Why Bitcoin’s 14% Drop Is Not a Cause for Concern

Bitcoin fundamentals appear bullish, with strong holding trends and upcoming scarcity, yet its price is falling, here’s why.

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  • Bitcoin has exhibited bullish on-chain metrics showing an increasing “hodling” mentality.
  • Analysts have predicted that the price of Bitcoin will rise due to factors like scarcity after halving.
  • A theory suggests that the current price dip is a “Final Pre-Halving Retrace” before a potential rise.

The cryptocurrency market is facing a curious situation. Bitcoin, the leading digital asset, boasts strong fundamentals that suggest continued growth. However, its price has recently taken a tumble, leaving many investors scratching their heads.

Bitcoin “Hodling” on the Rise

On the bullish side, data from CryptoQuant reveals a significant drop in the supply of Bitcoin on exchanges. Over the past four years, this nearly 40% decrease indicates a “hodling” mentality among investors, with less Bitcoin readily available for sale. 

Additionally, demand seems to be outpacing supply, a trend expected to continue after the upcoming Bitcoin halving, an event that will cut the number of new Bitcoins generated in half. According to analysts like MacronautBTC, this scarcity could propel Bitcoin’s price as high as $237,000.


Despite these positive indicators, Bitcoin’s price has been on a downward trajectory, and there are three possible reasons for this trend. Firstly, overleveraged positions in the derivatives market might be to blame. As traders anticipate further price hikes, they might deploy more capital than is prudent, leading to a potential bubble.

Secondly, the fate of Ethereum (ETH), another major cryptocurrency, could be dragging Bitcoin down. Waning hopes for a spot-based Ethereum ETF approval by the SEC might be dampening investor sentiment across the market.

Thirdly, negative inflows into Bitcoin ETFs suggest a cooling interest from investors. Recent data from BitMEX Research shows a net outflow of $326 million from these funds, indicating that some investors are taking profits rather than holding onto Bitcoin in anticipation of future growth.

Bitcoin’s “Final Pre-Halving Retrace”?

Adding to this mix is the theory by Rekt Capital, a crypto analyst, who suggests Bitcoin is currently undergoing a “Final Pre-Halving Retrace.” This implies that significant price corrections are natural before the halving event scheduled for April.


As of this writing, Bitcoin is trading at around $63,300, reflecting a slight increase over the last 24 hours. While the recent declining trend might raise concerns, the underlying strength of Bitcoin’s ecosystem suggests a potential for long-term growth, even if the path ahead includes some volatility.

On the Flipside

  • Broader economic trends like inflation or interest rate hikes could impact investor risk appetite and cryptocurrency prices.
  • Bitcoin’s price surged significantly in the past year. The recent drop could be a correction after a substantial gain, with investors cashing in on their profits.

Why This Matters

Understanding Bitcoin’s price movement despite strong fundamentals exposes factors beyond Bitcoin itself, highlighting the complex interplay between investor behavior, market sentiment across cryptocurrencies, and regulatory decisions that can impact the entire crypto market’s trajectory.

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