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Man staring at a smoking Ethereum Foundation logo in the sky.

ETH Foundation Compromised? EigenLayer Ties Raise Questions

An Ethereum core researcher reveals shock EigenLayer ties. Do Ethereum Foundation members have undisclosed conflicts of interest?

Bybit COO Helen Liu talks crypto alliance.

Bybit COO Strives to Unite Crypto Industry With New Alliance

Bybit’s COO, Helen Liu, believes the industry’s potential hinges on collaborating under a shared vision.

Bybit COO Helen Liu talks crypto alliance.

Interview: Bybit COO Helen Liu Talks Unity in Crypto

Bybit COO Helen Liu shares with DailyCoin her mission to unite the crypto industry with her new BGA coalition.


Two very old man facing eachother in wheelchairs, giving the middle finger in an old abandoned building.

XRP Lawsuit Close to Climax? Here’s What We Know

The long-awaited SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs over XRP’s status as a security could see a resolution by summer 2024.

Guy in digital Qatar looking into Hedera.

HBAR Takes Over Qatar With $50M Digital Assets Venture Studio

New account creation booms on HBAR’s chain after Qatari signs a strategic partnership to build a digital assets studio.

Pavel Durov receives a present.

Telegram Founder’s $6.8M Notcoin ‘Gift’ Raises Red Flags 

Notcoin’s $6.8M donation to Telegram’s founder sparks skepticism about the motives behind the move.

Woman thinking about Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Ready to Break $70,000? Experts Debate Current Bull Run

Bitcoin’s price surges past $67,000 for the first time in a month, sparking a wave of optimism among investors.

Floki sitting on a computer on fire.

FLOKI To Burn 15.2B Coins, Solidifying Bullish Pennant Setup

Floki shows teeth against bears as analysts spot a powerful correlation between FLOKI’s social mentions and price surge.

Ben Armstrong aka "Bitboy" shocked by some news.

Crypto Influencer Advice Does Not Pay, Report Finds

Research reveals significant long-term losses from crypto influencers’ advice, highlighting the risks of uncritically taking free investment advice.

Underground bank being destroyed by Chinese special forces.

China Digs Up $2B Underground USDT Banking Operation 

The Chinese police arrested 193 suspects across 26 provinces in connection with the underground USDT operation.

Gigantic purple octopus with huge brain engulfing Earth.

Kraken Mulls Delisting Tether’s USDT From EU Market

Kraken prepares for the worst after Tether shows no interest in complying with the upcoming MiCa regulations.

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DEFI block is gold and glowing with coins surrounding it.

VALR Expands Services with TRON Network Support and New TRX Staking Product

Johannesburg, South Africa, May 20th, 2024 VALR, the Pantera-backed crypto exchange, is pleased to announce its support for the TRON network, facilitating quick and easy stablecoin transactions. Additionally, VALR now offers […]

Blond woman sitting thinking on the side of Big Ben.

One Trading Extends the Reach of Its Institutional Trading Services in Europe Through Integration with Talos

Talos partners with One Trading to expand liquidity access for institutions, integrating One Trading into the Talos network of liquidity providers.

A woman in a yellow inflatable floating in a digital pool.

Multipool Announces LBP After Raising $650k in VC Round Led By NxGen

Multipool secures $650k VC investment led by NxGen and announces Fjord Foundry LBP on May 21st-23rd, partnering with industry professionals.

Huge whale coming out of Shiba Inu with a net of coins.

Crypto Trading and Investing Has Reached New Heights: Facts and Numbers

Cryptocurrency trading and investing have soared in 2024, marked by Bitcoin’s new all-time high and growing institutional interest.

Woman standing up to blockchain.

ETFSwap (ETFS) Crosses 4,000 Users With $1.5 Million Raised

ETFSwap (ETFS) achieves significant milestones, gaining global recognition in the tokenized ETF market with over 4,000 users.

Astronaut approaching a Bitcoin in space.

Expert Predicts Bitcoin Price Is About to Go ‘Absolutely Crazy’: Which Cryptocurrencies to Buy Before It Does?

An expert predicts a significant surge in Bitcoin’s price. The article explores the potential impact on various cryptocurrencies like BlastUP, Blur, Sei.

A group of retarded pets soaring through space in toy rockets.

BlastUP Presale Closing Soon, Final Chance to Buy $BLP at a Discount

BlastUP on Blast redefines dApp launches, gaining attention. $BLP currently at $0.06, with potential increase.

Goddess statue holding a golden bitcoin in heavens.

Kiyosaki Sits Down with Kinesis to Talk ‘The Evolution of Money’

Robert Kiyosaki discusses wealth preservation through gold and silver over fiat currency on Live from the Vault, highlighting Kinesis’ gold and silver-backed monetary system.

Market News

Robot hand pressing TON token and sending a message via Telegram.

Why Clicker Apps Like Notcoin Are Taking Off on Telegram

Crypto clicker apps on Telegram are taking off, using simple mechanics to get millions of users.

Viking man looking after his ''bitcoin runes'' thats stood in the middle of acient stones.

BounceBit Roasts Runes and BRC-20 Tokens in Ambitious Roadmap

BounceBit rules out a Bitcoin sidechain and integration of runes or BRC-20 tokens in its roadmap.

Guy craking bitcoin rocks in a cave.

Venezuela Pulls Plug on Crypto Mining to Prevent Grid Overload

Venezuela could no longer ignore crypto mining’s impact on the nation’s energy resources.

Winklevoss twins in their lawyers office and the lawyer is not impressed.

Court Clears Genesis’ $3B Bankruptcy Plan Despite DCG Objection

Genesis’ Chapter 11 Plan secures major win despite objection from parent company.

Robot seeing what the whales are buying in a digital cube.

Amid Bitcoin’s Highs and Lows, BlockDAG’s Dashboard Boosts Sales 

Explore the latest crypto market trends: Bitcoin’s resistance and price swings, Polygon’s investor retreat, and BlockDAG’s upgraded dashboard enhancing transparency and user interaction.

Pavel Durov receives a present.

Telegram Founder’s $6.8M Notcoin ‘Gift’ Raises Red Flags 

Notcoin’s $6.8M donation to Telegram’s founder sparks skepticism about the motives behind the move.


Pirate ship approaching the blockchain island and a lighthouse.

Crypto Risks: 5 Biggest Things Newbies Need to Watch Out For

What are the biggest risks for crypto beginners?

Confused young woman presenting two iridescentl 3D shapes, one with a Coinbase logo and one with an Uphold logo.

Uphold vs. Coinbase: Which Exchange Better Suits Your Investment Needs?

Here are all the main differences between Uphold and Coinbase that you need to know about before deciding which to go with!

Cowboy looking at the DeFI unicorn ready for showdown.

Uniswap vs SEC: Declaring War on Decentralized Exchanges?

What does the regulator’s latest crusade against DeFi mean for crypto, Uniswap, and the future of cryptocurrency regulation?

Robot looking into the atom BTC.

ARC-20: What Are Bitcoin Atomicals?

What makes ARC-20 different to other fungible token standards on Bitcoin?

Gorilla NFT pointing with a big foam finger surrounded by questionmarks.

Solana NFTs: Is Solana the Best Blockchain for NFTs?

What are the stand-out NFT collections on Solana?