The Sandbox’s Instagram Account Is Compromised– How to Stay Safe

Hackers locked out the Sandbox from their official Instagram account and promoted a fake airdrop.

A kid holding his phone featuring The Sandbox Instagram scam hack.
  • The Sandbox’s Instagram account was hacked. 
  • Hackers used the account to promote a scam. 
  • Learn how to protect yourself from potential bad actors. 

Despite being one of the leading metaverse platforms, companies like The Sandbox are still not immune to malicious actors. The digital playground has once again come into the predatory sights of hackers as its Instagram account was compromised, raising concerns about its security. 

Recurring Actors

On Tuesday, April 11, hackers locked out The Sandbox from their official Instagram account, promoting a scam. While using incorrect grammar, the malicious actors redirected users to a “second” SAND airdrop, inviting users to register for an allowlist. 


The phishing website featured a similar design to the Sandbox’s official website on a static page, prompting users to connect their wallets. Every button on the page redirected users to the website, except the “register now” button. 

At press time, The Sandbox regained access to their account and warned users on their Twitter account not to click any links. The metaverse company shared that it is investigating the breach and will update its users shortly. 

How to Stay Safe

The cryptocurrency sector is swarming with hackers and scammers looking for their next victim. Performing due diligence and protecting yourself from malicious attempts is highly advised. 

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time a major company has been hacked. Compromises like these frequently occur.


 Here are some tips on how to stay safe: 

  • Keep your wallet seed phrase private from everyone on the internet. 
  • Always do your own research and refrain from FOMO-ing into projects and scams. 
  • Double-check links and websites. Look for links that are hypertext, check slugs, and inspect buttons. 
  • Check other social media channels to ensure the news is real. 
  • Verify and scan all addresses, such as contract, sender, and others, before doing anything permanent. 
  • Ask for help from officials, and prioritize your safety and security. 

On the Flipside

  • The Sandbox recently partnered with leading security solution provider Ledger Enterprises to level up its security. 
  • Hackers targeted The Sandbox via an employee’s email and promoted a similar scam in March 2023. 

Why You Should Care

The rising adoption of the cryptocurrency sector will also lead to an increase in hackers and scammers looking for their next victim. This is why protecting yourself and taking the necessary steps to keep your assets and accounts safe is crucial. The Sandbox hack should serve as a lesson and warning for users to stay safe. 

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