates as low as one in a hundred.

Unless one is well-versed in RPC nodes, blockchain mechanics, and smart contracts, delving into meme coins solely for the prospect of massive returns is ill-advised.

On the Flipside

Why This Matters

The influence of meme coins on shaping the public perception of cryptocurrency is dangerous and poses significant risks. It has the potential to drive away builders, regulators, and risk-averse participants, thereby impeding the industry’s overall growth.

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