CZ Vows to Focus on ‘Next Chapter’ After Sentencing

CZ escapes with a light sentence in money laundering case, vows to embrace new path after prison stint.

Binance CZ is on a danger path.
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  • After six months of waiting, a judge sentenced CZ to imprisonment on April 30.
  • CZ expressed regret over his failures in running Binance
  • The former Binance CEO intends to serve the sentence but looks forward to future projects

After a multi-year investigation, US authorities charged Binance and its co-founder Changpeng Zhao (CZ) with violating money laundering rules in November 2023. As part of the settlement, the company agreed to pay a $4.3 billion fine and exit the US market. The deal also involved CZ stepping down as company CEO, paying a $50 million fine, and pleading guilty to money laundering.


After months of legal limbo, Judge Richard Jones finally gave sentencing on April 30, ordering that CZ serve a four-month prison sentence. CZ responded by saying, “I will do my time,” and move forward after the ordeal is over. 

Looking to the Future

Responding to the sentencing, CZ put on a brave face, stating that he intends to serve his sentence and put the matter behind him once it is done. Looking to the future, CZ stated that he will remain a passive crypto investor and plans to “focus on the next chapter of my life (education).”

While awaiting sentencing in the US, CZ had already set in motion Giggle Academy, a free basic education platform for young students. Notably, it will not feature any cryptocurrency-related content.

The former Binance CEO thanked those who supported him during this ordeal. He stated that the messages of support and backing kept him strong through this uncertain period of his life.

Despite the prison sentence, many in the crypto industry consider CZ a victim of the “war on crypto” by US authorities. His guilty plea to money laundering violations enabled Binance to avoid further enforcement actions.


However, in delivering the sentence, Judge Jones clarified that CZ is responsible for Binance’s compliance failings.

CZ Expresses Regret 

In handing down sentencing, Judge Jones stated that CZ had the “wherewithal, finance capabilities, and people power” to ensure Binance complied with money laundering regulations. However, the judge determined that CZ “failed at that opportunity.”

While prosecutors had pushed for a three-year prison term, Judge Jones opted to show a degree of leniency by handing down a four-month sentence instead. The relatively light punishment suggested the court recognized CZ’s conduct in trying to resolve the case as quickly as possible.

Addressing the court, CZ stated that the sentence represents “the first step of taking responsibility.” He admitted his failure to “implement an adequate anti-money laundering program” at Binance, stating, “I realize now the seriousness of that mistake.”

On the Flipside

  • The average prison sentence for money laundering is 70 months, according to the US Sentencing Commission.
  • Since the enforcement action, Binance‘s global market share has dropped to 55%.

Why This Matters

As much as the crypto industry paints a picture of decentralization and operating independently of legacy systems, CZ’s sentencing is evidence that authorities can pull anyone back into their jurisdiction if they choose.

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