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Shiba Inu's seeing red making him go dizzy.

SHIB Exchange Reserve Hits Lows During Shibarium’s Recovery

Shibarium’s quick recovery efforts pay off in a 21% upswing amidst plummeting Shiba Inu exchange reserves.

Kris Marszalek posing for a picture with a raised eyebrow in Gangnam, South Korea. Postpones South Korea Launch Amid Regulatory Probe’s launch in South Korea hits a snag following a visit by local regulators.

Digital bubbles of people playing the cello.

Polygon (MATIC), Others Beaten as Optimism Wins Celo’s L2 Bid

cLabs decides on its preferred tech stack for Celo’s Ethereum Layer 2 transition.


Guy sitting on the bed dissapointed with the bitcoin.

Bitcoin Fees Hit ATH Post Halving: Are Users Getting Priced Out?

Bitcoin transaction fees have surged to over $100 for the first time ever, raising concerns about usability and potential sell-offs.

Woman showing a kraken in her purse.

Kraken Wallet Excludes Cardano: ADA Advocates Alarmed

No Cardano support from the Kraken Wallet has reignited fears that ADA is losing ground in the cryptocurrency landscape.

Brian Armstrong, Brad Garlinghouse and Gary Gensler surrounded by smoke and fire.

Coinbase’s Ruling May Send Ripple vs SEC Case to Supreme Court

A legal battle over XRP’s security classification might go to the Supreme Court, with industry insiders discussing the implications.

An XRP coin on Bull land.

XRP Climbs Amid Market Standstill: Did BTC Halving Cause Rally?

In defiance of a broader market dip, XRP’s price surged over 5.5% following the long-awaited Bitcoin halving event.

Two very old man facing eachother in wheelchairs, giving the middle finger in an old abandoned building.

SEC vs Ripple Final Dates Set: Is a Ruling Here at last?

The SEC and Ripple have proposed a timeline for filing briefs and redacting sensitive information in their lawsuit’s remedies phase.

Scaramucci believes that there is lucky pot of gold at the end of bitcoin's rainbow.

Scaramucci Makes Bold Bitcoin Prediction, Compares BTC To Web

Former White House official Scaramucci compares Bitcoin’s adoption journey to the early internet revolution back in 1999.

Shiba Inu sitting on a stage celebrated by thousands of people.

Shiba Inu Regains Momentum With 1.4M Holders Forming Support

As SHIB’s holder crowd skyrockets to 1.4M, new support clusters are formed in case of return of the bears.

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Man standing on the top of a cloud with his arms in the air, welcoming some positive charts on the sky.

Blockchain Life 2024 Thunderstruck in Dubai

Blockchain Life Forum 2024 in Dubai drew 10,162 attendees despite a rare storm, featuring industry leaders and 133 exhibitors.

Girl celebrating the American dollar.

Dubai Defies Nature’s Fury: Global AI and Blockchain Shows Shine Through Adverse Weather

Global AI Show and Global Blockchain Show in Dubai defy rain, celebrate innovation.

Man jumping on the high chart of NEO.

VALR To Launch Biggest Prize Pool of its Kind in Crypto History with over 60 Million USDT To Attract World’s Top Traders

VALR announces Grand Slam of Trading Competitions with a prize pool of over 60 million USDT, attracting global traders.

Man climbing Bitcoin on a tricky cliff.

Algotech (ALGT) Presale Raises $3.7M Amidst Bitcoin (BTC) Price Volatility

Bitcoin (BTC) dips after a $72K high. Hot pre-sale of Algotech (ALGT) raises $3.7M with 15,000 investors.

Two man relaxing on a book made of money, whilst watching a golden figure doing stretches.

99Bitcoins Launches Learn-To-Earn Presale and Raises $150K On First Day

99Bitcoins launches $99BTC token presale, aiming to educate newcomers and pioneer BRC-20 standard for Bitcoin blockchain.

Dead body floating on the sea with a Thai flag for sky.

Hypercube Launches Wateract: A Leap Towards Blockchain-based Water Sustainability

Hypercube’s Wateract token tackles water scarcity with blockchain, offering practical solutions for global sustainability.

Shiba inu, Doge and Pepe all competing to stay in the golden pillars.

Slothana Meme Presale Raises Over $10 Million in 2 Weeks Amid Solana Network Congestion

Slothana ($SLOTH) raises $10M+ in 13 days on Solana amid network congestion, using unique ‘Send to Wallet’ presale.

Hand holding a power ball with AGIX and FET coin together.

Algotech Presale Raises Over $3.7M in Record Time. Will This ERC-20 Project Outpace (FET) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Algotech’s $3.7M presale challenges AI giants (FET) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN). Can its trading platform outshine established players?

Market News

Robot looking at a jackpot on a playful cube land.

BlockDAG’s $19.8M Presale Ascent Amidst Crypto Fluctuations For Ethereum Price And Binance Coin Value

Explore BlockDAG’s promising future, and potential to reach $20 by 2027, outshining BNB and Ethereum price trends.

Kris Marszalek posing for a picture with a raised eyebrow in Gangnam, South Korea. Postpones South Korea Launch Amid Regulatory Probe’s launch in South Korea hits a snag following a visit by local regulators.

Little business man with a luxury suitcase ready to work with Binance space.

Binance Launchpool Features Renzo (EZ) as 53rd Project

Crypto exchange Binance unveils its 53rd Launchpool project.

Purple velvet robot unplugging a server room.

Velvet Capital Goes Offline to Allay Frontend Phishing Attack

Velvet Capital takes a drastic measure to allay a potential attack on its website.

Garry Gensler wearing a hawk mask and wings in a swarm of birds.

Crypto Funds Hit 2-Week Outflow Streak on Hawkish Fed Fears

Crypto funds record net outflows for a second consecutive week.

Guy throwing digital dice and cards.

Why ZKasino Mainnet Launch Is Stirring FUD Among Investors

The decentralized protocol has sparked exit scam concerns among investors due to an unauthorized token swap involving several millions.


An open book showing the digital story of a solana killer, He is touching a skull whilst defi soul bubbles leaves the scull, killing ETH. Solana coins are going up.

Solana History: The Story Behind Crypto’s Leading Ethereum Killer

What are some of Solana’s best, and worst, moments?

Woman going through what went on in Paris Blockchain week.

Top 5 Takeaways from Paris Blockchain Week 2024

What were some of the biggest talking points at Paris Blockchain Week 2024?

Doge sitting on his coding with a Defi cloud above his had scanning some codes.

Dogecoin Blockchain: Does Anyone Actually Use DOGE?

Does Dogecoins usage justify its market position?