How Cardano’s New Project Catalyst Testnet Changes the Game

Project Catalyst is gearing up to take the next step in its evolution by launching its new testnet.

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  • Project Catalyst is launching a testnet that caters to its expanding user base.
  • The new testnet aims to catalyze development on Cardano. 
  • The accelerator program’s new testnet could shake up the Cardano landscape.  

Project Catalyst has emerged as the driving force behind grassroots innovation and growth in the Cardano ecosystem. The world’s largest decentralized grant fund has garnered proposals from some of the most exciting and innovative development projects on Cardano

With its popularity rising, Project Catalyst is gearing up to take the next step in its evolution, especially with Cardano’s final development update, Voltaire, on the horizon. The accelerator program is set to launch its testnet, aiming to catalyze development on Cardano. 

What Is Project Catalyst’s Testnet?

As Project Catalyst scales up, it faces new challenges and opportunities. One such challenge is catering to an expanding user base with tools and facilities that wouldn’t disrupt funding rounds or its performance. 


To address this issue, the Cardano innovation engine is actively working on launching a testnet, which would operate in parallel to the Production Catalyst deployment system and utilize Cardano’s Preprod testnet as its source for registration data. 

According to the development team, the Catalyst Testnet would use the latest code base and allow developers to experiment with ideas, mechanisms, and tools safely. The first iteration would run alongside the ongoing Fund10 funding round, allowing developers to test accelerated funding rounds, among other features, without interfering with the live funding process. 


The testnet expects to introduce numerous benefits to Project Catalyst, which could shake the Cardano landscape.

How Project Catalyst’s Testnet Catalyzes Development on Cardano

Project Catalyst’s testnet opens up exciting avenues for the Cardano community, enabling community members to better understand their system by allowing them to deploy live funds, tweak voting parameters, and experiment with voting mechanisms, among other things. 

The testnet holds immense promise for various stakeholders within the Cardano ecosystem, including developers, proposers, votes, and users. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Boosting live funding efficiency by allowing developers to fix issues and optimize processes and protocols swiftly. 
  • Facilitating faster funding rounds. 
  • Providing a safe space for testing new ideas and experiments that can be considered too risky or complex to run on the mainnet. 
  • Offering experienced voters and users a risk-free sandbox environment to explore and engage with the system. 
  • Encourage diverse and creative ideas on the testnet, fostering innovation and collaboration within the Cardano community.

All these benefits are set to increase development on Cardano and introduce battle-tested proposals and projects. The testnet is a milestone achievement for Project Catalyst and could forever evolve Cardano’s development landscape.

On the Flipside

  • Project Catalyst’s 10th Fund is the largest to date, with 50 million ADA or $16 million allocated to projects that address the challenges it has set. 
  • IOG recently raised alarms for requesting 2.14 million ADA or $700,000 to maintain fund operations and ensure Project Catalyst runs smoothly.

Why This Matters

Project Catalyst’s new testnet brings exciting opportunities for developers and users by allowing them to experiment with new features without compromising the fund’s performance, leading to better feedback, faster improvements, and optimized projects.

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