Ripple CEO Certain of a Hinman Document Treasure Trove

Ripple CEO anticipates unsealed Hinman documents to provide valuable insights into the legal status of XRP token.

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  • Ripple’s CEO has hinted at the immense value of the Hinman documents.
  • The unsealing has coincided with a federal court hearing on freezing Binance.US assets.
  • Anticipation has built as a notable lawyer has predicted a forthcoming verdict in the case.

As the countdown to the long-awaited unsealing of the Hinman documents reaches its final moments, Ripple’s CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, confidently assures us that the anticipation surrounding these records will not be in vain. 

In a Twitter response on June 12, Garlinghouse cautiously acknowledges that both he and Ripple’s chief legal officer, Stuart Alderoty, firmly believe that the contents of these documents justify the grueling 18-month legal battle fought to obtain their disclosure.

The Hinman documents, the focal point of this intense anticipation, delve into internal exchanges within the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding a pivotal speech by former Director William Hinman in 2018. 


During this momentous address, Hinman expressed the intriguing notion that while cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether may initially exhibit traits of securities, they possess the potential to evolve into commodities once they achieve a significant level of decentralization.

Unmasking Ripple’s XRP Token

Enthusiastic Ripple advocates firmly maintain that the imminent unsealing of these documents will serve as a watershed moment, shedding invaluable light on the legal status of Ripple’s native XRP token. It is worth noting that the disclosure of these documents arrives amidst a turbulent period for the cryptocurrency industry. 

Coinciding with their unveiling on this very day, June 13, the federal court is also set to hear the SEC’s motion to freeze the assets of Binance.US, a move that follows a string of legal actions against the prominent exchange.

Verdict Expected by September 30th

The SEC’s initial legal action against Ripple was launched in December 2020, alleging that the sale of Ripple’s native XRP token constituted an unregistered securities offering. Ripple, however, staunchly refutes the classification of XRP as a security, contending that it does not meet the requirements set forth by the Howey test.


While numerous senior executives at Ripple have long been predicting the imminent resolution of the rollercoaster lawsuit initiated by the SEC, pro-XRP lawyer John Deaton recently expressed utmost certainty that Judge Analisa Torres, presiding over the case, will deliver a final verdict before the end of this year, specifically before September 30.

On the Flipside

  • The unsealing of the Hinman documents may not provide the groundbreaking revelations that Ripple supporters anticipate.
  • The outcome of the SEC’s motion to freeze the assets of Binance.US, scheduled to be heard on the same day as the Hinman documents’ unsealing, could potentially overshadow the significance of the documents’ release, diverting attention from Ripple’s legal battle.
  • Even if the documents provide insights into the legal status of Ripple’s XRP token, it may not directly impact the ongoing lawsuit or expedite its resolution.

Why This Matters

The imminent unsealing of the Hinman documents marks a pivotal moment for Ripple and the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the potential to provide crucial insights into the legal status of Ripple’s XRP token, this disclosure can shape future regulatory decisions and offer clarity on the treatment of digital assets.

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