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Whales surrounding crypto shopping bags.

Polygon MATIC’s Road to $1 Amplifies with Whales Loading Up

Despite no substantial selling pressure, Polygon’s MATIC drowned below $0.70 for the first time since last October.

Shiba Inu standing in a lake in the bottom of a valley.

SHIB & BONE Bottom Found: What Comes Next for the Dog Coins?

The ongoing crypto onslaught has battered both Shibarium tokens, while analysts endeavor on marking the cycle’s bottom line.

Robot analysing Bitcoin halving.

Bitcoin Halving Won’t Have a Big Short-Term Bang: Bitwise

The Bitcoin ETF issuer provided a cautionary perspective on the increasing anticipation surrounding the fourth halving’s impact.


Gary Gensler Shooting himself in the foot in his office.

SEC’s Recent Loss Rocks Ripple Lawsuit: Is It Game Over?

The SEC’s case against Ripple over XRP could be weakened by a recent court decision in another case.

Donald Trump Celebrating his coins going up in the green.

Donald Trump’s Wallet Erases $3M Deficit As MAGA Coin Resurges

Analyzing the Crypto Trump phenomenon: How Did Donald’s wallet turn a deficit into prosperity?

Two robots ready for a fight in a digital storm.

UFC 300 Winner Wants $300,000 Bonus in Bitcoin

UFC 300 winner Renato Moicano makes a rather unusual request: getting paid in Bitcoin.

Poor looking man looking at a coin on the ground.

Weekend Bloodbath Sees All Top 10 Cryptos Tumble Except for One

The cryptocurrency market reeled this weekend as major coins plummeted by over 20%, coinciding with rising geopolitical tensions.

Little green toy soldiers protecting the frozen Tether coins.

Crypto Market Sheds Billions as Geopolitical Tensions Rise

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies tumble as the conflict in the Middle East takes a sharp turn.

Two smiling men on their mobiles and a bubble with percentage symbol on a modern mountain 3D illustrated background.

Crypto Exchange Fees Comparison 2024: Who Has the Lowest Trading Fees?

What are basic trading fees and who’s giving you the best deal?

Nadeem Anjarwalla of Binance casually meditating on an airplane.

Binance’s Fleeing Exec Traced to Kenya, Extradition in Process

Nigerian government’s manhunt for Binance’s regional head for Africa, Nadeem Anjarwalla, concludes in Kenya.

Shiba Inu working in the garden of Eden on his mac laptop.

SHIB Joins Apple, Amazon & Other Industry Heavyweights At CDSA

Breakthrough moment for Shibarium: Shiba Inu joins the big boys at the Content Delivery and Security Association.

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Man jumping on the high chart of NEO.

VALR To Launch Biggest Prize Pool of its Kind in Crypto History with over 60 Million USDT To Attract World’s Top Traders

VALR announces Grand Slam of Trading Competitions with a prize pool of over 60 million USDT, attracting global traders.

Man climbing Bitcoin on a tricky cliff.

Algotech (ALGT) Presale Raises $3.7M Amidst Bitcoin (BTC) Price Volatility

Bitcoin (BTC) dips after a $72K high. Hot pre-sale of Algotech (ALGT) raises $3.7M with 15,000 investors.

Two man relaxing on a book made of money, whilst watching a golden figure doing stretches.

99Bitcoins Launches Learn-To-Earn Presale and Raises $150K On First Day

99Bitcoins launches $99BTC token presale, aiming to educate newcomers and pioneer BRC-20 standard for Bitcoin blockchain.

Dead body floating on the sea with a Thai flag for sky.

Hypercube Launches Wateract: A Leap Towards Blockchain-based Water Sustainability

Hypercube’s Wateract token tackles water scarcity with blockchain, offering practical solutions for global sustainability.

Shiba inu, Doge and Pepe all competing to stay in the golden pillars.

Slothana Meme Presale Raises Over $10 Million in 2 Weeks Amid Solana Network Congestion

Slothana ($SLOTH) raises $10M+ in 13 days on Solana amid network congestion, using unique ‘Send to Wallet’ presale.

Hand holding a power ball with AGIX and FET coin together.

Algotech Presale Raises Over $3.7M in Record Time. Will This ERC-20 Project Outpace (FET) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN)

Algotech’s $3.7M presale challenges AI giants (FET) and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN). Can its trading platform outshine established players?

A crowd of people with their fists in the air shooting light beams towards the sky.

KangaMoon (KANG) Introduces a Hybrid Model To Lead the Meme Coin Revolution

KangaMoon (KANG) is shaking up the meme coin market with its innovative Social-Fi model, offering a unique opportunity for users to earn KANG coins.

A woman holding a controller in front of game characters.

SpaceCatch Public Beta Is Coming on 22nd April 2024. The Biggest GameFi Event of This Month Is Here!

SpaceCatch, a leading GameFi project, launches Public Beta on April 22, 2024, promising revolutionary AR&Web3 experiences.

Market News

Money being handed down from the sky.

Centrifuge Raises $15M to Foster Institutional DeFi Innovation 

Centrifuge embarks on a mission to drive institutional DeFi adoption after securing a $15M investment.

Guy's DEFI bubble burst on him.

Parcl TVL Plunges 40% Following 80M PRCL Airdrop to Users

Parcl becomes the latest Solana-based project to exhibit a drastic performance after a massive token airdrop.

Elderly well dressed gentleman protecting some youths wrom a golden coin rain.

Thai SEC to Protect Token Holders with Tightened ICO Rules

Thai SEC targets ICO issuers with strict rules to protect digital token holders.

John Patrick Mullin talks digital assets.

RWAs Are on the Rise: MANTRA CEO Discusses Their Future

MANTRA’s CEO discusses the challenges and opportunities in tokenizing tangible assets, emphasizing the role of the Cosmos blockchain.

Guy explaining what to do with a crypto wallet warning signal on your mobile.

What to Watch out for as Trust Wallet Flags iMessage Exploit

Malicious actors exploit vulnerabilities in global digital messaging platforms. Find out how to protect yourself.

Man in shorts hugging a huge jar of golden coins, surrounded by many more jars filled with millions of coin.

Drift Eyes Governance Token Launch with 100M DRIFT Airdrop

Solana-based decentralized exchange Drift launches governance token with a massive airdrop.


Woman going through what went on in Paris Blockchain week.

Top 5 Takeaways from Paris Blockchain Week 2024

What were some of the biggest talking points at Paris Blockchain Week 2024?

Doge sitting on his coding with a Defi cloud above his had scanning some codes.

Dogecoin Blockchain: Does Anyone Actually Use DOGE?

Does Dogecoins usage justify its market position?

Guy has lots of Doge in storage boxes and does not know where to put them.

Best Dogecoin Wallet 2024: Where to Store Your DOGE

Which Dogecoin wallet is best for you?

Guy working on DEPIN network.

DePin: Understanding Crypto’s Newest Buzzword

Are DePins the next big thing in the crypto space?