Unpacking Solana’s Second Smartphone’s 100K Preorders

Solana’s second phone puts Saga to shame: What are the real reasons behind the 100,000 preorders of ‘Chapter 2’?

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  • Chapter 2 achieves 100k preorders, indicating strong market interest.
  • Solana’s first smartphone sold out after a lucrative airdrop. 
  • Chapter 2 has a lower price point with enhanced crypto features. 

For most people, mobile phones are the digital platform they use the most. Most recently, crypto could be on the verge of tapping into this influential market. After the surprising success of its Saga phone, Solana’s second phone is set to be even bigger. 

Solana Mobile has recently marked a significant achievement with its second smartphone, “Chapter 2,” reaching 100,000 preorders. This development prompts a closer look at the factors contributing to its success.

Chapter 2 Presales Go Way Beyond Saga’s

On today’s date, Tuesday, February 13, Solana Mobile’s second smartphone, “Chapter 2,” has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing 100,000 preorders. This significant interest far surpasses the total sales of its predecessor, the Saga

Initially, the Saga faced sluggish sales due to its high entry price and niche appeal to crypto enthusiasts. However, a turning point came with the airdrop of 30 million BONK tokens to each Saga phone owner, dramatically boosting its sales. 


At certain points, this airdrop was valued significantly higher than the cost of the phone itself, making the Saga not just a smartphone purchase but also a lucrative investment. Ultimately, Saga sold out all 20,000 of its units. 

Factors Behind Solana’s Second Smartphone’s Success

Several key factors contribute to the success of “Chapter 2,” building upon the lessons learned from the Saga’s launch. For one, “Chapter 2” is introduced at a more accessible price of $450, compared to the Saga’s initial price of $1000. 


Solana Mobile has also effectively positioned “Chapter 2” by leveraging the positive reception and feedback from the Saga’s launch, thanks to its Bonk airdrop. 

Crypto buyers of Solana’s second phone might also expect rewards similar to those given to Saga holders. While specific details of crypto incentives for “Chapter 2” have not been disclosed, the anticipation of similar rewards could drive interest.

On the Flipside

  • While the initial success of “Chapter 2” is notable, sustaining consumer interest poses a challenge. Future devices must offer compelling features beyond crypto incentives to maintain relevance and appeal.
  • As blockchain technology becomes more mainstream in consumer electronics, Solana Mobile may face increased competition from established tech giants and startups. 

Why This Matters

Solana Mobile’s approach to integrating blockchain technology into smartphones sets a precedent for other manufacturers. The low barrier to entry in the Android phone space invites other projects to launch their own platforms. 

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