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Bitcoin Defi connection leaving through exchange bodies.

How Bitcoin’s Record Exchange Withdrawals Impact the Market

Bitcoin is seeing the largest exchange withdrawal event in five years. Here’s what this means for investors.

Dogecoin dog with huge muscles looking confident.

DOGE Rallies 97% Upon Open Interest Peak: Backtrack Incoming?

Bears take a beating with $13.69M in liquidations as DOGE swings up with on-chain metrics pointing to 2021’s run.

Nervous man looking at a huge jar of coins, the jar has an FTX logo and lot's of cracks.

FTX Claims Offers Odd Price Discrepancy: What It Means

Assets designated for creditor payouts are valued at FTX’s bankruptcy-era prices, marking a substantial decrease from their current market worth.


Elon Musk and Doge welcomes you to the moon.

DOGE is Sending SpaceX to The Moon, Sets New Launch Date

With a few bumps on the way to the moon, the space commanders mull sending DOGE into space soon.

Donald Trump making a bet on his coins.

Trump’s MAGA Coin Blows Up 1054% As Big Fund Makes Brave Bet

Crypto hedge fund chief refers to the upcoming preliminary election schedule as the roadmap for a highly unusual memecoin strategy.

XRP rocket flying in space, leaving a long trail of flames and smoke.

XRP’s Weekly Surge Sparks Improbable 7000% Pump Speculations

XRP rallies 10%, sparking predictions of a “mega move” to crypto’s pinnacle, but can it defy astronomical odds?

Man pulling his hair and sitting on a red sofa beside a gorilla in front of huge Ripple XRP coins.

XRP Holders Demand Answers for Depressing Price Performance

Frustration simmers within the XRP community as the once-high-flying crypto languishes, prompting calls for action from Ripple leadership.

Tornado cash asking for cash.

Tornado Cash Supporters Riled as GoFundMe Halts Campaign Fund

Crowdfunding platform GoFundMe has put the brakes on Tornado Cash co-founders’ efforts to bolster legal defense with donations.

Gary Gensler sitting in the corner of a boxing ring, waiting for the next round.

Ripple vs. SEC Case Endgame: The Key Dates

The Discovery phase has closed in the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit, sparking settlement rumors as key dates approach.

Larry Fink pointing at a large Bitcoin with a large happy croed.

BlackRock Hints at Bigger Bitcoin Plans Amid ETF Success

BlackRock CIO hints at increasing Bitcoin exposure, reflecting growing institutional comfort with the cryptocurrency.

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A guy meditating on a hill top watching the sunset of Bitcoin.

SunContract Unveils “The Personal Power Plant”, The World’s First NFT Marketplace for Real World Solar Panels at Crypto Expo Europe 2024

SunContract has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation at Crypto Expo Europe in Bucharest: the world’s first NFT marketplace for real-world solar panels.

BONK dog sitting in the bottom of the sea, hitting a fish on the head.

Unveiling Kangamoon (KANG) Pioneering SocialFi Success, Can It Topple BONK?

KangaMoon is a new social-fi meme coin with the goal of creating a strong community of meme enthusiasts.

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Man pointing at a giant hacker with robotic spider fingers sitting on a beach.

Crypto Scams Drain $160M in February, Certik Report Reveals

Year-to-date losses top $340 million as crypto scammers capitalize on market frenzy.

Asian elderly lady sees ContributionDAO with her futuristic glasses

ContributionDAO Secures $2.8M to Pioneer Staking in SE Asia

ContributionDAO raises $2.8 million in seed funding to develop staking solutions and expand blockchain reach in Southeast Asia.


Toy army on a Shib token platform protecting Shib.

Shiba Inu Community: What Is the SHIB Army?

What makes the SHIB Army such a force of nature?

Man looking and analising the XRP and Ripple coin logos

Ripple Logo: The Secret Meanings Behind the XRP Logos

Which ancient symbol inspired the Ripple logo?