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Gary Gensler sitting in a digital room smiling, with a huge neon Ethereum sign behind him.

Is ETH ETF Victory a Sign of Government Intervention?

After a significant legal challenge and congressional advocacy, the SEC approves Ethereum ETFs

Gary Gensle on fog with an Ethereum logo in the background.

SEC Interest in Ethereum ETFs Came from Nowhere, Or Did It?

What prompted the SEC to break its silence and approve Ethereum ETF proposals?

Purple man figure spliting a polygon logo in purple clouds.

Polygon CEO Doubles Down on Memecoin Support, Blasts Critics

Polygon Labs CEO Marc Boiron comes under fire for supporting a memecoin inspired by his pet.


Two very old man facing eachother in wheelchairs, giving the middle finger in an old abandoned building.

XRP Lawsuit Close to Climax? Here’s What We Know

The long-awaited SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs over XRP’s status as a security could see a resolution by summer 2024.

Robot hand pressing TON token and sending a message via Telegram.

Why Clicker Apps Like Notcoin Are Taking Off on Telegram

Crypto clicker apps on Telegram are taking off, using simple mechanics to get millions of users.

A victorious hand with a golden bone.

Shiba Inu’s BONE On The Verge Of Binance Listing, BONE Up 7%

Shibarians rejoice over Binance’s fresh announcement, sending an official invitation to join the world’s largest crypto ecosystem.

Floating screen in a magical land showing a cat watching the ''roaring kitty'' channel.

GameStop Mania: Are Roaring Kitty’s Tweets a Hidden Message?

Roaring Kitty’s movie clip meme spree fuels hidden message decoding frenzy, but others warn of manipulation.

A little girl taiming an evil looking little gramlin chewing on a Gala Coin.

Gala Games “Contains” $212M Security Incident on GALA Token

Gala Games responds to a security incident involving billions of GALA tokens.

Astronauts watching a rocket taking of in a wireframe landscape.

XRP Primed for Takeoff as Crypto Market Eyes “Fed Pivot”?

A potential shift in US monetary policy could trigger a surge in the crypto market, with XRP leading the charge.

Guy on a bike riding on massive mountains towards polygon matic.

Polygon (MATIC) Hits 4B Transactions Milestone as Usage Spikes

Polygon (MATIC) hits a new milestone for total transactions.

Man in suit assembling a hologram of a digital wallet.

Telegram Wallet Gets USDT Payments: Here’s How to Set them Up

Telegram ads USDT payments to their wallet, making crypto payments easier than ever. Here’s how to set it up.

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Robot sitting under a tree on a digital land.


Toronto, May 22, 2024 – Open Banking Expo Canada is proud to announce the participation of prominent political figures and key policy representatives in its upcoming event on June 11 […]

Astronaut bringing a massive coin to a digital moon land.

Bitcoin Events Announces Two Exciting Events in South Africa: Crypto Fest 2024 and Blockhain Africa Conference 2024

Get ready for a double dose of excitement as Bitcoin Events proudly presents two premier events in South Africa: Crypto Fest 2024 and the Blockchain Africa Conference 2024.Crypto Fest 2024: […]

Woman robot looking at the hot trends for crypto.

Experts Think DTX Exchange Could Be a Breakout Star in May: Can It Go Higher Than BNB and DOGE?

Bitcoin’s bullish price momentum above $70k has fueled a price rally for the broader altcoin market, especially meme coins. Binance Coin (BNB) is displaying a notable uptrend with increasing market […]

A golden Bitcoin rocket hurdling through space.

Analyst Says Ripple’s XRP Can Reach $10 Amid Surge in Cardano TVL and New Player ETFSwap Emerges

Crypto Analyst and Crypto4Life Youtuber James Jay urges investors not to sell Ripple (XRP) hastily for $10 as this figure looks enticing but could be just a scratch of its […]

Space man taking a selfie with his collegue celebrating in the milky way.

Velar Collaborates With Build on Bitcoin (BOB) for PerpDex Launch

Panama City, Panama, May 21st, 2024, Chainwire Pioneering Bitcoin DeFi developer Velar has announced that it is partnering with BOB (Build on Bitcoin) to support the launch of Velar Artha, the […]

DEFI block is gold and glowing with coins surrounding it.

VALR Expands Services with TRON Network Support and New TRX Staking Product

Johannesburg, South Africa, May 20th, 2024 VALR, the Pantera-backed crypto exchange, is pleased to announce its support for the TRON network, facilitating quick and easy stablecoin transactions. Additionally, VALR now offers […]

Market News

Bear is devastated with the crypto results.

Crypto Use Plummets in 2023: Fed Survey Reports Decline

Crypto usage continues dipping per Fed data, clashing with more upbeat adoption trends from other sources.

Gold hand trying to grab crypto coins,

Why Crypto Lending Is the Most Innovative Sector in DeFi Right Now

While the fundamental mechanisms underpinning crypto lending remain largely the same, there’s been significant innovations in the field.

Man wearing a playful blazer holding a digital block.

Everybody Is Talking About BlockDAG Network: Top Crypto Influencer Says It’s “Investor’s Dream”

An Analysis of BlockDAG Network’s Popularity Among Top Crypto InfluencersIt didn’t take long for BlockDAG Network to rapidly gain traction in the cryptocurrency community, particularly among influential YouTubers and Crypto-Twitter […]

Donald Trump saluting Shiba Inu wearing his campaign hat '' make America great again''.

Trump Welcomes SHIB, DOGE Among Others for Campaign Donations

Donald is striving to assemble a crypto army via donations in 9 different currencies, including both top dog coins.

Guy watching blockchain cubes move through the city.

AI Altcoin Steals Attention as SEC Greenlights Ethereum ETF Progress

As events continue to unfold, there has been lots of excitement as the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided to point the beam of light on the Ethereum […]

Little block robot celebrating on a cube land.

Keynote Success: BlockDAG’s Strategic Displays Soar Presale to $29.2M, Defying Ethereum and Solana Fluctuations

With the dynamic shifts in the cryptocurrency landscape, the momentum is highlighted by the ongoing Ethereum and Solana fluctuations and BlockDAG‘s achievements. Ethereum’s market is seeing a corrective phase with […]


Pirate ship approaching the blockchain island and a lighthouse.

Crypto Risks: 5 Biggest Things Newbies Need to Watch Out For

What are the biggest risks for crypto beginners?

Confused young woman presenting two iridescentl 3D shapes, one with a Coinbase logo and one with an Uphold logo.

Uphold vs. Coinbase: Which Exchange Better Suits Your Investment Needs?

Here are all the main differences between Uphold and Coinbase that you need to know about before deciding which to go with!

Cowboy looking at the DeFI unicorn ready for showdown.

Uniswap vs SEC: Declaring War on Decentralized Exchanges?

What does the regulator’s latest crusade against DeFi mean for crypto, Uniswap, and the future of cryptocurrency regulation?

Robot looking into the atom BTC.

ARC-20: What Are Bitcoin Atomicals?

What makes ARC-20 different to other fungible token standards on Bitcoin?

Gorilla NFT pointing with a big foam finger surrounded by questionmarks.

Solana NFTs: Is Solana the Best Blockchain for NFTs?

What are the stand-out NFT collections on Solana?