Top 10 Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow

Innovation brings along new defining metrics by which investors make decisions. With the advent of social media, information is easily disseminated, regardless of whether it’s qualitative or false. Each social platform is unique in its value and operational mechanism, and discussions regarding cryptocurrencies are mostly concentrated on Twitter, as it facilitates a streamlined, open, and possibly invasive system, which helps foster beneficial discussion.

Money-grabbing culture has much to say about cryptocurrencies, which leads misleading information to enter the crypto Twitter space. Additionally, social media metrics can be manipulated and project a false sense of trust towards users. Regardless, valuable information can be filtered out through Twitter to get an overarching look and feel of the event taking place in the crypto space.

Below we list ten cryptocurrency Twitter accounts to get you on your way to receiving quality information and filtering through all the noise.

10 Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin is the co-founder of Ethereum. Buterin is known for his writing abilities, and although he does not post very frequently, he is an active Twitter user. Moreover, he shares links and posts to his own research work on cryptocurrencies through well-researched and argued papers. Additionally, you can get the latest updates on Ethereum and how ETH 2.0 is unfolding.

Income Sharks

Income Sharks is a trading person or collective; it is not clear yet. The value from this account is that the moderator or the person who handles the account provides good insights about micro-cap cryptocurrencies and insights into how market prices behave and react. Some of the information resembles that of a paid Twitter account, so it is worth noting that all tokens shared should be taken with a grain of salt.

Wu Blockchain

Wu Blockchain is a Chinese blockchain journalist who is the first to report on information regarding Chinese crypto regulations and innovation in the CBDC space. He references articles from Chinese sources and then provides an English summary of the content, which is beneficial to understanding China’s take on crypto and the rest of the world. Not only that, the account also provides hot news as well as updates on major crypto events.

Anthony Pompiliano

Anthony Pompliano is a crypto investor, whose opinions and ideas have been shared by several reputable publications. He is a Bitcoin fanatic, and during his YouTube Livestream, he provides insights into the world of tech and also compares the benefits of Bitcoin to the FED’s current standing.


Messari is a crypto analytics and research firm that funnels their Twitter followers’ data and information derived from their research. While most of the data is found on their website, Messari provides bite-size information that can be easily deconstructed and understood by anyone that is active in the cryptocurrency market.

Willy Woo

Willy Woo is a blockchain researcher and analyst. He has a weekly newsletter; however, on Twitter, his content is more than insightful. Not only does he source information from other accounts and build further arguments to explain to his followers certain decisions, but he is relatively responsive in providing insights into Bitcoin to those who need help fully understanding metrics.


CZ is the CEO of Binance, and his Twitter accounts, similar to Wu Blockchain, are an antithesis to the western Crypto Twitter hegemony. Moreover, he offers updates on developments from the Binance exchange as he tackles regulatory pressure in several countries. He is a Bitcoin bull despite promoting Binance and Binance Smart Chain excessively.


notsofast is a self-proclaimed altcoin miner and a crypto investor. The account feels like a 4chan thread, and the content and information gathered from it seems more related to how regular retail investors approach crypto investment and trading.

Lex Moskovski

Lex Moskovski is the CIO at Moskovski Capital, which focuses on investing in Bitcoin and other digital assets. What’s more, the content shared helps understand much of the data and information developed by Glassnode, helping retail investors understand charts and other graphs with ease.


Checkmatey is the lead on-chain analyst at Glassnode and helps the crypto industry interpret charts developed for Glassnode. Not only that, but the account also helps in interpreting crypto project developments or failures, but it mostly focuses on the major ones.


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