Shiba Inu Websites: How to Stay Safe from Phishing Links When Searching for SHIB

Protect your cryptocurrency by always using these official Shiba Inu websites.

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Shiba Inu websites are one of the common targets for internet crooks and scammers in the cryptocurrency industry. 

Unfortunately, the meme coin’s popularity has become a bit of a double-edged sword. Thousands of people search for Shibu Inu (SHIB) websites daily, often falling victim to phishing links and fake copycat sites that drain your crypto wallet address.


In this guide, we’ll teach you how to stay safe and avoid dodgy links in the blockchain world. We’ll also provide verifiable, official links to all your favorite Shiba Inu websites.  

The masked bandits of the digital world, phishing links are cunningly designed to deceive and exploit honest users. They are fraudulent attempts where attackers masquerade as reputable entities, often through emails or dodgy URL links. 

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Phishing links aim to trick you into revealing sensitive information, like login credentials, account numbers, or other personal details. 

In the realm of cryptocurrencies, where digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) can be transferred with a mere click, the stakes are even higher. 


Unfortunately, wallet drainer sites are commonplace in the blockchain technology industry. It’s easy to lose focus and fall prey to such deceptive tactics, which can lead to significant financial losses. 

As Shiba Inu coin garners a larger audience and continues its rapid expansion, understanding and identifying phishing links is crucially important for every member of the Shib Army.

Navigating the vast ocean of the internet crypto payments safely requires a discerning eye and a shield of knowledge. Here are some essential strategies to protect you from the treacherous waters of phishing and wallet drainers.

  • Use Official Sources – Always refer to official websites or trusted community forums for genuine links. I always visit a crypto project’s 𝕏 account and double-check that it’s verified and active before clicking any links. In the case of Shiba Inu, make sure you see a golden tick and the @Shibtoken handle.
Shib X profile.
Source: 𝕏
  • Examine URLs Carefully – Often, phishing sites use subdomains or employ typosquatting, where URLs contain subtle misspellings of popular websites. To give you an idea, watch out for websites that might have spelled shiba with an ‘l’ instead of an ‘i’ like so: ‘shlba.’ Ensure the website’s address looks legitimate, starting with ‘https’ indicating a secure connection.
  • Avoid Clicking on Suspicious Links – If an email or social media account seems out of place, especially if it invokes a sense of urgency or fear, think twice before clicking. Here’s a good example of what to avoid:
Scam Shib X profile.
  • Double-Check Email Senders – Phishers often impersonate known contacts or organizations. Ensure the sender’s email address matches the official domain of the organization they claim to represent.
  • Install Security Tools – Utilize antivirus software, browser-based anti-phishing toolbars, and email filters. These tools can provide additional protection by flagging or blocking phishing attempts.

Official Shiba Inu Websites

A bewildering range of official websites has emerged as the Shiba Inu coin continues its journey from Ryoshi’s community experiment to a fully-fledged ecosystem. 

Amidst this borderline confusing explosion, it’s crucial to distinguish the official platforms from the sea of imitators. Here’s a quick recap of genuine Shiba Inu websites that every member of the SHIB Army should know, as well as their official URLs.

1. Main Shiba Inu Website

The central pillar of Shiba Inu’s digital presence, the main site, is the primary portal for all things SHIB. From its birth as a meme coin to its evolution into a diverse ecosystem built around a Japanese dog, the main site tells you everything you need to know about the Shiba Inu ecosystem.  

The problem is there are two official sites. 

The original site is a bit outdated. Even though the official Shiba Inu 𝕏 account still points here, the site doesn’t reflect Shiba Inu’s most recent updates. 

Hey Shytoshi Kusama, if you’re reading this, you probably want to fix the Shiba Inu 𝕏 bio. 

The updated and revamped site is a far better bet. This main portal links to every other Shiba Inu website you need and provides regular updates, detailed information, and the new and improved Shibpaper.

  • Homepage of the SHIB ecosystem
  • Breakdown of all Shiba Inu products and services
  • Original, outdated site:
  • Official, updated site:

2. Shibarium Site

Shibarium website overview.
Source: Shibarium

The Shibarium site represents the coin’s foray into Ethereum Layer-2 solutions, aiming to provide users with faster and more cost-effective transactions. It offers an overview of the Shibarium network and provides a wealth of helpful metrics and other important network statistics. 

For SHIB Army soldiers who want to stake their BONE tokens to a validator that helps secure the network or bridge tokens between Ethereum and Shibarium, this site is the place to be. Moreover, it also provides tools and documentation that developers can use to build dApps on the network.

When accessing Shibarium, it’s paramount to use the official site. Cross-chain bridges are one of crypto scammers’ most common attack vectors, so you must always be vigilant. 

Given its technical nature and the potential for significant transactions, the Shibarium site is a prime target for phishing attempts. Always tread with caution and verify the authenticity of the platform.

3. SHIB Metaverse Site

By now, everyone and their grandmother knows what the metaverse is. SHIB: The Metaverse is a digital world where the Shiba Inu community can network, play, and build a thriving virtual economy on the blockchain. 

The Shiba Inu metaverse website is the first port of call for users looking to buy SHIB Lands and learn more about the various regions of this digital playground. With a total of 100,595 lands set to be unlocked over time, early adopters have the chance to stake their claim in this digital world.

Users must set up and use a compatible crypto wallet to participate in the land bid or purchase process, ensuring secure and efficient transactions within the metaverse.

As the Shiba Inu metaverse gains traction, it’s essential to approach it with even greater caution than any other digital platform. Scams, dodgy wallet transactions, and phishing links will be hidden in unpredictable places in the metaverse, so you’ll need your wits. 

Ensure you’re accessing the official site, and always be wary of offers or deals that seem too good to be true.

4. Shibaswap Site

Shibaswap website landing page.
Source: Shibaswap

ShibaSwap is the home of decentralized finance (DeFi) functions within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. The decentralized exchange lets traders instantly swap cryptocurrencies on-chain and dive into liquidity yield farms and staking services.

What’s more, Shibaswap is also the best place to learn more about the ecosystem’s other altcoins, including Shiba Inu tokens like BONE and LEASH. Shibaswap also hosts community governance votes and was the original platform for minting the Shiboshi NFT collection.

When exploring DeFi on ShibaSwap, it’s crucial to use the official site. While promising and exciting, DeFi is rife with potential pitfalls. Always be on the lookout for phishing attempts and ensure you’re operating within the genuine ShibaSwap environment.

  • Home of Shiba Inu DeFi & Governance
  • Educational resource for Shiba Inu tokens
  • Official ShibaSwap URL:

5. Shiba Inu Blog

The Shiba Inu blog is the beat heart of the Shiba Inu community, offering a window into the coin’s evolution, challenges, and triumphs. Regularly updated by the core team and contributors, the blog is where you’ll find all the latest announcements from Shytoshi Kusama and the leaders of the Shiba Inu pack.

From technical advancements like Shibarium’s scaling and launch updates to community milestones and merchandise rollouts, the blog chronicles every significant step in Shiba Inu’s journey.

Like every other Shiba Inu website, the blog has its fair share of impersonators and phonies.  Stay informed, stay engaged, but most importantly, stay safe and always stick to official sources.

  • Official source of Shiba Inu announcements and updates
  • Detailed information on upcoming events
  • Shiba Inu blog official URL:

6. Shiba Eternity

Perhaps one of the earliest iterations of Shiba Inu gaming, “Shiba Eternity” is a captivating trading card game. This fun and friendly game invites users to immerse themselves in a world where strategy, collectibles, and the Shiba Inu narrative intertwine.

The Shiba Eternity site is a great resource for people who want to learn more about the game. Packed with strategy guides and informative videos, players can learn the ropes before diving into battles with other Shiba Inu community members.

To adapt to our mobile world, the Shiba Eternity app is available on Android and iOS devices. When downloading applications, you should prioritize safety. Accidentally installing malware from unverified sites is a surefire way to put your data at risk from hackers.

On the Flipside

  • Shiba Inu could tidy up some of their sites. The fact that they have two separate main websites could confuse newcomers and make them fall into phishing traps and fake links more easily.

Why This Matters

Scams, hacks, and phishing links are everywhere in crypto, and meme coins like Shiba Inu and Dogecoin (DOGE) are no exception. Knowing how to avoid phishing links and wallet-draining scam links is essential in every crypto enthusiast’s journey.


Does Shiba Inu have a website?

Yes, the main Shiba Inu website can be found at its official URL:

Where will Shiba be in five years?

No one, not even Shytoshi Kusama, can predict the future of Shiba Inu. Remember that the crypto market is volatile and unpredictable, so take outlandish SHIB price predictions with a grain of salt.

Where can I buy Shiba Inu?

You can buy Shiba Inu from leading crypto exchanges like Binance.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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