Top Solana Influencers to Follow in 2024: Who Made the Cut?

Which Solana influencers should you be following?

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Solana influencers are the voice of 2024’s most exciting layer one network. The Solana blockchain has been on a tear in 2024, with both SOL price and network activity exploding as the crypto market rallies.

But as we know, not all that glitters is gold. Solana influencers may have their thumb on the pulse of the network, but that doesn’t mean they’re always right. Like on any cryptocurrency network, Solana influencers also have vested interests that might influence their opinion or lead to a certain bias.


Who are some of the biggest social media characters in the Solana ecosystem, and how can they help beginners navigate the industry’s leading Ethereum-killer?

What Is a Solana Influencer?

Don’t be fooled by the shady connotations of exit scams and overpriced NFT cash grabs that mainstream celebrity influencers have been known to pull. Not all influencers are here to siphon your funds.

A Solana influencer, or KOL (Key-Opinion Leader), is anyone whose voice and opinion carry weight and influence within the Solana ecosystem. They could be anyone from blockchain builders and Solana NFT project founders to news outlets, content creators, or meme coin traders.

Despite their slight differences, they generally all share a similar objective: To see Solana thrive and become the best blockchain it can be.

Why Should You Follow Solana Influencers?

Wrapping your head around the Web3 world isn’t easy, especially when stepping away from Bitcoin (BTC) and exploring innovative altcoins like Solana or Cardano.


Following the right Solana influencers will help you stay informed and up-to-date on the latest updates in the Solana ecosystem instead of getting caught buying the top of some overhyped meme coin.

Here are some of the benefits of following Solana influencers:

  • Reliable information – The top Solana influencers have maintained an unshakeable reputation and have proven trustworthy over time.
  • Educational content – The best Solana influencers are some of the brightest minds on the network, able to democratize complex topics and break them down into digestible bites of information.
  • Thoughtful insights – Instead of blindly promoting coins and airdrops, the best Solana influencers can draw on their expertise and provide profound insights on blockchain technology.
  • Market analysis – Solana influencers are always keeping an eye on the market and can read market events with clarity and confidence.

Best Solana Influencers

Without further ado, let’s see who made the cut! Which Solana influencers should you follow in 2024?

1. Anatoly Yakovenko

Solana influencer Anatoly Yakovenko.
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Unsurprisingly, our top Solana influencer is none other than the network’s legendary co-founder himself, Anatoly Yakovenko. Toly may not be a classic social media influencer, but his opinions and posts carry enormous gravity as the face of the Solana network.

A true ecosystem champion, Yakovenko is always quick to support creative new projects building on Solana. He regularly shares posts highlighting new DeFi protocols on the network and always updates his X profile with his favorite Solana NFTs.

Why Follow Anatoly Yakovenko?

  • Thoughtful insights – Yakovenko always offers a profound analysis of what’s happening in Solana.
  • Reliable information – As Solana’s co-founder and a former Solana Foundation council member, you can rest assured that Yakovenko’s posts are accurate and insightful.

2. SolBigBrain

SolBigBrain Twitter profile.
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Despite presenting himself as a pixellated monkey, SolBigBrain is one of the most respected members of the Solana community. SolBigBrain is best known as the lead player at Big Brain Holdings, a venture capital fund.

SolBigBrain provides objective, balanced views on the market’s state. He also loves to use his considerable platform to promote Solana’s builders and creators.

Through Big Brain Holdings, SolBigBrain and his team have given dozens of Solana-based resources to build innovative products and services that help expand the Solana ecosystem.

Why Follow SolBigBrain?

  • Objective analysis – SolBigBrain offers balanced, practical insights into market dynamics.
  • Learn about Solana – Following SolBigBrain will expose you to emerging products you might not have otherwise known.

3. Mert

Solana influencer Mert Helius.
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Founder and CEO of Helius, one of Solana’s leading infrastructure providers, Mert is a polarizing figure on social media. As a blockchain engineer, Mert is as sharp as they come and loves debating with Solana detractors and debunking their slander with hard evidence and data.

A former Coinbase team member, Mert has been around the blockchain space for a while. His takes and opinions are thought-provoking, but he also helps break down some of blockchain’s technical aspects into understandable explanations and tutorials.

Why Follow Mert?

  • Increase your Solana knowledge – Mert’s ability to break down complicated blockchain data and concepts into simple content is a lifesaver for newcomers learning about Solana.
  • Metric-backed analysis As a blockchain infrastructure provider, Mert’s posts offer plenty of data-driven insights to help you better understand the forces on the Solana blockchain.

4. Armani Ferrante

Armani Ferrant x profile.
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Armani Ferrante is much more than just another NFT project founder. As the CEO of BackPack and the MadLads NFT collection, Ferrante has contributed plenty to the Solana developer community, including the Anchor framework and xNFT token standard.

The tech maestro may not be super active on social media, but people tend to listen when he speaks. BackPack raised over $17M in investor funding, meaning that Armani and the team still have plenty of resources to continue expanding their product suite on the Solana blockchain.

Why Follow Armani?

  • Key announcements – Ferrante is always working on building inventive new tools for the Solana ecosystem, so following him will help you stay current on exciting future developments.
  • Keen observations – Armani often appears in X spaces, offering his thoughts and insights into events and dynamics unfolding in the Solana world.

5. Degen News

Solana Degen News influencer.
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To round out our list, we’re moving away from individual figures. Degen News is a popular crypto news account that focuses primarily on sharing breaking news from the Solana ecosystem.

Degen News is never far from the action, covering everything from social media drama and token listing announcements to shocking on-chain exploits.

Why Follow Degen News?

  • Timely updates – Degen News is reporting from the trenches of the Solana ecosystem, giving you time-sensitive information without the fluff.

Solana Influencer Pros and Cons

Like on every chain, Solana influencers have angels and devils sitting on either shoulder. What are the perks and drawbacks of following Solana influencers?


  • Quality insights – As a rule of thumb, these influencers are experts in their field and provide thoughtful takes supported by years of experience.
  • Educational content – Solana influencers can break down convoluted topics into digestible explanations.
  • Timely announcements – These influencers live and breathe Solana, and they’ve always got their ears to the ground. Whether it’s an official announcement from their projects or general market news, Solana influencers are some of the first to share the message.


  • Vested interests – In most cases, all Solana influencers and thought leaders are heavily invested in SOL. This naturally gives them a bias towards the network’s capacity and growth potential.

On the Flipside

  • Solana influencers are no different than influencers on any other chain. Across all networks in the blockchain industry, influencers largely provide the same services and play the same roles.

Why This Matters

Following the right influencers could be the difference between learning constructive information about the Solana blockchain or sending your digital assets to an anonymous address in a shady presale. Choose wisely.


Will Solana hit $1,000 USD?

If SOL were to hit $1,000, it would have a market cap of over $400B, giving it a similar capitalization to Ethereum. While not impossible, it would require huge amounts of buying pressure for Solana to reach $1000.

Which Solana influencers should I follow?

As a general rule of thumb, official protocol founders are reliable and trustworthy accounts to follow.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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