Metaplanet Makes BTC Play to Seize Japan’s Digital Market

Metaplanet to lead Japan’s corporate digital finance revolution by adopting a Bitcoin treasury strategy.

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  • Japan firm Metaplanet announced it was adopting a Bitcoin treasury strategy.
  • Metaplanet stated that the move aligns with its vision of the digital future.
  • Several firms have also recently announced a BTC treasury strategy.

The seismic shift towards digital assets has upended the traditional financial world as more companies seek alternative investment vehicles that are apolitical and free from centralized control. Leading the charge is Bitcoin (BTC), which has found favor with MicroStrategy, Tesla, and PayPal, which have embraced the leading cryptocurrency as a hedge against legacy instability.


In continuation of this trend, Japanese firm Metaplanet has announced embracing Bitcoin as a treasury asset to lead the Japanese corporate world toward digital asset adoption.

Bitcoin For a Digital Future

In an unconventional shift in the Japanese corporate landscape, Metaplanet and strategic partner Sora Ventures have announced the adoption of a Bitcoin treasury strategy. The company will commit an initial ¥1 billion ($7.5 million) to the scheme, equating to around 107 BTC at the time of writing.

Metaplanet’s bold move marks a significant milestone in the company’s bid to lead the “digital finance era” in Japan while pioneering the switch towards a “finance meets innovation” future in the country. The company operates across various sectors, including Web3 consulting, real estate development, and investment management, and is listed on the Toyko Stock Exchange.

Following the announcement, Metaplanet’s stock price jumped 105% from ¥19 (S0.13) to a local high of ¥39 ($0.26,) reflecting growing investor enthusiasm. However, Metaplanet is a relatively small company, holding a market cap of just ¥4.13 billion ($27.2 million).

Despite Metaplanet’s relatively modest size, the Japanese firm is not alone in adopting a Bitcoin strategy. Several smaller companies have also revealed similar initiatives in recent weeks. 

Mixed Responses

In recent weeks, several modestly sized companies have announced that they are adopting a Bitcoin strategy, with mixed results and responses. In late March, Nilam Resources revealed its plan to buy 24,800 BTC, eliciting a skeptical response from the community due to the scale of the buy and the lack of funding details.


It later turned out that the announcement was a pump-and-dump initiative to increase the company’s stock price. Nilam CEO Ron McIntyre claimed he did not know about the announcement until after it was released. McIntyre subsequently resigned, stating that the incident would undoubtedly trigger an investigation by authorities.  

On April 3, the ranching firm Kansas Cattle Company (KCC) announced the adoption of a Bitcoin treasury strategy to combat rising costs and preserve its capital reserves, prompting a positive response from the community.

The following day, KCC stated that the announcement was a “social experiment” designed to attract new customers who shared the company’s frustrations with the legacy system. 

While KCC refrained from revealing its BTC holdings, it clarified that the results of the social experiment resolved any lingering doubts it had about leaning on the BTC community and the principles it bestows in its fight against “the big 4” farming conglomerates, who prioritize quantity and profit above all else. 

On the Flipside

  • Bitcoin is among the less popular coins traded on Japanese CEXs.
  • Japan is considered crypto-friendly due to its receptive and proactive regulatory stance, which resulted from the Mt. Gox scandal, which left authorities keen to prevent a repeat.
  • It is becoming increasingly apparent that alignment with Bitcoin is exploitable by corporate interests, who may not necessarily subscribe to what the project represents.

Why This Matters

Metaplanet’s bold Bitcoin treasury move represents a pivotal moment for adopting digital assets in Japan. This shift may inspire other Japanese firms to follow suit. However, BTC advocates should be cognizant of entities looking to exploit the BTC brand.

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