Crypto 𝕏 (Formerly Twitter) Accounts to Follow in 2024 – For Beginners and Experts Alike

Why is a well-constructed Twitter feed so important?

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Following the right crypto Twitter accounts is one of the biggest advantages you can have in the crypto market. The social media platform is the watering hole of the crypto space. Not only is 𝕏 (formerly Twitter) the first port of call for the latest news, but it’s also a great source of educational content for the crypto community.

In much the same way that an expertly crafted 𝕏 feed gives you an edge in the crypto market, following the wrong accounts can lead you down a dark path. 


Everyone is at a different stage in their crypto journey. For this reason, we’ll be splitting the top crypto Twitter accounts into two groups. A group for beginners and a group for experienced crypto users. In this guide, we’ll highlight what makes top crypto 𝕏 accounts so valuable and share some of our favorites. 

What Is Crypto Twitter?

𝕏 is the schoolyard of the crypto industry. Whenever crypto news breaks, 𝕏 is always the first place to know. However, while official tweets are a goldmine of information, there are still plenty of landmines to watch out for.

Rumors and scams are a dime a dozen on crypto Twitter. For beginners unfamiliar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, it’s easy to be led astray by rogue accounts with big promises. 

Tweet from Crypto In Black about  PSYOP Scam.
Source: 𝕏

At the same time, 𝕏 is also an excellent resource for crypto enthusiasts who want to learn more about the digital asset industry. Some content creators dedicate simplistic, engaging threads that break down complex ideas, like DeFi applications or technical analysis, into basic language. These informative threads are a great way to broaden your crypto education.

What Makes a Good Crypto Twitter Account?

The best crypto 𝕏 accounts are informative, educational, and reputable. They should help us understand how certain aspects of blockchain technology operate and provide unbiased opinions on the state of the crypto industry. 


The blockchain industry doesn’t sleep, so crypto news accounts on Twitter must be both prompt and accurate. Hearing about breaking news updates five minutes late could be the difference between riding the next wave up or buying the top of a green candle.

Unfortunately, not all accounts have your best interests at heart. Some crypto Twitter accounts will use their influence to manipulate the market and artificially inflate the value of cryptocurrencies or NFTs they hold.

With this in mind, taking everything you read on Twitter with a grain of salt is good practice. It’s important to always do your own research and make your own informed investment decisions rather than following crypto influencers without a second thought.

Before diving into our list of the top crypto Twitter accounts, let’s recap the selection criteria. A good crypto 𝕏 account must be:

  • Informative – They provide content that helps expand your understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain.
  • Insightful – Good accounts offer creative and perceptive opinions, encouraging you to look at market events from multiple angles you might not have considered initially.
  • Prompt and Accurate – Crypto news needs to be delivered quickly, with no room for factually-incorrect information.
  • Reputable – Quality Crypto Twitter accounts should be known and respected figures in the space. This not only adds weight to their opinions on the industry but also disincentivizes the account from sharing paid advertisements
  • Shill-free – If a Twitter account has a history of shilling low-liquidity altcoins and crypto projects, that means one of two things. Either they’re encouraging their followers to pump the price of a digital asset they hold, or they’ve been paid to endorse it. In both examples, the followers of these accounts bear the burden of risk.

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts For Beginners

Using the criteria above, we’ve selected the best crypto Twitter accounts you should follow. These profiles will not only help you keep your finger on the pulse of the crypto market, but they also provide valuable insight and commentary on developments in blockchain technology and the industry’s growth.

1. Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

From now until the end of time, no ‘Best-in-Crypto’ list will ever be complete without Vitalik Buterin. The co-founder of Ethereum (ETH) is a must-follow and is undeniably one of the smartest people in the industry.

Buterin regularly uses Twitter to share his thoughts and views on the digital currency market and never shies away from hard questions about Ethereum. When it comes to the Ethereum ecosystem, there is no one more knowledgeable than Vitalik, making him a trustworthy source of information.

Crypto traders can also benefit from Vitalik’s tweets. Buterin isn’t known for deliberate shills, but his musings send ripples of activity through the crypto market. After mentioning that Solana had an “earnest developer community,” SOL broke its year-long downtrend and doubled in value within two weeks.

Key Takeaways

  • Excellent source of information on Ethereum developments and the crypto market in general.
  • Solid reputation as one of the most respected builders in the space.
  • Capable of shifting market sentiment with tweets, opening crypto trading opportunities.
  • Shilling frequency: 1/5 – Vitalik never deliberately shills cryptocurrency, but his tweets make waves nonetheless.
  • Why follow Vitalik Buterin: Stay tuned in with all Ethereum-related developments and updates

Follow Vitalik Buterin at @VitalikButerin

2. Michael Saylor

Crypto Twitter account Michael Saylor.
Source: 𝕏

The MicroStrategy founder is perhaps the world’s loudest and proudest Bitcoin bull. Michael Saylor’s company MicroStrategy is BTC’s largest publically known holder, with over 140,000 bitcoins in its treasury.

Michael Saylor is a champion of the Bitcoin community and regularly shares content highlighting novel new Bitcoin utilities and applications. Saylor is an unofficial spokesman for Bitcoin, frequently preaching Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision to the masses on talk shows and podcasts

If Saylor had one fault, he is arguably a Bitcoin maximalist. He’s indifferent to most other networks and applications of blockchain technology outside the Bitcoin network. 

Key Takeaways

  • Unapologetic Bitcoin maxi – Saylor is constantly championing Bitcoin mass adoption.
  • Largest publically known BTC holder.
  • Good source of information on Bitcoin updates and emerging use cases.
  • Shilling frequency: 4/5.
  • Why follow Michael Saylor: Learn more about Bitcoin developments and adoption.

Follow Micheal Saylor at @saylor

3. Messari

Messari Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

While not a person, Messari is an indispensable asset when constructing your Twitter feed. Messari is a blockchain analytics and market intelligence platform. It provides some of the most comprehensive information and resources in the crypto space.

The platform gives users widespread and deep coverage of popular crypto projects and an immense range of metrics to study when conducting due diligence. As you might expect, they often publish their findings via informative threads on Twitter.

A Messari report can tell you everything you need to know about emerging crypto projects, from their relationships with investment firms to their tokenomic models.

Key Takeaways

  • Essential analysis for crypto investors.
  • Unbiased, data-driven reports that analyze top crypto projects.
  • Compiles news and updates from across the crypto market in a simplified newsletter.
  • Shilling Frequency: 0/5.
  • Why follow Messari: Read detailed research reports on exciting new altcoins and crypto projects.

Follow Messari at @MessariCrypto

4. Anthony Pompliano

Anthony Pompliano Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

Affectionately known as ‘Pomp,’ Anthony Pompliano is one of the first crypto Twitter accounts newcomers turn to in their crypto investing journey. The entrepreneur has been at the forefront of the digital asset industry for many years and has built up a loyal fanbase.

Pomp helps simplify cryptocurrency topics and make them more accessible. He shares his insights almost daily and goes into even greater detail on his YouTube Channel and podcasts. 

Anthony Pompliano also hosts a popular crypto jobs site and is the CEO of Morgan Creek Digital, a crypto investment firm.

Key Takeaways

  • Having been involved in the crypto industry for a long time, Pompliano is a reputable and trusted source of information.
  • Frequent poster with a dedicated Youtube channel, investment firm, and job site.
  • Shilling frequency: 2/5.
  • Why follow Anthony Pompliano: Keep abreast of market news in a simple and engaging way.

Follow Anthony Pompliano at @apompliano

5. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

Gary Vee is one of the most popular faces in the NFT space. He’s one of the staunchest advocates for NFT technology and adoption worldwide, and frequently attends podcasts and talkshows to share his knowledge and beliefs. Vaynerchuk is also the CEO of Vaynermedia and the creator of the VeeFriends NFT collection.

If you’re still on the fence about the use cases and growth potential of NFTs, following Gary Vee will help you learn all about this fascinating new digital asset class. His enthusiasm and optimism is contagious, making him a great source of inspiration and information in the NFT market.

Key Takeaways

  • Engaging and insightful NFT expert.
  • Regular poster with a large audience.
  • Successful entrepreneur and investor with a good track record.
  • Shilling frequency: 2/5.
  • Why follow Gary Vaynerchuk: Learn about NFT technology and culture from one its biggest supporters.

Follow Gary Vaynerchuk at @garyvee

6. Richard Teng

richard teng crypto X account
Source: 𝕏

When the U.S. Department of Justice fined Binance over $4B USD for breaching anti-money laundering laws, that wasn’t the only blow the world’s largest crypto exchange was dealt. The DOJ also demanded the immediate resignation of Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, Binance’s CEO and founder.

Stepping into CZ’s shoes, Richard Teng is Binance’s replacement CEO. As the head of the biggest crypto business in the industry, Teng keeps a close eye on every corner of the industry. While he may not be as outspoken as his predecessor, Teng’s thoughts and opinions carry significant weight in the space.

Key Takeaways

  • CEO of the world’s largest crypto exchange
  • Strong advocate for Bitcoin and blockchain technology
  • Central figure at the heart of the cryptocurrency industry
  • Shllling frequency: 1/5
  • Why follow Richard Teng: Stay abreast of important updates regarding Binance

7. Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos crypto Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

Andreas Antonopoulos is one of the OG Crypto Twitter accounts. He’s firmly committed to educating the masses and is best known for writing informative books about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Beyond that, Antonopoulos also hosts workshops and often joins expert panels to discuss Bitcoin use cases and developments. He has a solid reputation as an educator in the crypto space.

While Andreas doesn’t often share his thoughts and insights with the crypto community on Twitter, it’s always worth listening to what he says.

Key Takeaways

  • A trustworthy and reliable source of information.
  • Well-informed and educated opinions.
  • Helpful extra resources for those looking to dig deeper, like books and workshops.
  • Shilling frequency: 2/5.
  • Why follow Andreas Antonopoulos: Hear informed takes on the crypto market and the future of blockchain technology.

Follow Andreas Antonopoulos at @Aantonop

8. Changpeng Zhao

Crypto Twitter account CZ Binance.
Source: 𝕏

Also known as CZ, Changpeng Zhao is the founder of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the blockchain industry. CZ is a devout crypto bull with unshakable resolve. If you ever feel like crypto is going to zero, a quick look at CZ’s Twitter feed should be enough to restore your faith.

While Changpeng Zhao may not be a blockchain engineer or smart contract developer, he’s well-informed on how blockchain technologies work and the limitless possibilities of the Web3 world. He often shares up-to-date information regarding crypto regulation and isn’t afraid to give his take on market events.

Despite being ordered to step down from his role as Binance CEO by the U.S. Department of Justice, CZ keeps his thumb on the pulse of the industry. The exchange founder maintains a huge influence on the crypto space and still has scores of loyal followers.

CZ is always trying to push the crypto industry forward and strongly advocates for financial inclusion. Despite running a crypto exchange, CZ is a big supporter of self-custody and decentralized finance.

Key takeaways

  • A firm believer in the future of Bitcoin (BTC), cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology.
  • One of the most influential figures in the crypto world.
  • CEO of the world’s largest crypto-based business.
  • Shilling frequency: 2/5 – Bullish on Bitcoin and BNB, Binance’s native token.
  • Why follow Changpeng Zhao: Stay informed no market news and hear insights from the biggest players.

Follow Changpeng Zhao at @cz_binance

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts for Experienced Crypto Enthusiasts

After you’ve wrapped your head around some of the more complex topics in the world of cryptocurrency, these accounts will help take your knowledge to the next level.

8. Watcher.Guru

Watcher.Guru Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

When it comes to sharing crypto news quickly, is one of the fastest crypto Twitter accounts out there. gives you the news as it breaks, providing unbiased, factual reporting as stories unfold. covers everything from policy and regulation updates to DeFi hacks and scams, giving their followers widespread coverage across the crypto world.

While other accounts might add context and opinion to breaking news, sometimes you want the facts. is an excellent account for crypto enthusiasts who have already developed a good understanding of the space and don’t want their opinions to be influenced by other accounts.

Key Takeaways

  • Fast crypto news reporting – nothing more, nothing less.
  • Expansive coverage from all corners of the market.
  • Unbiased, informative content.
  • Shilling frequency: 0/5.
  • Why follow Catch significant news stories as they break before the majority of the market reacts.

Follow at @watcherguru 

9. Whale Alert

Whale Alert Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

Like, Whale Alert is a crucial crypto Twitter account to follow if you want to stay ahead of the market. Whale Alert is an automated profile that shares details of crypto whale transactions, including both transfers and trades.

Tracking whale movements is one way of predicting big market movements before they happen. For example, if a whale is shifting billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin to a crypto exchange, that might mean that we’re about to see a lot of sell pressure. On the other hand, a large transfer of stablecoins suggests that big purchases are on the way.

All transfers are backed by on-chain data, meaning that transactions can’t be falsified. 

Key Takeaways

  • Great account for tracking crypto whale movements.
  • Tracking whale transactions can help you predict market events.
  • All transfers are supported by on-chain data.
  • Shilling frequency: 0/5.
  • Why follow Whale Alerts: Monitor the movements of big wallets to predict market activity.

Follow Whale Alert at @whale_alert

10. Ivan on Tech

Ivan on Tech crypto Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

Ivan on Tech is a popular crypto influencer and the founder of Moralis, a blockchain analytics and infrastructure company. Ivan uses on-chain metrics and insights to draw insightful conclusions about the state of the market.

Beyond his perceptive takes, Ivan also supports the blockchain developer community and provides a wealth of educational resources for builders in the blockchain industry. 

At the beginning of his career, Ivan helped break down blockchain fundamentals into simple explanations for newbies. Today, he’s evolved into a more specialized figure, helping experienced users navigate the crypto space with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • CEO and founder of Moralis, an analytics and blockchain architecture company.
  • Provides insightful, data-driven opinions on the crypto market.
  • Helps educate budding developers to build on-chain applications.
  • Shilling Frequency: 2/5.
  • Why follow Ivan on Tech: Get a fresh look by seeing the crypto industry from a developers perspective.

Follow Ivan on Tech at @IvanOnTech

11. Defi Mochi

DeFi Mochi crypto Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

A relative newcomer to Twitter fame, DeFi Mochi is a smaller account that provides big value. DeFi Mochi creates bespoke analytical dashboards drawn directly from on-chain data. Focusing on decentralized finance, Mochi’s dashboards are an excellent resource for experienced crypto users looking for a data-backed edge.

Defi Mochi takes these informative dashboards further by distilling their content into simplistic and accessible Twitter threads. Even if you’re not confident analyzing data yourself, Mochi’s explanations are a great way to learn about on-chain metrics.

Key Takeaways

  • DeFi analyst who creates informative dashboards.
  • Educational content creator who simplifies complex topics.
  • All dashboards are completely free to access.
  • Shilling frequency: 3/5.
  • Why follow DeFi Mochi: Analyse on-chain data and learn about complex DeFi topics.

Follow DeFi Mochi at @defi_mochi

12. Peckshield Inc

Peckshield Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

PeckShield Inc is a blockchain security and analytics company committed to protecting crypto users. The firm’s crypto Twitter account is constantly scouring the blockchain for malicious actors and educating the crypto community on new threats. 

Whenever a new exploit occurs, or a new hack or scam surfaces, Peckshield is the first to warn people who might be at risk. PeckShield proactively analyses smart contracts and blockchain protocols and exposes vulnerabilities before scammers can exploit them.

Staying safe in the crypto world should be your top priority. Following Peckshield is essential for those of you who use on-chain applications often. 

Key Takeaways

  • Warns followers of potential security risks.
  • Shares accurate information about hacks and exploits as they happen.
  • Helps developers and new crypto projects build secure applications.
  • Shilling frequency: 0/5.
  • Why follow Peckshield: Learn about potential new scams in the space and protect your funds.

Follow Peckshield Inc at @peckshield

13. Farokh

Farokh Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

If you want to keep up to date on emerging trends in the NFT market, Farokh has you covered. Farokh is one of the original NFT influencers on crypto twitter. He’s always got a good handle on what’s happening in NFT space and frequently hosts other high-profile thought-leaders on his Twitter Spaces events and podcast.

Beyond being a regular contributor to NFT culture, Farokh is also the founder of RugRadio, a decentralized Web3 media ecosystem.

Key Takeaways

  • Provides insightful takes on the NFT market.
  • Hosts frequent podcasts and discussions with other big NFT accounts.
  • Founder of a decentralized Web3 media ecosystem.
  • Shilling frequency 4/5.
  • Why follow Farokh: Stay on top of trends in the NFT market.

Follow Farokh at @farokh

14. Bankless

Bankless Twitter account.
Source: 𝕏

Hosted by Ryan Adams and David Hoffman, Bankless is one of the most popular podcasts in the blockchain industry. The Bankless team dissects the significant issues in cryptocurrency, and demonstrate why decentralized finance and blockchain technology have so much to offer.

Not only does Bankless provoke thoughtful discussion with key figures in the industry, but their Twitter account is also a goldmine of information on new DeFi discoveries and use cases. They’re unapologetically rebellious and help thousands of people become familiar with self-custody and decentralized services.

Bankless has been criticized in the past for Ethereum maximalism. While Ethereum is still the Bankless team’s network of choice, they’ve softened their stance on alternative chains like Solana.

Key Takeaways

  • Experts in DeFi and blockchain technology.
  • Frequently host inspiring and educational shows discussing the benefits of decentralized services and self-custody.
  • Primarily focussed on the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Shilling frequency: 3/5.
  • Why follow Bankless: Discover exciting new use cases for DeFi and blockchain technology.

Follow Bankless at @BanklessHQ 

15. Alex Becker

Source: 𝕏

With over 1.3M YouTube subscribers, Alex Becker is slowly but surely becoming a force to be reckoned with in the blockchain industry. Becker is best known as one of the biggest names in crypto gaming, however, he previously tasted business success through his SaaS company Hyros.

Founder of the Neo Tokyo NFT collection, or the ‘Soho House’ of blockchain gaming, Alex Becker champions crypto gaming as the biggest opportunity in the digital asset market. Widely considered a rather polarizing personality, Becker is just as likely to share memes and unfiltered thoughts as he is to offer insightful takes on the market.

While he admits to being a poor crypto trader, he is always one of the first to get behind innovative blockchain gaming platforms, playing an advisory role for some of the largest gaming companies in the industry. 

Key Takeaways

  • High-profile crypto twitter influencer
  • Co-founder of the Neo Tokyo NFT Collection
  • Focuses almost exclusively on crypto gaming
  • Shilling frequency: 4/5
  • Why Follow Alex Becker: Keep up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in crypto gaming

Why Follow Crypto Twitter Accounts – Pros & Cons

Who you choose to follow on crypto Twitter can significantly impact your experience in the crypto market. Let’s review the benefits of drawbacks of crypto Twitter.


  • Stay updated and informed – Crypto Twitter is the industry’s most up-to-date source of crypto news and a great way to learn about emerging narratives in the market.
  • Follow your interests – You can craft your Twitter feed to only show you areas of the industry that align with your interests, like DeFi, NFTs or Bitcoin.
  • Convenient – Like the crypto market, Twitter is running 24/7 and sits in the palm of your hand. Information is always available and easily digestible on the platform.


  • There’s a lot of rubbish – For every quality, reputable crypto Twitter account, there are 50 pretenders who just want to farm engagement and shill their own investments.
  • Echo chamber – It’s easy to fall into the trap of only following bullish accounts on the same altcoins and digital assets as yourself. This often leads to euphoria because you think the whole world is on your side and makes it difficult to think objectively.

On the Flipside

  • It’s important to remember that, for most people, Crypto Twitter is a business. Most influencers and entrepreneurs only use it to grow their brand or sell products, so bear in mind that not everyone has your best interest at heart.

Why You Should Care

Choosing which crypto Twitter accounts to follow can be the difference between making informed decisions in the market and wondering where all your money went. Stick to trustworthy and informative accounts with a solid reputation.


What is the largest Crypto Twitter account?

A large part of the crypto community would argue that Elon Musk is the largest crypto Twitter account. While his account isn’t solely dedicated to the blockchain industry, almost every account on Twitter interested in crypto follows Elon Musk.

Who holds the largest amount of crypto?

It is popularly believed that Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, holds the largest amount of crypto.

Who is the most trusted individual in crypto?

Crypto experts who’ve been present in the industry for many years, like Vitalik Buterin, Andreas Antonopoulos, and Anthony Pompliano, are considered some of the most trustworthy people in the industry.

Who should I follow on Twitter for Ethereum?

For keeping up to date on Ethereum news and developments, the best person to follow is its co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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