Stefan Trapp

Stefan Trapp



Stefan Trapp is an English cryptocurrency news editor for DailyCoin focused on major developments and market insights. He works with a specialist team of reporters and journalists to deliver high-quality articles on important topics from across the crypto industry.


Prior to becoming news editor at DailyCoin in 2022, Stefan worked as a copy editor and English teacher for six years. Stefan’s experience enabled him to develop quality-focused editorial standards that encourage digestible breakdowns of the complex topics found within the crypto sector. He values open communication, transparency and trustworthiness when working with his team at DailyCoin.


Stefan earned a Bachelor of Arts in ancient and medieval history at Swansea University in 2015. His background in critical thinking, discerning the truth from a multitude of historical records, has proven invaluable in maintaining objectivity in the news media industry, and especially at DailyCoin. Stefan’s ability to deconstruct and present specialized information has proven invaluable in establishing guidelines for his team to follow.


Stefan lives in Lithuania with his wife. Though he spends most of his time working to improve DailyCoin, Stefan is personally interested in video games, spending his free time watching Esports. He also enjoys singing karaoke and will engage in any opportunity to participate in a sing-along.