Solana Saga Cancels Orders as BONK Craze Depletes Inventory

Unprecedented demand for Solana Mobile’s Saga leads to inventory management challenges, resulting in widespread order cancellations and refunds.

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  • Solana Saga’s stock was depleted due to overwhelming demand.
  • Demand surged amid the popularity of BONK tokens.
  • Solana Mobile canceled bulk orders. 

Sales of Saga, Solana’s crypto phone, have been less than stellar this year. However, after users discovered that the phone comes with a memecoin that has since surged, orders started pouring in. 

Amid the soaring demand for Saga, fueled by the excitement around the BONK token phenomenon, the company has encountered significant inventory management issues. This had led the company to cancel many orders. 

Solana Saga’s Demand Overwhelms Supply

On Friday, December 22, Solana Mobile, the smartphone branch of Solana, acknowledged inventory shortages amid surging demand for phones. The company claims that its limited inventory of 20,000 units globally already sold out. 

The distributor’s inventory management issues further complicated the situation, leading to an inaccurate representation of available stock. As a result, Solana Mobile was forced to cancel orders that could not be fulfilled post-inventory depletion.


The company also canceled orders flagged for suspicious activities. This includes excessive device orders or payment risks, ensuring fair distribution among genuine customers.

BONK Token Craze Boosts Saga Sales

The Solana Saga smartphone’s sellout in the US can be attributed significantly to including BONK tokens with each purchase. Each Solana Saga phone comes bundled with 30 million BONK tokens. 


After BONK surged, the tokens were valued at more than the cost of the phone itself​​. This effectively turned the Solana Saga phone into a crypto investment opportunity, driving demand beyond the device’s technological appeal. Therefore, Saga’s sales skyrocketed, further straining the already limited inventory and exacerbating the distribution challenges. 

On the Flipside

  • The Saga’s desirability hinges on the fluctuating value of BONK tokens, which are subject to the inherent volatility of the cryptocurrency market.
  • There is a risk that the Saga’s popularity may wane once the BONK craze subsides, raising questions about the long-term demand for the phone based solely on its technological merits.

Why This Matters

The Saga’s sales spike, driven by the inclusion of BONK tokens, illustrates how cryptocurrency can be used as a successful marketing tool, creating a new value proposition for consumers.

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