Pantera Capital Gains 66% in Q1 Despite Dumping BTC, ETH

Pantera Capital, a $5.2 billion asset manager, takes a rather unique approach: reducing exposure to Bitcoin.

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  • Billion-dollar asset manager Pantera Capital takes a unique approach to navigating the market. 
  • Pantera Capital’s unconventional investment strategy helped it gain 66% in Q1 2024.
  • Most of Pantera Capital’s investments have surged by over 100%. 

The crypto market has been on a historic trajectory this year, with several tokens, including the reigning king, Bitcoin, reaching new all-time highs or approaching them. Since the beginning of the year, both BTC and ETH have surged by 66%. While market participants rush to capitalize on these gains, Pantera Capital, a $5.2 billion asset manager, takes a unique approach: reducing exposure to the hype.

Pantera’s Unique Investment Strategy

With the first quarter behind us, Pantera’s profit reports reveal the success of its decision to reduce exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to its latest quarterly report, the asset manager posted a 66% gain for its Liquid Token Fund. 


Most of the asset manager’s gains stemmed from investments in Solana and smaller-cap tokens like Ribbon Finance, Aevo, and Stacks.

Portfolio manager Cosmo Jiang explained to Bloomberg that Pantera took an unconventional approach earlier this year, cutting its ‘heavy’ exposure to Bitcoin and Ether by more than half and focusing on other tokens.

“We’d been pretty heavy in Bitcoin until the start of the year, and really, like each month, we’ve decreased that Bitcoin position meaningfully,” Jiang shared.

At press time, Ribbon Finance has surged by 400%, Solana by 110%, Stacks by 169%, and Aevo by 200% this year. In stark contrast, Bitcoin experienced a 66% increase in the first quarter, hitting a new all-time high of $73,798 in March before retracting.

Pantera Capital’s early investment in small-cap tokens may prove beneficial once concerns surrounding the Bitcoin halving cool down. With the event scheduled for April 19 or 20, depending on block height, the altcoin market anticipates a possible correction, stalling its bull run. Once the calendar is clear of any upcoming sell-the-news events, altcoins can embark on a historic rally, potentially surpassing Bitcoin’s amplitude.

On the Flipside

  • Pantera Capital recently raised $250 million to buy Solana at discounted prices from FTX. 
  • Pantera Capital hasn’t completely liquidated its Bitcoin and Ethereum holdings. 

Why This Matters

Pantera Capital’s strategy of reducing exposure to Bitcoin and Ethereum demonstrates numerous ways to navigate the market rather than solely relying on the top two tokens. This approach is particularly prudent as Bitcoin and Ethereum, having already experienced significant rallies, may have limited upside potential.


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