80% of Solana Phones Set Up Crypto Features: Where Did 20% Go?

An analysis of Solana Saga phone users reveals a significant 20% gap in setting up critical crypto features.

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  • Over 16,000 Solana Saga phones have completed the crypto feature setup.
  • Just under 20% of users haven’t claimed the Saga Genesis token.
  • Twenty thousand devices sold shows an engagement gap. 

Last year, Solana became the first crypto project to launch its own smartphone. Solana’s phone Saga was described as a smartphone and a gateway to blockchain functionalities catering to crypto enthusiasts. 

Despite this cutting-edge technology, recent findings point towards a surprising trend in user engagement. A substantial 80% of Solana Saga phone users have completed the setup of integrated crypto features. However, a notable 20% didn’t do so, neglecting to claim the exclusive Saga Genesis token. 

Solana Phone Saga Reaches 16k Milestone

The Solana Saga phone, launched with much fanfare in the crypto community, promised an integrated experience of blockchain features right from one’s pocket. A key step in this integration is claiming the Saga Genesis token, which offers exclusive crypto rewards to users.


On Monday, January 29, live-tracking data from the Solana developer Solana Jax revealed that more than 16,000 users activated the Solana phone and claimed the exclusive Saga Genesis Token. 

Solana Genesis token counter.
Source: Saga Counter

Of the 20,000 Solana Saga phones sold, approximately 16,339 have been activated for their crypto features. This figure represents about 80% of the total units, indicating a significant user engagement with the phone’s blockchain functionalities. 

However, this also means that around 20% of the phones, equivalent to approximately 3,667 units, remain unactivated for these specific features. This discrepancy raises questions about the factors influencing the users’ decision to not engage with the blockchain capabilities of their device.

Why 20% of Users Did Not Activate Solana Phone

The reasons for this gap can be manifold. It might be due to a lack of understanding or interest in the blockchain features. For some users, the primary appeal might lie in the phone’s hardware or brand rather than its crypto functionalities. Others might have postponed the setup due to time constraints or technical challenges.


The fact that only 16,339 tokens have been claimed out of the 20,000 phones sold suggests that about 20% of Solana Saga phone users either did not set up their phone to this extent or chose not to engage with the app store. 

On the Flipside

  • It’s important to note that owning a blockchain-capable device doesn’t necessarily imply a user’s readiness or eagerness to use all its features. 
  • After a slow launch, 20,000 Solana phones were sold after the surge of Solana’s BONK token. A large number of BONK was bundled with Saga, at one point surpassing the cost of the device. 

Why This Matters

The case of Solana Saga’s partial adoption of blockchain features highlights a crucial aspect of blockchain technology: user engagement. The 80% figure indicates a significant engagement, especially since blockchain tech is new to most users. 

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