Best Crypto Faucets: Can You Really Earn Free Cryptocurrency?

Are crypto faucets legit?

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Everyone loves free stuff, right? In a perfect world, the best crypto faucets help beginners take their first steps into the blockchain industry without needing to front up the initial capital to get started.

In theory, completing a few simple tasks is all you need to do to start stacking free satoshis and growing your Bitcoin wallet. What’s more, most faucet sites claim to offer different cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE). At first glance, earning free crypto has never been so easy.


Forgive me, but I’m not convinced. Seeing mysterious sites claiming to be the ‘highest paying bitcoin faucet’ while fake reviews spout referral programs is a red flag.

On the other hand, testnet faucets make sense. Blockchain developers need these tools every day, and there is no promise of free money. A testnet faucet is an indispensable part of the crypto world and makes it clear that your testnet coins are ‘worthless.’

Can I really earn digital assets by completing surveys, or are cryptocurrency faucets nothing more than lazy scams?

What Are Cryptocurrency Faucets?

A cryptocurrency faucet is a website or application with a crypto reward system. Users complete tasks like completing captchas, clicking links, and browsing offerwalls in exchange for small amounts of bitcoin.

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For crypto enthusiasts who don’t have the means of getting started in the market, faucet sites are meant to help you get your foot in the door. New users can sign up, connect their crypto wallet and earn a minimum amount of Bitcoin and their favorite altcoins for doing virtually nothing.


There are two main kinds of blockchain faucets, testnet faucets and cryptocurrency faucets

Testnet Faucets

Blockchain developers use testnet faucets to obtainvalueless test network coins while building dApps. This helps them find vulnerabilities in their smart contracts and gives them a sandbox environment to make mistakes before launching their platform on a blockchain mainnet.

Even if you’re not a developer, it’s still worth exploring a blockchain testnet. For example, emerging projects often reward community members with crypto tokens for helping them test networks and applications. 

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Community testers can be handsomely rewarded with incentives. During the Aptos blockchain testnet, users who ran a validator node and minted testnet NFTs could claim around 300 APT tokens when the mainnet launched in 2022.

Cryptocurrency received through a testnet faucet has zero value. They’re freely available to anyone and aren’t traded on crypto exchanges like Coinbase or Binance.

Bitcoin Faucets – Is Free Bitcoin (BTC) too Good to Be True?

Bitcoin faucets promise free cryptocurrency to anyone who completes tasks on their site. Some even host crypto casinos and metaverse products. In theory, any lucky user could hit the jackpot and win big just by filling out surveys and sharing their referral program on social media.

To attract a wider audience, these faucets claim to offer a broader range of cryptos than Bitcoin alone. Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and DASH coin are other popular rewards for faucet users. Crypto faucet payments are typically small, so some owners develop their own microwallet to use within the site.

Cryptocurrency Faucet Risks

In reality, most crypto faucet sites resemble lazy internet scams. They coax excited users with the gift of free crypto but make it impossible to claim prizes due to ‘withdrawal method’ issues. In some cases, users might actually need to pay a small sign-up fee to start using the faucet.

Negative crypto faucet reviews

Faucet owners create these sites because the thought of free money is an excellent source of internet traffic. Faucet owners like Bitcoinker can earn through advertising revenue on the site but stop users from claiming their funds by imposing withdrawal limits.

Many of these cryptocurrency faucet sites set high minimum withdrawals and won’t let you earn the qualifying amount of satoshis to claim your earnings.

Scam crypto faucet reviews.

Top Crypto Testnet Faucet List

Thankfully, crypto testnet faucets are legit. These genuine products enable blockchain developers to build useful and creative dApps and bring new utility to the Web3 world.

Here is a brief list of some of the best crypto faucets for testnet tokens.

1. QuickNode

Quicknode faucet site review

Coming in at the top of our list of testnet faucets is QuickNode. QuickNode is one of the most reputable RPC providers in the blockchain industry, with a wealth of information for users and developers.

What’s great about this faucet is that it’s mulitchain-compatible. Whether you’re testing on Ethereum, Solana, or BNB chain, you’ll be able to get as much testnet crypto as you need.

Additionally, you can request larger amounts of crypto by sharing a short post on social media. During busy periods, testnet faucets run out of tokens, so it’s good to have some in supply.


  • Multichain faucet 
  • No KYC or sign up required
  • Option to share tweets on social media for extra tokens


  • Can only be used once every 12 hours

2. Moralis

Moralis faucet site screenshot

Next up is Moralis. Founded by Ivan on Tech, a popular cryptocurrency influencer, Moralis is a comprehensive resource site for developers. Naturally, they have one of the best crypto faucets lists for testnet tokens.

The Moralis faucet list links you directly to an official faucet source for each blockchain mentioned. Like QuickNode, these faucets don‘t ask for personal information or sign up procedures. Simply paste in your wallet address and receive your testnet tokens.


  • Clean, simple UI
  • Links directly to official blockchain faucets
  • No KYC or registration needed


  • Aggregated list – Moralis doesn’t operate any faucets themselves

3. Alchemy Faucet

Alchemy crypto faucet screenshot

Alchemy Insights is one of the largest blockchain development platforms in the Web3 world. Some of the most well-known companies in crypto, like OpenSea, have built their apps and infrastructure using Alchemy products.

It comes as no surprise that Alchemy offers reliable Ethereum and Polygon faucets. Unfortunately, they are yet to add support for other networks like Solana and Cardano and generally ask that you create an account before using the faucet.


  • Fast and reliable faucets for Ethereum and Polygon testnets
  • One of the most reputable development platforms in blockchain


  • Free Alchemy account required
  • Doesn’t support a wide variety of networks 

Best Bitcoin Faucets

While the underworld of mainnet crypto faucets is plagued with scams, there are still a rare few faucet sites that appear to have honest intentions. This list highlights Bitcoin faucets with a history of reliable payouts and responsive teams.

1. Cointiply

Best crypto faucet Cointiply site

According to their site, Cointiply is trusted by over three million users and has sent over $12 million in crypto payouts. Cointiply has provided members over 82 million earning opportunities and has a detailed customer support section.

Their online reviews are largely positive and look genuine. What’s more, they actively respond to negative reviews and customer comments and requests professionally. If you want to start earning through a crypto faucet, Cointiply might be a good place to start.


  • Genuine reviews and responsive customer support
  • Over three million users
  • Mobile app for earning on the go


  • Minimum withdrawal limit

2. FireFaucet

Firefaucet site screenshot

Firefaucet is a popular crypto faucet that promises some of the highest rates in the space. Their site says over one million users have earned free Bitcoin using Firefaucet.

The platform supports 13 cryptocurrencies and features a referral program for boosted rewards. According to their reviews, earning rates are relatively low, and payouts can take a long time to be received.


  • Over one million users
  • Supports 13 different cryptos
  • Referral program


  • Lower earning rates than other platforms
  • Slow payout processing

3. FaucetPay

Faucetpay site screenshot

Rounding out our list of the best crypto faucets is FaucetPay. While this platform doesn’t boast millions of users, its positive customer reviews come from accounts with a genuine review history. This suggests that FaucetPay has helped some people earn free crypto.

FaucetPay also hosts a few casino-style games, supports multiple cryptos, and comes complete with its own microwallet. 


  • Native microwallet for use within the site
  • Creative methods to earn crypto, like games
  • Referral program and multi-crypto support


  • Higher fees than other platforms

On The Flipside

  • Crypto faucets that promise free Bitcoin in exchange for clicking links and completing surveys are not only unreliable but ineffective methods of earning cryptocurrency.
  • Recent airdrops like Aptos and Arbitrum dished out thousands of dollars worth of crypto to users who contributed positively to the ecosystem. Not only do these airdrops provide greater rewards, but you also get to learn more about blockchain technology and emerging crypto projects in the process.

Why You Should Care

Crypto faucets for testnet tokens are a great way to use and learn about blockchain dApps without risking or spending any cryptocurrency.

On the other hand, mainnet crypto faucets are generally scams that prey on people trying to get free Bitcoin. It’s recommended to always do your due diligence before signing up or depositing funds into a crypto faucet service.


What is the safest crypto faucet?

Generally speaking, testnet crypto faucets are the safest. Test network tokens are designed to have no value, so no risk is associated with using a testnet faucet.

Are crypto faucets profitable?

In theory, crypto faucets are profitable because they allow you to earn Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for free. However, due to common withdrawal issues and limits, you won’t always be able to claim your funds.

What is the highest-paying crypto faucet?

Cointiply claims to have paid out over $12 million in cryptocurrency to its users, making it the highest-paying crypto faucet.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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