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Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal not feeling very Optimistic about this.

Polygon (MATIC) Takes Aim At Optimistic Rollups in Scathing Ad

Polygon takes no prisoners in its AggLayer campaign.

Pinguins on digital land seeing LayerZero.

Major Exchanges List LayerZero (ZRO) Amid Disappointing Airdrop

Binance and Upbit list LayerZero (ZRO) amid user frustration over airdrop allocations.

Michael Saylor doing a magic trick with Bitcoins.

MicroStrategy Stacks Bitcoin Bag with 11.9K BTC Purchase

The pro-BTC firm has made another significant addition to its portfolio.


Shiba inu is on a floating island feeling playful.

Shiba Inu’s 1 Cent Dream Catalyzed by Live 100M SHIB Burn

Shiba Inu’s custodians have waited beside the fire pit for a massive SHIB burn broadcasted live on X.

Shiba inu with a golden bone in its mouth looking up towards the peak of a wireframe mountain.

SHIB, BONE Primed for Rebound Ahead of Shiba Eternity Launch

Shiba Inu’s BONE is set to enter The Dogjo, as Shiba Eternity’s blockchain game is just around the corner.

Bred Garlinghouse and Gary Gensler having a conversation.

SEC Lowers Settlement Offer for Ripple to $102.6 Million

The SEC has significantly reduced its proposed penalty for Ripple Labs in their ongoing legal battle over XRP sales.

DOGE is shocked by being on Robinhood land.

Dogecoin’s Road to $0.20 Challenged by Sell-Off on Robinhood

What’s next for the top dog coin after a nearly $13 million worth sell-off on Robinhood?

Pepe the Frog and a Shiba Inu Sitting in a swamp in the rain being very sad.

SHIB, PEPE, WIF, & BONK Fall Off Hard as Major Players Exit

As Bitcoin ETFs saw negative flows for three consecutive days, popular meme currencies drowned in a double-digit sorrow.

Two very old man facing eachother in wheelchairs, giving the middle finger in an old abandoned building.

XRP Lawsuit Close to Climax? Here’s What We Know

The long-awaited SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs over XRP’s status as a security could see a resolution by summer 2024.

Judge banging his gavel thats on fire.

XRP Lawsuit Heats Up with Judge’s Ruling and Appeal in Focus

As the SEC vs Ripple nears a verdict, experts have offered insights on timelines, outcomes, and the possibility of appeals.

A Bitcoin Bank on a small tropical island.

El Salvador Builds Bitcoin Bank to Bolster Foreign Investment

El Salvador’s revolutionary approach to foreign investment brings out the idea of a Bitcoin bank, unfettered by restrictions.

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Robot seeing what the whales are buying in a digital cube.

Convex Finance (CVX) and RCO Finance (RCOF) Biggest Winners Amongst Crypto Market Downtrend, Here’s Why 

Convex Finance (CVX) has remained steadfast amidst the current market turbulence as RCO Finance (RCOF), another DeFi token, gains impetus.

Character made of stone feeling powerful with digital blocks.

Bears Lose Momentum as Cardano (ADA) and Render (RNDR) Lead Resurgence, Algotech Crosses $9.1M

Cardano (ADA) and Render (RNDR) are leading a crypto market resurgence, while Algotech (ALGT) shatters records with its $9.1 million presale.

Robot reaching to a ton wallet.

Flipster and TON Announce Exciting New Partnership

Flipster partners with TON, enabling USDT TON deposits and offering users up to 26% APR from June 19 to July 18, 2024.

Robot watching a blockchain cube burn.

Zeek, a New Decentralized Social Collaboration Network, Raises USD 3M Seed Funding To Reinvent Social Reputation In Web3

Zeek raised $3M in seed funding from OKX Ventures, Animoca Brands, and Mask Network, aiming to revolutionize SocialFi with reputation mechanisms.

Man standing on the top of a cloud with his arms in the air, welcoming some positive charts on the sky. and OpSec Form Strategic Alliance to Strengthen Cloud Computing and OpSec partner to integrate decentralized GPU resources with privacy-focused cloud solutions, aiming to enhance cloud operations for developers and enterprises.

Guy going on coin stacks, catching coins.

Bearish Sentiment Dominates Memecoin Market as DOGE Struggles; Is DTX a Better Choice?

DOGE struggles in this bull run amid the market downtrends. DTX Exchange grabs attention.

Guy holding a digital cube what has an arrow pointing up inside.

Would Binance’s Latest Delistings Clear Room for New DeFi Projects like RCOF?

Binance will delist OmiseGO (OMG), Waves, Wrapped NXM, and NEM (XEM), and the community is eager for RCO Finance (RCOF) to make the cut.

Hand touching a glass cube up into a digital sky.

ETFSwap (ETFS) Emerges as the Premier Crypto ETF Trading Platform Amid Hong Kong’s Web3 Push

ETFSwap (ETFS) has emerged as the premier ETF trading platform as Hong Kong’s financial executives push for web3 adoption.

Market News

Woman in a golden digital circle.

Crypto Mining Gold with BlockDAG’s X1 App; Floki Slides & Cardano Developments Face Hurdles

Discover BlockDAG’s X1 mining app and the hype it created, propelling its presale to new heights. Learn about Cardano’s developments and the recent Floki price drop.

Two ghosts shaking hand in an eerie landscape.

BitFlyer Negotiates to Buy FTX Japan in a Multibillion Deal

BitFlyer makes a bold play to dominate the local crypto exchange market and explore ETFs in the future.

Surveillance camera scanning a humanoid robot in a digital room.

Italy Bolsters Crypto Risk Surveillance in New Draft Decree

Italy takes on crypto asset risks with tougher surveillance measures and hefty fines for offenders.

Guy running away from a pile of his coins on Binance and some coins are falling from his pocket.

Binance Faces $2.25M Fine for Violating India’s AML Laws

Binance faces a multimillion-dollar fine for violating India’s Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

Chris Were of Verida in a digital environment.

How Web3 Will Revolutionize Data Privacy According to Verida CEO

Verida CEO Chris Were delves into how Web3 will revolutionize data privacy.

Little boy pointing at the sky with joy at a digital cloud with web3 capabilities.

Google Cloud Flexes Web3 Capabilities in Tezos Partnership

Google Cloud partners with Tezos, highlighting its potential to support and scale Web3 projects with advanced cloud services.


Man waving to AI robot. Polygon (MATIC) machine in the background.

Polygon (MATIC) Name: Why This Cryptocurrency Keeps Rebranding

Exploring the history of Polygon’s name changes.

Smiling guy pointing to his Polkadot wallet.

Best Polkadot Wallets: Choose Your Gateway to DOT Network

Gain access to the Polkadot network and start putting your DOT tokens to good use with one of these secure Polkadot wallets!

Two people gossiping about Solana coin.

Solana Communities: Where to Discuss All Things SOL Online

Why might joining Solana communities be a good idea?

Digital wallet being examined by two astronauts in space.

Solana Phantom Wallet: The Easiest Way of Exploring Solana?

What makes Phantom the first choice among Solana users?

Skeleton still waiting for someone to use his spaceship on a digital desert.

Solana Launchpads: Why Nobody Uses Them

Why don’t Solana teams use crypto launchpads?