DailyCoin always welcomes high-quality content. Do you want to present thought leadership, provide a unique opinion, or express conceptual thinking in the form of an article? Read the following criteria and apply via email Our editors will get back to you shortly.

Returning contributors will be eligible for consideration as a permanent contributor after four articles.

Requirements for contributor posts:

  • The topic must be related to crypto, blockchain, Web3, metaverse, or NFTs. 
  • The article should be original as well as offered exclusively to us.
  • AI created articles are not accepted.
  • Plagiarism is not accepted. 
  • All content should have a coherent direction that appropriately expands upon the points made within.
  • The topic shouldn’t be offensive or hostile toward any particular group of people.

Affiliate clauses:

  • The content should not promote any business and should remain unbiased. 
  • The content should not be a press release or written in a PR manner. 
  • The article cannot include affiliate links. One link is allowed in the author’s bylines, not in the article itself. The link can be do-follow.

Editorial recommendations for the content:

  • Recommended article length is 500-1,200 words.
  • The title should convey the main subject and key points of the article without exaggeration. 
  • Consider providing unique opinion, conceptual thinking. 
  • The article should start with a nut graph (a few bullet points briefly summarizing the main points of the article). 
  • The outline should include no fewer than 2-5 subheadings. The subheadings should represent the content of the following paragraph. 
  • Statements and facts should be backed up with citations added to the text itself. 
  • The flow should be coherent. Do not jump from one idea to the next without any linking. 
  • Provide a clear and concise conclusion at the end of your article.

DailyCoin editors reserve the right to refuse your application according to the criteria listed above. 

DailyCoin reserves the right to cancel the publication at any time.