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Man smelling a really stinky glass of BEER.

BEER Rug Pull? Solana Memecoin Drops 70% After Huge Sales

BEER token price plummets by 70% following a series of sales, sparking concerns over a potential rug pull.

Girl from Taiwan finding a crypto coin a hard pill to swallow.

Taiwan Targets Stronger Crypto Regulation with New Association

The newly-formed association plans to submit draft laws to the government by the end of the year.

Brian Armstrong with a very angry president Biden in the background.

Biden Mulls Coinbase for Bitcoin Donations to Election Campaign

Crypto community bewildered: is Coinbase the new frontier for Joe Biden’s presidential fundraising?


Two very old man facing eachother in wheelchairs, giving the middle finger in an old abandoned building.

XRP Lawsuit Close to Climax? Here’s What We Know

The long-awaited SEC lawsuit against Ripple Labs over XRP’s status as a security could see a resolution by summer 2024.

An XRP coin on Bull land.

XRP Price Takes a Dive, But Analyst Predicts “Legendary” Surge

XRP price tumbles below $0.50, but analyst sees “insanely bullish” chart pattern hinting at a 41% surge.

Brad Garlinghouse with Gary Gensler on the steps of Law & order.

Ripple vs. SEC Appeals Court Likely as Settlement Paves the Way

Ripple’s legal battle with the SEC nears a potential end, XRP holders await developments that could impact the entire industry.

Guy paiting graffiti on a wall saying Solana ETF.

Is a Solana ETF Coming Soon or Is It a Distant Dream?

Speculation heats up over a potential Solana ETF, but regulatory hurdles and missing infrastructure cast doubt on its near-term arrival.

Two futuristic guys looking at the stormy chart.

Bitcoin Supply Shock Looms as Exchange Balances Plummet

Exchanges bleed Bitcoin as ETF inflows soar, signaling a potential supply shock and price rally on the cards.

Andrew Tate in the style of his token with beaming eyes.

Andrew Tate Drops Self-Styled Memecoin, Vows to Crash Solana

A flurry of sarcastic tweets by Andrew Tate inspire crypto aficionados to respond with fire.

A robot sitting on a chair, waiting in a digital limbo.

XRP Price Awaits Clarity as Ripple Hangs in Limbo

Uncertainty looms over XRP as the cryptocurrency market awaits regulatory decisions that could significantly impact its price and adoption.

Man in suit assembling a hologram of a digital wallet.

Telegram Wallet Gets USDT Payments: Here’s How to Set them Up

Telegram ads USDT payments to their wallet, making crypto payments easier than ever. Here’s how to set it up.

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People happy clapping for Polkadot.

GBM Auctions Hosts First Charity Bid-to-Earn Auction for Polkadot Ecosystem

GBM Auctions raised $92,000 for charity in the Polkadot ecosystem with a Bid-to-Earn auction, featuring items signed by Dr. Gavin Wood.

A purple boy creating millions of soap bubbles with a purple bubble gun.

VGX Foundation and Honeyland Partner to Offer VGX Rewards for Players

The VGX Foundation has partnered with Honeyland, a popular blockchain game, to offer VGX token rewards to players.

Little block robot celebrating on a cube land.

Angry Pepe Fork is ‘More Than Just A Meme Coin’ Says Crypto Experts As Presale Exceeds Expectations

Discover why crypto experts are hailing Angry Pepe Fork as more than just a meme coin. Learn how its presale success is surpassing expectations.

Robot taking a picture with a glass block in space.

Algotech (ALGT) Becomes In-Demand Crypto as Bitmart Listing Confirmed, PEPE Trends Down

Algotech (ALGT), the revolutionary AI-powered trading platform, is surging in popularity with its confirmed Bitmart listing.

Two dogecoin dogs sitting on a pile of money.

Multi-Chain Meme Coin Base Dawgz Raises $1M in Presale Phase

Base Dawgz (DAWGZ), a new multi-chain meme coin project, surpassed $1 million in its presale phase within eight days, demonstrating strong early investor interest.

Pepe the frog sitting on a green upwards chart in a wireframe landscape.

Paybis Expands Token Offering with Addition of USDT, USDC (Polygon), and PEPE Tokens

Paybis introduces 3 new tokens — USDT (Polygon), USDC (Polygon), and PEPE token — expanding its cryptocurrency offerings and providing users with enhanced trading opportunities.

Watford FC fan seeing tokens above the football game.

BNB and ORDI Top Gainers in Slow Market, Could Algotech Follow?

BNB and ORDI are top gainers in a slow market, with Algotech generating excitement through its ambitious presale.

Market News

Robot with his mining helmet, next to mining rigs.

BlockDAG’s X1 App Sets New Standards for Crypto Mining as Miner Sales Top $3.2M; BNB’s All-Time High and SHIB’s Burn Rate

Dive deep into the analysis of BNB and Shiba Inu’s burn rate. Learn about BlockDAG’s X1 app transforming crypto mining.

Three businessmen approaching the camer in a digital environment.

Hidden Road Taps Bitfinex to Drive Institutional Crypto Adoption

Bitfinex joins hands with Hidden Road to drive institutional crypto adoption.

Michael saylor sitting in an armchair "Godfather" style with laser eyes in a room filled with red smoke.

MicroStrategy Seeks to Raise $500M for More Bitcoin Acquisition

MicroStrategy is keen on acquiring additional Bitcoin after offering convertible senior notes.

Girl dreaming about taking a trip with blockchain.

The Travel Industry Is Already Using Blockchain in Various Ways

Blockchain, beyond cryptocurrency, revolutionizes tourism with enhanced security and efficiency in payments, bookings, insurance, loyalty programs, and identity verification.

Star Xu pointing at a huge boy peaking out from behind digital noise wearing a noise mask.

OKX Founder Teases New Upgrades for Preventing ‘Deepfake’ Attacks

Crypto exchange OKX implements several upgrades to prevent AI deepfake attacks.

Robot sitting on a whale in space, moving some coins for it.

5-Year Dormant Bitcoin Whale Resurfaces with $535M Transfer

The wallet, which has realized a near 18X profit on its investment, is stirring the market with activity.


Two people gossiping about Solana coin.

Solana Communities: Where to Discuss All Things SOL Online

Why might joining Solana communities be a good idea?

Digital wallet being examined by two astronauts in space.

Solana Phantom Wallet: The Easiest Way of Exploring Solana?

What makes Phantom the first choice among Solana users?

Skeleton still waiting for someone to use his spaceship on a digital desert.

Solana Launchpads: Why Nobody Uses Them

Why don’t Solana teams use crypto launchpads?

Raj Gokal Surrounded by digital questionmarks and fairy dust.

Raj Gokal: Who Is Solana’s Right-Hand Man?

Introducing the other Solana Labs co-founder.