DailyCoin Cardano Regular: ADA Aims For $1, Hoskinson Denies Exit Plans

Just as Bitcoin and Ethereum mark new all-time highs, is ADA poised for a similar trajectory?

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  • Cardano maintains its momentum in March. 
  • With ADA looking stronger than ever, prospects of tapping $1 appear optimistic.
  • Cardano’s journey, however, doesn’t come without challenges.

Cardano finds itself back under the spotlight as it impresses with its remarkable performance since the last DailyCoin regular edition, sparking hopes of surging toward the highly coveted $1 price level.

Just as Bitcoin and Ethereum mark new all-time highs, ADA holders are preparing for a similar trajectory this year, aiming to get in before the token begins its ascent. DailyCoin’s expert analyst, Insha Zia, sheds light on these exciting developments.

News and Events: Understanding the Impact

ADA Shoots For $1, Marks a New Yearly High

Cardano’s performance in February was nothing short of historic, as ADA confidently smashed through key resistances that were once thought impossible to break, closing above $0.70 for the first time since 2022.


Maintaining its momentum heading into March, Cardano continued to rise alongside the overall crypto market, reaching $0.80 and sparking hopes of hitting the highly coveted $1 mark.

With just a mere 25% gain left to reach the $1 price level, market sentiment remains optimistic regarding ADA’s potential.

Cardano Wallets Surge Amid Growing Interest

Just as Cardano surged toward its new yearly high, network activity soared. Fueled by overwhelmingly positive sentiment surrounding ADA, investors are now flocking to join the network in large numbers.


According to data from Cardano Blockchain Insights, wallets on the network saw a nearly 90% increase, jumping from 1,700 in February to over 3,200 by the end of the month, bringing the total number of wallets to over 4.6 million.

Chart of total ADA wallets.
Total ADA wallet. Source: Cardano Blockchain Insights

An interesting trend also emerged among these wallets. The distribution of ADA holdings among wallets showed that users under 1,000 ADA experienced a slight drop. This decrease could be attributed to profit-taking and a lack of confidence among smaller traders.

However, while retail investors on the network decreased, wallets holding between 1 million and 10 million ADA increased by 2%, indicating that larger wallets and whales are accumulating heavily.

Charles Hoskinson Reaffirms Loyalty to Cardano

In 2023, Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson launched his passion project, Midnight, a ZK-powered privacy sidechain, after quietly working on it for nearly five years. 

Branded as ‘the first 4th generation blockchain’ by Charles Hoskinson, the Cardano Founder and the IOG team expressed excitement about the upcoming project despite limited information. However, alongside this excitement, rumors emerged of Hoskinson stepping down.

Amidst this uncertainty, Hoskinson took to X, reaffirming his unwavering loyalty to Cardano and firmly putting any doubts about his commitment to rest.

Hoskinson Address Issues With Nami

Over the past week, user reports of issues with the Nami increased significantly, particularly concerning difficulties fetching ADAHandles and experiencing input lags. This resulted in a temporary feature shutdown until the team could deploy a viable solution.

Charles Hoskinson addressed the community’s frustrations and the persistent glitches on X. He reassured users that the issues were isolated to Nami users, with Lace, the other wallet, remaining unaffected.

Hoskinson advised Nami users to take a temporary break while the team investigated the matter. He acknowledged the community’s frustrations and explained that Cardano acquired Nami to overhaul it with IOG’s engineering standards. However, updates take time, and such bugs are common during the process.

Current Outlook

Cardano experienced an underwhelming start to the year, with ADA dipping below key support levels and showing minimal signs of bullish momentum. However, the token has since redeemed itself, showcasing remarkable performance throughout February and March.

With each successfully breached resistance, investor optimism compounded, leading to an overwhelming positive long-to-short ratio. At the time of writing, ADA hovered around the $0.73 price level with a daily trading volume exceeding $900 million. 

Cardano price chart.
Cardano price chart. Source: TradingView

Over the following weeks, Cardano could set its sights on tapping $1. However, the journey wouldn’t be without challenges, and achieving this milestone all hinges on fresh capital into Cardano. 

There’s a strong possibility that ADA could revisit liquidity gaps to gather momentum and propel upwards. The following weeks will determine whether Cardano will continue its rally or consolidate for the rest of the quarter. 

On the Flipside

  • Market dynamics can be unpredictable, so it is essential to consider alternative perspectives and opinions when evaluating the potential future performance of ADA.
  • Cardano’s yearly growth for 2023 closed at 170%. 
  • ADA is up 63% this year. 

Why This Matters

Cardano’s bullish momentum has never been stronger, buoyed by the overwhelmingly positive sentiment surrounding ADA. The recent rally presents an exciting opportunity for market participants and ADA holders alike, offering potential opportunities for sidelined investors to capitalize on.

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Insha Zia

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