Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Lauds Network, Jabs Competitors

Charles Hoskinson intensifies rivalry between Cardano and Ethereum with a pointed jab at its network fees.

Cardano's Charles Hoskinson kicks a guy so hard he flies away.
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  • Charles Hoskinson looks to intensify the rivalry between Cardano and Ethereum.
  • The Cardano pundit took a jab at Ethereum while heralding Cardano’s blockchain architecture. 
  • Despite Hoskinson’s loud advocacy, Cardano has yet to catch up to Ethereum.

The crypto industry has witnessed exceptional growth in recent years. However, its rapid expansion has exposed several critical issues plaguing existing infrastructure, such as congestion and high network fees, driving users to look for viable alternatives. Interestingly, Cardano is emerging as a solid option, given its strong start to the year. 

Amidst growing frustrations with the limitations of current protocols, Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson seized the opportunity to celebrate his network’s impressive trajectory and take jabs at competitors.

Ethereum Can Never Match Cardano? 

Charles Hoskinson is often at the forefront of promoting Cardano’s prowess over its more established rivals like Ethereum, particularly when it comes to network fees, security, and smart contracts. These factors have become a significant point of contention between the two networks, with Ethereum often criticized for its high fees, especially during network congestion. 


Recently, the controversy-ridden founder drew attention to a tweet showcasing a transaction of 56 assets on the Cardano network, costing a mere $0.14. Hoskinson asserted that such affordability could never be matched by Ethereum, highlighting Cardano’s unique blockchain architecture as the driving force behind its low network fees. 

The crypto mogul underscored Cardano’s extended UTXO (EUTXO) model, native assets, and the Plutus smart contract language as major contributors to the network’s secure and cost-efficient transactions. 

While Hoskinson’s playful jabs at its competitors add to the drama and banter between the two platforms, it’s important to consider the broader context. 

Cardano Has A lot of Ground to Cover

It’s worth noting that while gaining momentum, Cardano still has a significant gap to bridge compared to Ethereum’s massive $223 billion market cap, contrasting with Cardano’s $10.5 billion. At press time, Ethereum’s $22 billion DeFi TVL dwarfed Cardano’s $190 million TVL


Still, Cardano continues to gain ground in other areas, such as being the fastest-growing DeFi network in terms of its native currency this year, growing by 300%. The platform is also recognized as one of the top developer communities and prides itself on its unparalleled six-year uptime

The PoS chain has many developments in the pipeline, including Mithril, Voltaire, and more. Despite its potential, its Hydra protocol also has yet to gain traction. However, once these developments take off, Cardano could gain an edge over Ethereum. 

On the Flipside

Why This Matters

As Cardano continues to expand and evolve, the competition between the two blockchain giants remains fierce, keeping the crypto community on edge, eagerly watching for further developments. 

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