Shiba Inu Coin Logo: A History of SHIB’s Iconic Mascot

What drove the Shiba Inu community to change its logo so often?

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The Shiba Inu Coin Logo is a flashing banner of unity for the SHIB Army’s loyal legions. The fierce, stern Japanese hunting dog has become the face of the meme coin niche and has captivated the cryptocurrency market for years.

However, the vibrant, punchy Shiba Inu dog logo we know and love today wasn’t always the face of SHIB. In fact, the Shiba Inu token has rebranded and reimagined its iconic cryptocurrency logo more than once since Ryoshi first unveiled the Dogecoin rival to the world in 2020.

Dust off your spectacles and dive into the shallows of blockchain history as we explore the story of SHIB coin’s various logos.

Original SHIB Logo: ‘The Doge Killer’

Original shiba inu logo.
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Launched on Ethereum by Ryoshi in the quiet and stillness of August 2020, the original SHIB crypto coin logo was a direct and deliberate attack on Dogecoin, the industry’s largest meme coin. The logo, featuring the now-familiar Shiba Inu dog, called itself ‘The Doge Killer,’ setting the stage for the SHIB token’s dramatic entrance into the crypto arena via the Uniswap platform.

This initial branding was a strategic move aimed at ruffling feathers and drawing attention. It worked. The Shiba Inu crypto logo was first displayed on August 3, 2020, in a now-deleted article by Ryoshi himself.

While the tagline was met with mixed reactions and laughed off as another unsubstantial meme coin that would fizzle out, it undeniably put SHIB on the map. In a market teeming with countless tokens, the audacity of the ‘Dogecoin Killer’ claim made many investors sit up and take notice of this new entrant.

But change was never far away on the horizon. The ‘Dogecoin Killer’ tagline sparked plenty of conversation but was not made to last.

Second Shiba Inu coin logo.
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As the Shiba Inu coin began to establish its presence and identity in the crypto world, the need for evolution was clear. The cute ‘Dogecoin Killer’ branding had served its purpose, drawing attention and sparking intrigue. However, as 2021 dawned, SHIB sought to distance itself from the shadows of rivalry and move forward as its own entity.

The second iteration of the logo was less polarizing but marked a crucial shift in Shiba’s history. Gone was the confrontational tagline, replaced by a more refined and standalone visual representation of SHIB. 

This new logo featured a full visual of the Shiba Inu dog dressed like a successful businessman, oozing confidence and authority. The rebrand sent a clear message: SHIB was here to stay, not just as a challenger but as a force in its own right.

This logo was widely adopted across SHIB’s official website, social media channels, and other platforms. The rebranding signaled a shift in focus from rivalries to the utility and potential of the Shiba Inu coin itself. 

Underneath this new unifying banner, the SHIB Army heard whispers of new utility within the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Rumors of future DeFi products and services like ShibaSwap, Shiboshi NFTs, and an immersive Shiba Inu metaverse were circulating, and secondary tokens like LEASH and BONE found their way into the SHIB discussion.

At the same time, this logo was still lacking visually. While it was a welcome departure from the altcoin’s original logo, it was missing a few striking touches that make a logo easily recognizable. A final rebrand was needed to send Shiba Inu to the moon.

Current Shiba Inu Coin logo.
Source: Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu’s journey of self-discovery brings us to its current logo, a distinct, symmetrical design that looks great on a coin. In the true spirit of cryptocurrency, the logo was designed by a community member, Sveinn Valdimarsson.

Stripping away the background and focusing solely on the face of the Shiba Inu dog, this logo encapsulates the essence of SHIB in its purest form. As the SHIB Army will tell you, The Shiba Inu coin logo has transcended its humble beginnings to become a symbol of decentralization and community strength.

With this new, resolute pooch as the face of Shiba Inu, lead developer Shytoshi Kusama has brought the ecosystem’s vision to life. Today, Shiba Inu is thriving with a vast array of platforms like Shibarium, its own Layer-2 blockchain network.

Despite not being alluring enough to pull Elon Musk away from the Dogecoin camp, the market seemed to respond well to the newest variation of the Shiba Inu coin logo. The current logo was the face of Shiba Inu when the cryptocurrency broke its all-time high alongside Bitcoin in November 2021. 

Of course, it couldn’t all be smooth sailing. Recent reports have highlighted that the logo’s designer is unhappy about how it’s being used.

It seems ironic that meme coins, meant to be taken lightly, should be embroiled in a legal drama, but here we are. This begs the question, is a Shiba Inu logo public property?

Sveinn Valdimarsson, the proud designer of the Shiba Inu coin logo, is considering taking legal action against the corporate usage of the meme coin’s iconic emblem.

Tangem SHIB wallet advertisement.
Source: 𝕏

Sensing an opportunity, several companies worldwide have begun using the Shiba Inu logo for tangible products. From crypto storage firms like Tangem to fashion houses and even fast-food joints, the Shiba Inu coin started appearing in various commercial avatars. 

While some members of the SHIB Army see this as a victory and a chance to spread Shiba’s good name, Valdimarsson sees it as an exploitative breach of his creative rights.

The designer’s main issue wasn’t personal profit or recognition but the unchecked commercialization of his work without his consent. In a recent interview with DeFiLlama, he expressed his dismay at seeing his design being used for other’s profit-driven ventures, especially when he had generously contributed it to the Shiba Inu community without expecting any form of payment.

Valdimarsson has no issue with individuals using the logo for personal things, like tattoos, T-shirts, and meme templates. Where he draws the line is when business ventures start using the logo to turn a profit. 

Some Shiba Inu fans see Valdimarsson’s complaints as an attack against Shiba Inu’s community-centric ethos. One 𝕏 user believes that “if you own SHIB, then you own that logo.”

Ultimately, Valdimarsson never trademarked or copyrighted the logo. This means that, in a legal sense, his argument doesn’t carry much weight, and the Shiba Inu coin logo is closer to a public good than his intellectual property.

SHIB Logo Pros and Cons

The Shiba Inu coin logo and its volatile history of rebrandings and reimaginings have left a trail of benefits and drawbacks worth acknowledging.


  • Recognizability – The current Shiba Inu logo is immediately identifiable. This instant recognition has given SHIB a distinct edge in a market saturated with countless tokens.
  • Community Building – The logo has become a rallying point for the SHIB community and a good way to recognize other SHIB Army members in the real world.
  • Versatility – Thanks to its simplicity, the logo’s design is adaptable across various platforms, from digital wallets to merchandise, making it a marketer’s dream.


  • Legal Issues – The commercial use of the Shiba Inu coin logo has led to legal challenges and concerns about the ownership and rights of ‘community-owned’ intellectual property.
  • How Many Rebrands Are Too Many? – If Shiba Inu continues to rebrand the logo at its current rate, the cryptocurrency will become less recognizable.

On the Flipside

  • Shiba Inu has needed to rebrand its logo several times because the vision and focus of the project were changing directions. Now that Shiba Inu has more or less settled on its future, it is likely that the community will stick with the current logo long term.

Why This Matters

A visually striking logo is crucial to a crypto project, especially in the meme coin field. In a niche with dozens of new coins launching daily, being recognizable and maintaining attention is imperative to survival.


Who designed the Shiba Inu coin logo?

Sveinn Valdimarsson, a community member, designed the Shiba Inu Coin logo.

What is the symbol for Shiba Coin?

Shiba Inu coin’s trading ticker is SHIB, while the token’s logo is the face of a Shiba Inu dog with the project’s recognizable color palette. 

What is the best format for SHIB logo?

The best format for sharing and creating SHIB images and content is either png or svg, due to a smaller file size.

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