Major Shake-up in SEC vs. Ripple Trial as Attorneys Withdraw from Case

Recent court filings reveal attorney withdrawals from SEC vs. Ripple trial, sparking speculation amid ongoing legal shifts.

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  • Legal shakeups witnessed in SEC vs. Ripple trial as attorneys have exited amid mounting uncertainties.
  • Speculations have arisen within the community as legal practitioners distance themselves.
  • The judge’s disapproval of the SEC’s conduct has raised questions about the individuals involved.

On August 24th, recent court documents unveiled the formal withdrawal requests of attorneys Richard Best and Robert MacDonald Moye from the ongoing SEC vs. Ripple trial. Best was granted Swift approval due to his extended medical leave, whereas Moye’s withdrawal decision still awaits Judge Analisa Torres’ ruling.

Are Lawyers Jumping Ship in Anticipation?

This legal development comes on the heels of another motion earlier this week, which led to attorney Pascale Guerrier’s removal from the case, a request promptly sanctioned by the judge.


Within the realm of cryptocurrency, voices on Twitter’s platform speculate that legal practitioners are distancing themselves in anticipation of the regulator, the SEC, experiencing defeat in the ongoing lawsuit. However, these notions lack definitive substantiation. It remains plausible that these lawyers have been reassigned or have voluntarily departed the SEC.

The dynamics of the legal team underwent alterations as Deaton shifted focus towards the Ripple case, coinciding with Tenreiro’s elevation and Attorney Bliss’s transition to BlockFi from the SEC. Notably, even though Tenreiro retained oversight over the case, he entrusted Guerrier with the responsibility of presenting oral arguments concerning the Hinman speech documents.

Deaton Accuses Tenreiro of Evading Accountability in Standoff

Deaton further hypothesized that Tenreiro potentially preempted criticism from Judge Netburn, evading accountability by delegating the task to Guerrier. During the court proceedings, Deaton, a present observer, noted Guerrier’s seeming unpreparedness and even instances of misrepresentation regarding the SEC’s standpoint on the Hinman documents.

In response, Judge Netburn expressed her disfavor towards the SEC’s conduct, implying that her critique extended to Guerrier and Tenreiro. Deaton contends that a true leader would have confronted the situation directly rather than adopting a deflective stance.

On the Flipside

  • The departure of the attorneys might be due to factors beyond mere anticipation of the case’s outcome. Personal reasons or shifts in their legal portfolios could affect their decisions.
  • Judge Netburn’s expression of disapproval towards the SEC’s conduct opens the door to a wider discussion about the regulatory body’s approach and tactics.

Why This Matters

The departure of attorneys Best and Moye and the removal of Guerrier marks a pivotal juncture in the SEC vs. Ripple trial. This shift within the legal team raises questions about the strategy and direction of the case, potentially influencing how regulatory bodies approach cryptocurrency-related matters in the future.


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