Stocks May Go 24/7 as NYSE Eyes Crypto-Like Trading

The NYSE eyes 24/7 stock trading akin to crypto, sparking discussions around the pros and cons of always-open equities markets.

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  • The NYSE considers 24/7 stock trading.
  • Market participants are surveyed on their views.
  • The move is considered a response to matching crypto.

As the world’s preeminent stock exchange with $25.56 trillion in listed company market capitalization, the New York Stock Exchange’s (NYSE) influence carries considerable weight across global markets. So when the NYSE is considering 24/7 and weekend stock trading to match crypto, the potential ramifications may reach far and wide. 

Stocks to Match Crypto in 24/7 Trading?

The NYSE has surveyed market participants on their views of 24/7 trading in a bid to gauge opinions and the practicalities of such a move. According to the Financial Times (FT), the survey asked questions that included whether round-the-clock trading sessions should encompass weekends or just weekdays, how to safeguard investors from excessive overnight price swings, and staffing cover during overnight sessions.   


The FT reported that interest in 24/7 stock trading was in part driven by the around-the-clock trading of the cryptocurrency markets, suggesting that the NYSE management likely views the current schedule as out-of-date compared to digital asset markets.

While the market participants’ responses are not yet known, the move may be necessary for the NYSE to remain competitive with crypto markets that never sleep.   

Mixed Reaction

The NYSE’s exploration of 24/7 trading has sparked a polarized reaction from market watchers. X account ‘The Kobeissi Letter’ stated that while many brokerages already offer after-hours trading, liquidity remains scarce outside regular sessions. “If the NYSE were to offer this directly, it would solve the liquidity problem,” the Kobeissi Letter posited. 

However, questions remain on whether investors want uninterrupted stock trading. Comments on a TrendSpider tweet, asking “Yay or nay?” to the idea, showed a mixed response. Some welcomed 24/7 trading as an opportunity for those with conventional 9-to-5 jobs to more actively participate in the stock market, while others argued that the weekend offers a welcome break to stock trading and investing.

On the Flipside

  • 24/7 Monday to Friday trading is unofficially available via forex markets as the trading sessions move from Asia, London, and North America.
  • Retail investors have grown accustomed to 24/7 365 trading access with crypto markets.

Why This Matters

The prospect of around-the-clock stock trading represents a paradigm shift that could upend long-established market norms. If approved, it would unshackle equities from the constraints of a centuries-old tradition, highlighting another instance of how crypto is impacting legacy markets.


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