SBINFT Celebrates New Partnership With NFT Giveaway

Popular manga publisher Futabasha is partnering with SBINFT to create a new one-of-a-kind experience in Web3.

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  • SBINFT and Futabasha are teaming up to launch a unique experience. 
  • The campaign will center around one of Futabasha’s most celebrated works. 
  • SBINFT and Futabasha look to showcase a new era of market campaigns with the help of web3. 

NFTs are emerging as the go-to asset for mainstream companies venturing into the Web3 ecosystem, aiming to create memorable fan experiences. Futabasha, a popular comic publisher famed for the beloved adventures of Shin-chan, is the latest to join the fray, teaming up with SBINFT, a leading Web3 platform in Japan, to usher in a new era of marketing campaigns. 

SBINFT and Futabasha’s Exciting Partnership

SBINFT has partnered with popular comic publisher Futabasha to launch an exciting campaign featuring its famed horse racing manga, “Umanari 1 Furlong Theater.” The campaign, running from April 27 to May 12, offers participants a chance to win exclusive NFTs centered around one of Futabasha’s most well-known works. 


The campaign looks to highlight how mainstream media companies like Futabasha can leverage blockchain technology and the web3 ecosystem to engage fans and create unique experiences. It also showcases SBINFT’s new marketing platform, SBINFT Mits.

“We are very pleased that our "SBINFT Mits" has enabled Futabasha to create co-creation marketing with fans using NFT. We believe that this initiative will be a very rare example in the world by delivering actual products to fans without obtaining their personal information using our marketing platform SBINFT Mits.”
“We are convinced that this case will pave the way for a new era of digital marketing using NFT, and at the same time, it is an important step in our mission to spread NFT throughout society,” Ko continued.

Participating in the SBINIFT Futabasha Campaign 

According to SBINFT, Futabasha is leveraging the Mits platform to oversee the entire campaign, from website creation to lottery management. To participate, users have to register an account on SBINFT Mits, apply via the campaign URL, and share their thoughts on Umanari 1 Furlong Theater on X. 

Here’s a quick breakdown of what participants can win: 

  • Every user participating will receive a commemorative limited edition NFT. 
  • 200 users will receive a bonus prize: a signed book by author Miho Yoshida. 
  • Only one lucky winner will get a newly drawn colored paper from the comic.

Winners will be chosen through a secure lottery within “SBINFT Mits,” ensuring privacy without requiring participants’ personal information. 

On the Flipside

  • More and more companies are leveraging the metaverse and NFTs to create unique fan experiences. This includes Forbes, Playboy, Gucci, and other major fashion brands. 
  • The Sandbox is often the preferred platform for creating one-of-a-kind fan experiences. However, more options have emerged recently.

Why This Matters

As we transition into an increasingly digital world, traditional companies face challenges in effectively connecting with their fans. SBINFT’s campaign offers a peek into the future of fan engagement, showcasing how companies like Futabasha can harness blockchain technology to craft immersive experiences.


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