David Marsanic

David Marsanic

Crypto Journalist


David Marsanic is a Croatian cryptocurrency news journalist for DailyCoin, covering the intersection between crypto, TradFi, and government for. At DailyCoin, David writes about highly institutionalized crypto entities, such as major cryptocurrency exchanges and projects like Solana.


David entered the crypto space in 2020. Since then, he has worked on content marketing with several Web3 projects. David’s expertise lies in breaking down complex topics into engaging and easy-to-understand writing.


Prior to joining DailyCoin in 2022, David was a business journalist at several crypto and traditional news sites. His experience enables him to adhere to high standards of journalistic integrity, allowing him to maintain a critical approach to news.


David earned a Master’s in Arts in International Relations and Diplomacy from the University of Trieste. His understanding of political and economic trends enables him to approach crypto from a broad, international perspective, lending credence to his work at DailyCoin.


David lives in Zagreb, Croatia. Whenever he isn’t traveling, he enjoys spending most of his free time at the gym and learning programming.