Top Telegram Crypto Channels to Join in 2023

Who made the cut? Check DailyCoin’s list of the 2023’s Best Crypto Telegram Channels.

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Being in the right Telegram crypto channels can be the difference between hitting consistent gains and winding up as someone else’s exit liquidity. While the crypto market is rife with opportunity, plenty of misinformation exists. In a perfect world, crypto Telegram groups would help you make money and teach you how to make informed decisions.

Like all social media, Telegram is a bit of a minefield. It’s hard to know who wants to help you navigate the cryptocurrency and who wants you to buy their bags. Beginners in the crypto world are easily impressed by technical analysis, but unless you’re an experienced trader, there’s no way of knowing if crypto trading signals will play out.

In this guide, we’ll break down what separates the best crypto Telegram channels from the pretenders and provide a comprehensive list of our favorites.

What are Crypto Telegram Channels?

Telegram is an essential app in any crypto enthusiast’s toolkit. Like the blockchain itself, it’s more or less anonymous and provides a great platform for the crypto community to discuss the latest news and share market analysis and trading ideas.

Crypto projects use Telegram to communicate directly with their community of crypto investors. It helps teams share crucial updates and educate newcomers about the ins and outs of their ecosystem.

Some of the most popular crypto Telegram groups, like those listed below, help guide you through the crypto industry. They provide everything from crypto news and real-time market updates to quality signals from expert traders.

What Makes a Good Crypto Telegram Group?

The saying goes: ‘Give someone a fish, and they’ll eat for a day, teach someone to fish, and they’ll eat forever.’

The same advice goes for signal groups on Telegram. The best crypto Telegram groups not only provide quality trading signals and technical analysis but also teach users about the cryptocurrency market and help them make informed decisions.

What’s more, a good signal provider is transparent and accountable. Not all trading strategies play out as expected, but if a signal channel deletes its messages to cover up its losses, that’s a red flag.

Finally, we believe that a good crypto Telegram group keeps its community updated on what’s happening in the market. This keeps them ahead of emerging trends and potential black swan events like the FTX crash.

Without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the best crypto signals Telegram has to offer.

Crypto VIP Signals

Crypto VIP Signals Twitter page

Riding in at the top of our list is Crypto VIP Signals, which provides a full 360 view of the crypto market. What separates Crypto VIP Signals from other Telegram channels is that they offer much more than basic trade signals.

Crypto VIP Signals looks at the market from all angles. Alongside technical analysis performed by professional traders, the channel also looks at crucial metrics like Bitcoin (BTC) outflows from exchanges and other niche indicators. The team claims to enjoy a 95% success rate on spot and futures signals.

They also share plenty of educational content that helps beginners break into the trading game and do their research properly. The community can also request reviews and analyses of specific altcoins.

If there was one area where Crypto VIP Signals could improve, their trade signals could be a bit clearer. Their precise entry, take-profit, and stop-loss suggestions are often hidden amongst paragraphs of text.

Crypto VIP Signals call

However, this might be a deliberate move to encourage traders to do their own research instead of blindly entering a trade.


  • Pulls accurate analysis from a variety of sources
  • Shares educational content that helps traders improve long term
  • Quality, data-driven signals from technical analysis experts
  • The community can vote on which altcoins they’d like to see
  • Regular giveaways


  • Trading signals are not always clearly set out with entry, exit, and stop-loss points
  • Limited crypto news and important market updates

Join Crypto VIP Signals


With a clear commitment to transparency, RocketWalletSignal is one of the most reliable free crypto signal groups. They provide solid technical analysis and detailed and precise entry and exit points laid out in a way that’s easy to follow.

RWS Call

What’s great about RocketWalletSignal is that they share comprehensive reports covering every call’s actual profit and loss. This has helped build a trusting and loyal community and proves the trading ability of RocketWalletSignal’s callers.

Beyond trading cryptocurrency, RocketWalletSignal also gives its community plenty of exposure to traditional markets, including S&P 500 and DXY signals. The team also offers a paid VIP group where crypto enthusiasts discuss various trading strategies and market news.

Despite this, the Telegram channel lacks educational content and news updates.


  • Clearly outlined trading signals, with detailed entries and exits
  • Transparent profit and loss reports


  • Limited educational posts
  • No crypto news updates

Join RocketWalletSignal

Verified Crypto Traders

Verified Crypto Traders Website

This crypto Telegram group has attained OG status after opening its virtual doors in 2017. A truly international group, Verified Crypto Traders draws from a talented pool of experienced traders based in the Netherlands, the U.S.A., India, and Poland.

Verified Crypto Traders bring a creative approach to reading the cryptocurrency market. On top of the standard technical analysis from looking at price action, this team also explores things like USDT stablecoin dominance. They also take altcoin requests and boast a 90% accuracy rate on spot trading signals.

If that wasn’t enough, Verified Crypto Traders has a clean website with helpful articles that give VCF a professional image. It’s a shame these articles are not shared in the Telegram channel, where users could benefit.


  • History of accurate trading signals
  • Strong reputation and professional website
  • Professional traders from all over the world


  • Less activity and posts than in other crypto Telegram channels
  • Not much educational content is provided through Telegram

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DeFi Million

DeFi Million Logo

For those who love on-chain trading and navigating DeFi protocols, this crypto Telegram group is for you. Defi Million gives crypto traders and investors valuable insight into the often lawless land of decentralized finance, even occasionally dabbling in the NFT market.

Additionally, DeFi Million also highlights potential airdrop opportunities. This is a great way for people without much capital to take their first steps into the crypto world.

Unfortunately, scams are common in DeFi, so if you’re following DeFi Million signals, it’s worth taking extra care. The team has no history of promoting scams, but you can never be too wary of decentralized finance.


  • Provides unique signals outside the main crypto exchanges
  • Frequent giveaways
  • Airdrop opportunities


  • Lots of advertising within the Telegram channel
  • No educational content, which is important in the DeFi space

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Metaverse | NFT | News

MetaVerse NFT News Logo

As the name suggests, this crypto Telegram group focuses on news and updates from the metaverse and NFT market. While not providing actionable trading signals and opportunities, it’s a helpful resource for those who want to keep their thumb on the pulse of this niche corner of the crypto world.

Metaverse NFT News provides daily updates and official sources that help its community stay informed and up to date. Metaverse and NFTs are expected to witness global adoption soon, so finding reliable and trustworthy news aggregators gives traders a competitive edge.


  • Daily news updates from official sources
  • Unbiased coverage of the NFT and Metaverse niche


  • No actionable calls for traders to follow

Join Metaverse | NFT | News

Binance Killers

Binance Killers Logo

One of the more diverse additions to this list, Binance Killers covers more than just the crypto market. Combining Wall Street, traditional finance, and FOREX, Binance Killers gives clear trading signals and daily market reports.

Their track record shows a history of success, giving confidence to beginners diving into crypto trading for the first time. Binance Killers also provides the occasional post about how to read certain candlestick indicators and other technical analysis tools.

At the end of every month, Binance Killers release a transparent report reviewing each signal’s result and the channel’s overall profitability.


  • A transparent history of profitable signals
  • Explores markets outside of cryptocurrency
  • Occasional educational post


  • Little community interaction, such as giveaways or altcoin requests

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ICO Speaks Logo

A real jack-of-all-trades, ICO SPEAKS NEWS covers everything from crypto news to token sales. The 500,000-strong community enjoys regular AMAs with crypto projects and keeps up to date with upcoming airdrops and presales.

ICO SPEAKS NEWS offers a wide variety of content but doesn’t really specialize in any specific field. As a result, there aren’t many actionable trading signals and it goes through the occasional period of inactivity.


  • Hosts insightful AMAs with emerging crypto projects
  • Provides airdrop and presale opportunities.


  • Can be overwhelmed with advertising
  • No trading signals
  • Less activity than other groups


Bitcoin Industry

Bitcoin Industry Logo

A survivor of many crypto winters, Bitcoin Industry is a blockchain news channel that has stood the test of time. The Telegram channel gives a thoughtful take on crypto news and market updates, as well as tying in plenty of upcoming opportunities, like airdrop opportunities.

It’s worth noting that Bitcoin Industry doesn’t just cover BTC-related topics. They also keep their community informed on crypto regulation and macro conditions like inflation.


  • Comprehensive news coverage of trending topics
  • Insightful and ‘outside-the-box’ view of the market
  • Occasional airdrop opportunities


  • No trading signals
  • Limited educational content about blockchain technology

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Crypto Mountains

Crypto Mountains Logo

The Crypto Mountains Telegram channel has its fingers in many pies. It features news and updates from the industry, including DeFi and NFTs. Crypto Mountains is known for giving detailed and insightful commentary about the crypto market and wider financial conditions.

However, for crypto investors or traders, there is little guidance or tips that will help them improve their skills.


  • Daily crypto news updates
  • Wide range of topics
  • Occasional presale opportunities


  • There are often meme coin advertisements in between news pieces, which weaken
  • Crypto Mountains’ reputation

Join Crypto Mountains

Crypto Profit Coach

Crypto Profit Coach Logo

Crypto Profit Coach is a popular trading signal provider known for calling hidden gems. While some crypto Telegram groups offer scalping leverage trades, the Crypto Profit Coach is all about finding coins before they go on a 5x or 10x run.

Using both technical analysis and fundamental analysis, Crypto Profit Coach has a good record of successful calls. He even provides some members with automatic trading bots that take the human emotion from a trading strategy.


  • Quality signals and high-return altcoin picks
  • Provides trading bots


  • No educational content
  • Limited crypto news coverage

Join Crypto Profit Coach

On The Flipside

  • While crypto Telegram channels are a good way to start crypto trading, there are still significant risks. Usually, these channels are divided into two groups: a VIP group of paying subscribers and the general public. 
  • VIP subscribers generally receive the signal before the general public. This means if you follow a signal, a group of buyers will likely wait for you to provide their exit liquidity. 
  • Outside of large cap-coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH), pump-and-dump groups can artificially spike prices to catch out unwary traders who FOMO into the hype and buy the top of green candles. 
  • For this reason, it’s important to educate yourself about how markets work and do your own research before entering any trade. That way, you won’t rely on Telegram groups to make informed decisions in the crypto market.

Why You Should Care

Telegram overflowing with information and crypto market analysis. Finding trustworthy and reliable groups can help you immensely in the space while falling into the wrong group might be devastating.


Are Telegram crypto signals legit?

Yes and no. Some Telegram crypto channels are beneficial and help you learn more about trading and the blockchain industry. However, there are also plenty of bad actors on Telegram who promote scams. You should always do your own research and think critically before following a trading signal on Telegram. 

Who is the most trusted crypto analyst?

By nature, cryptocurrency is a volatile asset. Even trusted analysts make mistakes and get things wrong. That being said, some of the Telegram channels in this article have a transparent history of accurate signals. 

How to find crypto groups on Telegram?

The best place to find crypto groups on Telegram is, unsurprisingly, Telegram itself. If you join the official Telegram group of crypto projects you like, you can network with other crypto enthusiasts and find Telegram groups that align with your interest. 

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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