The Best Crypto Books for Learning About Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

There is a growing interest among individuals and corporate entities to learn about cryptocurrency and its underpinning technology.

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Interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology? Then you’re in the right place. 

We’re about to dive into the best cryptocurrency books for learning about blockchain and cryptocurrencies in 2023. These will teach you about the future of money and make you super knowledgeable on everything related to blockchain.

There are numerous books on these two topics out there. We’ve selected the following ten because they offer the most information in the most concise way. 

The authors of our chosen books are well-informed on the topics and are reputable in the industry. Additionally, our guide has recommendations for two levels of readers: beginner and intermediate. 

So you are sure to find your next read from this list, no matter where you stand in your crypto knowledge. 

Let’s begin!

Level: Beginner 

1. Blockchain Investing 2023

Cover of "Blockchain Investing 2023" book.

Level: Beginner 

This book covers some of the best blockchain investing tips for beginners. It dives deep into important topics such as the FTX crash and cryptocurrency volatility. 

The information inside is easy to understand. The book gives a realistic picture of blockchain and cryptocurrency by presenting the pros and cons. You’ll find discussions about the predictions of various coins in 2023.

Key takeaways:

  • You’ll learn about Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and opportunities to capitalize on that in 2023. 
  • The future of the blockchain industry. 
  • Blockchain stocks to watch in 2023. 

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2. The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains

Cover of "The Basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains" book.

Level: Beginner 

Author: Antony Lewis

To understand where blockchain and cryptocurrency are headed, you must know how they started. This book is the perfect introduction to that topic. 

The author explains the banking system and its history in simple terms. He then discusses topics such as buying, selling, and mining cryptocurrencies. 

Here, you’ll also find an explanation of how payments and transactions happen on the blockchain. 

In addition, you’ll learn about Bitcoin and other digital money, security, blockchain technology, digital tokens, smart contracts, and the cyber economy. 

This book will also help you understand blockchain technology’s influence on global markets and finance. 

Key takeaways:

  • Tips to know before investing in cryptocurrencies. 
  • Understand the science behind setting the price/value of cryptocurrencies and digital assets.
  • How Bitcoin and blockchains affect businesses globally.

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3. Cryptocurrencies

Cover of "Cryptocurrencies" book.

Level: Beginner. 

Author: Dr. Julian Hosp (Author), Dr. Harald Mahrer (Foreword)

Although this book isn’t new, it’s still one of the best cryptocurrency books for investors and enthusiasts. 

Dr. Hosp is a blockchain expert and also has expertise in financial systems. Combining both, he has made this book the ultimate resource for new investors. 

Hosp simplifies crypto concepts and explains the jargon in this book, which is essential for beginners. He takes you step-by-step through all the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies. 

You’ll leave with a deep understanding of fiat money, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. This book is for complete beginners. You won’t find much about codes, in-depth algorithm analysis, or math details. 

Key takeaways:

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4. The Crypto Trader

Cover of "The Crypto Trader" book.

Level: Beginner. 

Author: Glen Goodman 

Goodman is a successful trader and explains his best tips and strategies in this book. 

You should read this book if you’re a total beginner because it’s non-technical with no details on indicators and signals for when to enter/exit. 

Nevertheless, the book is informative for new investors who don’t know the first thing about crypto coins and good investments. 

As opposed to most cryptocurrency books, this one focuses mostly on trading. Goodman talks about speculating on human emotions and identifying signals in the charts. 

That’s why its lessons can never be outdated. You won’t get bored while reading this book because the writer’s witty style makes it enjoyable. 

There are a ton of diagrams here, and Goodman uses layman’s language to explain complex topics. 

Key takeaways:

  • Basic tips on deciphering the charts and spotting trends.
  • Tips to control your impulsive side and make smart decisions quickly. 
  • Extensive explanations of crypto trading and earning potential. 

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Level: Intermediate 

5. Basics of Blockchain: A Guide for Building Literacy in the Economics, Technology, and Business of Blockchain

Cover of "Basics of Blockchain" book.

Level: Intermediate 

Author: Bettina Warburg, Tom Serres, Bill Wagner

Warburg is a blockchain researcher and political scientist. She has studied blockchain in-depth and shares her extensive knowledge in this book. 

This book is excellent for blockchain engineers, but you can still benefit from it even if you’re not involved in the technical field. 

Read it to learn about blockchain, digital tokens, crypto assets technologies, and the role of blockchain in the centralized economy. 

The book will also show you the realistic potential of this technology in the future. 

Key takeaways:

  • Blockchain fundamentals
  • Blockchain’s impact on global economics
  • How blockchain integrates with the centralized world 
  • Discussion on and tips for managing uncertainty in trade. 
  • How the blockchain economy works with detailed analysis of mining, rewards, blockchain as a service, and governance. 
  • Blockchain use cases and their role in the Internet of Things (IoT). 

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6. Blockchain Principles and Applications in IoT

Cover of "Blockchain Principles and Applications in IoT" book.

Level: Intermediate 

This book’s main focus is on the blockchain network’s core technologies. It covers topics from cryptocurrencies to blockchain applications for mainstream industries and financial institutions.

This crypto book also goes beyond cryptocurrencies and covers the role of blockchain in various areas, such as supply chain, e-commerce, and healthcare. 

You’ll also learn about smart contracts, the mining system, blockchain scalability, blockchain with machine learning, and cryptographic foundations. 

We recommend this book to learn about the intersection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain. 

That’s been a significant focus of 2023 and will also be relevant in the coming years. 

Key takeaways:

  • Introduces and explains consensus algorithms like PAROX and RAFT and their use cases. 
  • Talks about the security features of blockchain and why it’s an excellent network for building applications for the Internet of Things.
  • The challenges of blockchain in the world of IoT. 

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7. Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies: A Primer for Implementing and Developing Blockchain Projects

Cover of "Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies" book.

Level: Intermediate 

Author: Akira Summers

Summers has been involved in software and technological development for over two decades. She’s currently engaged in blockchain research and projects at Birmingham City University in the UK. 

Understanding Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies is filled with recent and factual information she has learned during her extensive experience. 

Read this book to understand the difference between the hype and realistic promise of DeFi, NFT, crypto assets, and blockchain use cases. 

You’ll greatly benefit if you’re a software engineering student, enthusiast, or crypto investor who wants to understand the profoundness of blockchain technology. 

Blockchain technology is growing very fast in popularity and use. However, there are a lot of buzzwords and confusion about its future. 

This book will give you authentic information on this topic and help you separate fact from fiction.

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about crypto, forks, mining, transactions, and privacy coins. 
  • Understand decentralized computing and blockchains, and cryptocurrency issues.
  • Understand public and private blockchains.

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8. Digital Cash: The Unknown History of the Anarchists, Utopians, and Technologists Who Created Cryptocurrency

Cover of " Digital Cash" book.

Level: Intermediate. 

Author: Finn Brunton

Many books on cryptocurrency don’t provide an in-depth history of the people and the technologies that built the current blockchain networks and cryptocurrencies.

This one does.

It’ll keep you engaged throughout with stories of the technological origins of today’s cryptocurrency mania. 

However, the language and style of writing in this book are complex for the average reader. 

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about the challenges the inventors faced in the 1970s and later. 
  • Find answers to questions such as how digital assets get their value and how we can trust new currencies. 
  • Understand cryptocurrencies’ future

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Honorable Mentions

Savvy readers will probably wonder what happened to the likes of Ben Mezrich, Saifedean Ammous, Tyler, and Cameron Winklevoss, as well as Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar. 

Why haven’t we listed classics like Bitcoin Billionaires? The Internet of Money? Do we even know what we’re talking about? 

The world of digital currencies moves fast, so we’ve focused on the best books on cryptocurrency aimed at beginners and intermediates.

But, just so we’ve covered the classics as well, here you go:

  • Andreas Antonopoulos – The Internet of Money: A collection of talks by Andreas M. Antonopoulos (get it here)
  • Ben Mezrich – Bitcoin Billionaires: A True Story of Genius, Betrayal, and Redemption (get it here)
  • Chris Burniske and Jack Tatar – Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investor’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond (get it here)
  • Don and Alex Tapscott – Blockchain Revolution (get it here)
  • Nathaniel Popper – Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money (get it here)
  • Neel Mehta – Blockchain Bubble or Revolution: The Future of Bitcoin, Blockchains, and Cryptocurrencies (get it here)
  • Paul Vigna and Michael Casey – The Age of Cryptocurrency (get it here)
  • Saifedean Ammous – The Bitcoin Standard: The Decentralized Alternative to Central Banking (get it here)

On the Flipside

  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are volatile, and trading involves risk. Just because an author makes it seem simple doesn’t mean you’ll be a Bitcoin billionaire.
  • Blockchain technology moves fast, so much of the information you’ll find in books on blockchains can quickly go out of date unless the author regularly updates them.

Why You Should Care

For a topic as important as blockchain and cryptocurrencies, go directly to the top minds in the industry and learn from them. 

Books on cryptocurrency are a great way to do that because they teach you everything in a technical manner. 

So you don’t just receive tips for moment-to-moment actions, but you develop a long-term understanding of key concepts and secure yourself and build expertise. 

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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