Samuel Wan

Samuel Wan

Crypto Journalist


Samuel Wan is a British crypto reporter for DailyCoin with ties to Hong Kong focused on macroeconomics, price analysis, and Bitcoin. He covers the latest trends and developments in these areas, providing insightful commentary and expert research.


Prior to Joining DailyCoin in August 2023, Samuel featured as a journalist in several leading crypto publications. He specializes in breaking down complex topics into easily digestible content that resonates with a broad audience. before becoming a journalist, Samuel honed his analytical skills through his work in the finance and accounting sector. His past experience has been instrumental in shaping his understanding of the economic forces that drive crypto markets,further enhancing the depth and relevance of his reporting.


Samuel completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013, where he gained substantial experience conducting research, collecting data, and performing statistical analysis. His deep understanding of multiple research methodologies enables him to translate complex data into compelling narratives to demystify the often complex world of cryptocurrencies through the lens of data-driven insights.

Samuel lives in the North West of England and spends his free time playing Fifa on PlayStation, though he humorously admits that his defensive skills need improving. He also enjoys the occasional mountain biking adventure.