Ripple Labs CLO Calls for Probe into Ex-SEC Official’s Crypto Actions

Intriguingly, Ripple’s legal officer calls for a thorough inquiry into ex-SEC official Hinman’s alleged conflicts and biases.

Ripple Labs CLO Stuart Alderoty in combat gear ready to hunt the enemy.
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  • Ripple’s Chief Legal Officer has called for a thorough investigation into regulatory decisions.
  • Complexity has been added to the ongoing debate by recent revelations of overlooked warnings.
  • The call for accountability has been intensified on the intricate ties between key figures.

Former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) official Bill Hinman is under intensified scrutiny amid mounting concerns regarding possible conflicts of interest and bias within the cryptocurrency sphere, specifically concerning his now-infamous speech. 

Alderoty Urges Investigation into Potential Missteps by Hinman

In a compelling response to these apprehensions, Ripple Labs’ Chief Legal Officer, Stuart Alderoty, advocates for a comprehensive inquiry into the actions and decisions made by Hinman during his tenure as the Director of the SEC Division of Corporation Finance.

Alderoty firmly asserts that a meticulous and exhaustive investigation is imperative to dispel the lingering uncertainties or establish accountability for any potential missteps. 


His resolute stance emerges in the aftermath of a recent commentary by John Reed Stark, a fellow former SEC official, who publicly acknowledges the existence of reports hinting at Hinman’s potential involvement in unscrupulous or illicit conduct. Stark articulates:

“The FBI should investigate the so-called Hinman emails and, if the evidence shows unlawful conduct, DOJ should prosecute.”

Did Hinman Receive Compensation for His Ether Speech?

The heart of the controversy revolves around Hinman’s address in 2018, a speech that has taken on a pivotal role in the SEC’s legal battle with Ripple. Emerging insights raise the unsettling prospect that Hinman might have received compensation for designating ETH as a non-security in what is now known as his ‘Ether speech.’

The situation has since escalated, with both Ripple and Alderoty offering a glimpse into the communications and preliminary drafts associated with Hinman’s address. These disclosures spotlight a disconcerting detail: Hinman, it seems, may have disregarded cautionary advisories and sidestepped potential conflicts of interest.

Watchdog Entity Exposes Intricate Between Hinman and Ethereum

Amid this escalating turmoil, a vigilant watchdog known as Empower Oversight unveiled a trove of documents obtained through a judiciously wielded Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. 


This assemblage of documents has cast an illuminating beam upon the intricate interconnections between Hinman and the co-founders of Ethereum, namely Joseph Lubin and Vitalik Buterin.

Alderoty’s call for accountability resonates with the sentiments coursing through the industry, mirroring the stance of John Deaton, a prominent lawyer supportive of the XRP cause. Deaton has been vocal for over a year in raising the alarm about Hinman’s possible conflicts of interest.

On the Flipside

  • The nuanced legal categorization of various digital assets remains a critical issue, and fixating on individual instances could obscure the need for a comprehensive regulatory framework.
  • Hinman’s declaration regarding Ethereum’s non-security status could be seen as a proactive attempt to navigate the intricate world of cryptocurrency regulations.

Why This Matters

The scrutiny of former SEC official Bill Hinman is a reminder of the importance of transparency and accountability in the cryptocurrency industry. If Hinman is found to have acted improperly, it could cast a shadow over the SEC’s credibility and make it more difficult for the agency to regulate cryptocurrencies fairly and impartially.

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