Ripple to Host a Celebratory Event as Bold Response to the SEC’s Appeal

Ripple’s CEO plans NYC celebration after legal win, but SEC appeal casts uncertainty on XRP’s future.

Brad Garlinghouse is asking you to join the party.
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  • Ripple’s CEO has unveiled an NYC celebration, signifying a legal milestone for XRP.
  • A recent ruling has granted XRP trading freedom, evading stringent regulations.
  • Garlinghouse’s unwavering stance on XRP’s non-security classification continues to resonate.

In a move that echoes triumph over its legal challenges, Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, has unveiled plans for a forthcoming celebratory event in New York City. The event, scheduled for September 29th, aims to mark the Torres ruling’s endorsement that designates Ripple’s cryptocurrency, XRP, as not falling under the classification of securities. 

This legal triumph is being hailed as a pivotal moment for Ripple, granting XRP the liberty to be exchanged on digital asset platforms without the constrictions imposed by rigorous securities regulations. The online XRP community has responded fervently, offering widespread backing across social media channels.


Reflecting on the journey of the past few years, Garlinghouse took to Twitter, expressing eagerness to raise a toast in celebration. Notably, the Torres ruling signifies a significant stride for Ripple. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that this isn’t the ultimate culmination of their endeavors. 

The parameters of the ruling are exclusively relevant to the secondary sales of XRP and don’t encompass the institutional transactions of XRP facilitated by Ripple and its top executives. This distinction is at the crux of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) allegations of securities law violations.

The SEC has lodged an appeal against the Torres ruling, lending an air of uncertainty to the case’s eventual resolution. Amid these intricate legal entanglements, Ripple and its legal team are projecting a sense of assurance regarding the trajectory of their legal proceedings.

The forthcoming event in New York City is being construed as a tangible manifestation of Ripple’s confidence in navigating these ongoing legal battles. However, it’s paramount for market participants to exercise prudence due to the looming shadow of the SEC’s appeal, which introduces an element of unpredictability into the equation.

On the Flipside

  • While the ruling pertains to secondary sales of XRP, it doesn’t conclusively settle the debate about XRP’s initial distribution, which remains a contentious subject.
  • Given the ongoing legal complexities and the appeal’s pending nature, the celebratory event in New York City might inadvertently convey a premature victory sentiment.

Why This Matters

The announcement of Ripple’s victory celebration in the wake of the Torres ruling serves as a definitive juncture for the cryptocurrency community. The favorable ruling not only grants XRP the freedom to trade without stringent securities regulations but also underscores the broader evolution of regulatory paradigms in the crypto space.


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