Top 10 Learn-to-Earn Programs for Crypto Enthusiasts

Blockchain technology has brought several new and unique ways to commercialize specific user behavior in the decentralized ecosystem. Indeed, to reference another of our reporters – Paulina Okunytė, the DeFi system encourages specific user behavior by providing economic incentives exactly for such behavior.

Through Paulina’s mathematical style explanation: systems designed around human behavior that has potential for commercialization is called “x-to-earn”, where “x” represents the user’s input in the digital community. In this context, factor x is represented by learning, giving us “Learn-to-Earn” initiatives.

So far, the blockchain has been the stage upon which several crypto projects have framed learning or education services through the lense of a commodity that can be commercialized by anyone who has an interest, or passion for learning new things. For most projects, however, the overall goal is to contribute toward the mainstream adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies alike.

By facilitating Learn-to-Earn programs, such crypto projects not only encourage adoption, but also sensitize and equip new adopters with the knowledge necessary to navigate the rapidly emerging industry. 

On that note, we have carefully curated a list of the top 10 Learn-to-Earn programs to choose from as either a newbie or a curious learner. So, let’s get straight into it!

10. Publish0x

As the name clearly implies, this particular project is not a dedicated learning platform in a direct sense. Rather, it allows users to earn crypto by publishing, reading, or watching crypto-related content through the platform. Essentially, by reading and watching crypto-related content, which technically translates to learning, users can earn crypto.

The website is designed to feature various categories under which users can post related content. The usual suspects of general news and PR feature heavily, but there are also other categories outlined in relation to specific crypto projects. This being the case, users can decide to publish or read content on an array of specific topics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Link, Statera, Fantom, and many more. 

There is also an option for users to explore the site based on personal interests. Curious browsers can search for content related directly to Music, digital art, photography, poetry, fiction, comics, creative writing, crypto and blockchain news, market analysis & trading, airdrops and so much more.

9.  BitDegree

BitDegree is particularly unique when compared to the majority of its peers. Unlike most platforms, on which learners work their way through modular courses, BitDegree takes crypto education a step further, and even has plans to launch the ‘Learnoverse‘ – a crypto learning metaverse that is widely considered to be the first of its kind. 

Generally speaking, BitDegree is on a mission to become the number 1 crypto educator in the realms of Web 3.0, and as such, provides its community with advanced crypto learning tools, including the highly anticipated Learnoverse

Simply put, participants are enabled to learn about exciting crypto projects by watching a series of fun and informative video content bites known as ‘Learndrops.’ Thereafter, they will be required to demonstrate what they have learned by completing a quick assessment that puts their knowledge to the test, before being rewarded with cryptocurrency based on their performance.

As a proprietary initiative, successful learners are also awarded NFT certificates, which they can take advantage of through the network’s Learn-to-Earn tokenomic system to commercialize their learning skills. You can learn more about the project via the link below.

BitDegree Is Launching the First Metaverse That Will Pay Users to Learn

8. EarnCrypto

Arguably one of the fastest-growing Learn-to-Earn programs in the crypto space, EarnCrypto offers its users various ways to earn cryptocurrency for free, one of which, of course, is learning. Interested users can educate themselves about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through the platform’s helpful guides, the majority of which come in written and video formats. 

Users typically watch entertaining videos, take surveys, and complete various tasks, which sometimes include downloading and testing crypto applications. Each of the aforementioned options qualifies participants to earn in any of the platform’s over offered 50 cryptocurrencies as incentives.

Notably, EarnCrypto currently boasts one of the highest payout ratios, claiming, on its website, to have made over 57K payouts to community members.

7. Phemex

Aside from being a crypto trading and investment platform, Phemex also offers various opportunities for users to earn crypto, some of which include crypto savings, staking, and earnings diversification. However, while most of these opportunities require upfront capital, there is one that needs no prerequisite capital.

Of particular note is the fact that Phemex’s Learn-to-Earn program enables users to earn on the platform simply by watching informative videos that teach traders about basic crypto concepts, as well as the exchange’s features. Additionally, participants are required to complete different quizzes, each of which, when passed, grant rewards in the form of either crypto or trading bonuses.

6. KuCoin

Another crypto exchange to offer various earning programs, one of which includes Learn-to-Earn, is KuCoin. Unlike the majority of its peers, KuCoin’s website has a dedicated section known as the “Reward Hub” where interested participants can participate in any of the available tasks, including Learn-to-Earn modules, to earn USDT.

Currently, participants can choose to engage in any of the available 16 course modules. The program allows users to complete learning tasks by reading or watching guides on the basics of cryptocurrencies, trading skills, or more specific trading nuances. Once complete, participants are rewarded with free USDT tokens or coupon rewards that can be utilized across the network’s range of trading instruments.

5. Cake DeFi

Lending protocol Cake DeFi offers a dedicated Learn-to-Earn crypto program in equal part to its major products, including liquidity mining, staking, borrowing, and lending. Users can visit the dedicated learning platform and engage in any of its three main courses. It should be noted that, at press time, one of these lessons is temporarily unavailable.

Nevertheless, the remaining two seminars are focused around the basic concepts of DeFiChain’s native token, and Bitcoin, both of which are traded on the network. The third lesson is intended to focus on Ethereum as a programmable blockchain with smart contract functionality—however, the regimen has yet to be added for reasons unknown. 

As a taste of the platform’s offerings, since March 29th, 2022, users who sign up are eligible for up to $20 in crypto rewards. These rewards, however, must first undergo a 1-month conditional freezing period before they can be applied to any of the products offered on CakeDeFi where applicable.

4. Coinbase Earn

Yet another crypto trading marketplace to make the list, Coinbase is a service that provides an option for individuals to learn about crypto and earn crypto while they do it. Like the majority of its competitors, ‘Coinbase Earn‘ has a vast catalog of educational tutorials, the majority of which are videos. 

Here, individuals can pick any of the available cryptocurrency-related topics to learn about, after which they will be required to put their newly-found knowledge to the test by completing a number of quizzes. If they are successful in demonstrating their understanding, participants are rewarded with cryptocurrencies that vary depending on the course chosen.

For instance, there is one particular course dedicated to a project known as ‘The Graph’, a protocol for indexing and querying blockchain data. By learning how the protocol works via the Coinbase Learn and Earn program, participants are rewarded with the project’s native currency – $GRT.

3. CoinMarketCap Earn

CoinMarketCap is a very well-known crypto website, however, unlike the trading platforms listed above, CoinMarketCap is a price-tracking website for crypto assets. Although the site’s mission is to make crypto more accessible and efficient around the world by providing unbiased, high-quality, and reliable information to retail consumers, CoinMarketCap has also made room for learning.

Not only can users take lessons about various crypto assets (on both top and emerging projects), and their systems, testing their knowledge in the process, but they also earn crypto by doing it.

What really sets CoinMarketCap Earn apart as a unique program, is that it has partnered with trusted and developing projects to incentivize early adopters, particularly those who are interested in learning more about the project. The partnerships provide such platforms with the opportunity to offer users an easy means of learning about their crypto project and its incentives, which usually come in their native assets.

2. Earnathon

Unlike the majority of the projects on this list, Earnathon is a dedicated learning website offering a wide range of courses focused on crypto-related projects. Here, users can explore and learn about the fast-growing blockchain and cryptocurrency industry at large, how crypto works, and much more.

Essentially, the platform has two main offerings; the first is learn and earn, although not every course offers direct incentives for completing them other than the pursuit of relevant knowledge; while the second, on the other hand, is more geared towards businesses and projects looking to promote their brands, providing them with vital exposure by allowing millions of people to learn about what they do, and perhaps, by incentivizing them with their native asset.

So far, at least seven projects are registered on the platform, offering their native tokens as rewards to entice users into deciding to take their courses, learn more about them, and maybe even become adopters. Prominent names here include Puppy Planet, X Plus, and Xend Finance.

1. Binance Earn (Binance Academy)

As a sub-section of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange, ‘Binance Earn‘ is a dedicated hub where individuals can see their earning possibilities made real. One of the many options here, and one that needs no prerequisite funding, is its Learn-to-Earn program.

By using ‘Binance Academy, interested participants can build on their blockchain knowledge, take quizzes, and earn different crypto assets for free, with a wide range of different crypto rewards available for each course, covering fundamental knowledge of different crypto projects.

While that’s the end of our top 10, please don’t hesitate to mention any other Learn-to-Earn programs that we may have left out in the comment section below.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs poses a considerable risk of loss

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