Finn Miller

Finn Miller

Blockchain Writer


Finn Miller is a blockchain writer at DailyCoin. Finn is from New Zealand and specializes in breaking down complex blockchain topics into simple explanations. He provides DailyCoin with cornerstone educational content that helps readers learn about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Before joining the DailyCoin team, Finn worked closely with founders from a variety of emerging crypto projects. His experience crafting white papers, researching on-chain data, and advising nascent blockchain startups enables Finn to have his finger on the pulse of the industry and critically analyze cryptocurrency trends at a technical level. He values creativity and innovation and always seeks to approach subjects from a new perspective.

Beyond his experience in the Web3 industry, Finn was previously employed as an English teacher for foreign learners. Despite not having a formal tertiary education, Finn has a passion for learning that is not constrained by traditional education standards. His hunger for knowledge and unconventional approach to learning enables him to examine complex topics and find solutions that others might overlook, helping him recontrust ideas into a digestible format.

When he’s not plunging into the depths of a new DeFi application, Finn can generally be found exploring his other passion, the Great Outdoors. Whether battling altitude sickness in the Bhutanese Himalayas or scratching mosquito bites in the Sumatran Rainforest, Finn doesn’t miss an opportunity to explore somewhere new. He is currently based in France, nestled between the Atlantic coast and the Pyrenees.