Nexo Launches Easy Futures Trading for Crypto Newbies

Nexo introduces a user-friendly Futures Trading platform, making it easier for crypto beginners to navigate the futures market.

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  • Nexo releases a simplified Futures Trading app for beginners.
  • The platform includes quizzes and interactive learning for users.
  • Offers up to 50x leverage, low fees, and over 70 assets.

For many, crypto trading seems daunting. Add to that futures trading, which adds another layer of complexity. For that reason, Nexo has launched a new trading platform aiming to simplify Futures trading for a wider audience. 

The app’s design focuses on user-friendliness and educational support, targeting crypto enthusiasts who might find traditional Futures trading intimidating.

Nexo’s Latest Innovation: A User-Friendly Futures Trading Platform

Nexo’s latest offering in the cryptocurrency market is a Futures Trading platform, tailored to simplify the trading process for beginners. The platform’s introduction signifies an effort to make complex trading mechanisms more accessible. Key features include educational components such as interactive tutorials and quizzes, designed to prepare users for trading.


The platform offers up to 50x leverage, aiming to provide users with expanded trading capabilities. It also supports a wide range of assets, over 70 in total, giving users diverse options for trading. An integral part of the platform is a dedicated Futures Wallet, which is distinct from other financial services offered by Nexo, suggesting an integrated approach to trading and financial management.

This launch by Nexo reflects a growing trend in the crypto industry to make advanced trading tools more accessible to a broader audience, potentially expanding the market for cryptocurrency trading.

Futures Trading in Crypto: Here Are the Basics

Futures trading in cryptocurrency might seem complex, but it’s essentially a contract between two parties to buy or sell crypto at a predetermined future date and price. Here’s a simple breakdown:


Contract Basics: Think of a futures contract as a promise to complete a transaction in the future. You’re betting on the price of a cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, going up or down.

No Immediate Exchange: Unlike buying crypto directly, you don’t own the asset immediately. You’re dealing with a contract based on its future price.

Leverage: This means you can control a large contract with a smaller amount of money. It’s like putting a small down payment on a larger investment.

Speculation and Hedging: Some people use futures for speculation, betting on price changes to make profits. Others use it to hedge or protect against price falls in cryptocurrencies they already own.

Settlements: At the contract’s end, you can settle in cash or the actual crypto, depending on the agreement.

Futures trading can be a way to get involved in crypto without owning the actual coins. However, it requires an understanding of market trends and can be riskier than just buying and holding the coins.

On the Flipside

  • While Futures trading can be lucrative, the inherent volatility of the crypto market adds a layer of risk. High leverage can lead to significant losses, especially for inexperienced traders.
  • The regulatory environment for crypto Futures is still evolving, which may introduce uncertainty and potential challenges for platforms offering these services.

Why This Matters

By breaking down barriers to entry for complex trading instruments like Futures, Nexo is potentially opening up new opportunities for a wider range of investors, contributing to the growth and maturity of the cryptocurrency market. 

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