Here’s How Cardano Plans to End Crypto FUD Attacks

Charles Hoskinson revealed plans to tackle FUD through a revised approach to marketing.

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  • Cardano intends to switch up its marketing game.
  • Charles Hoskinson acknowledges that dedicated specialist marketers are the way forward.
  • CIP-1694 will help diminish FUD attacks.

Cardano is one of the largest and most actively developed blockchains, but it continues to face criticism from various quarters. Critics have leveled a wide range of accusations against the project, including a lack of development on the chain, inherent protocols being unsuitable for real-world applications, and personal attacks against Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson.

While some fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) are common in the hyper-tribalistic crypto industry, Cardano seems to face more than its fair share. To address this issue, Hoskinson has proposed a strategy to mitigate the attacks by changing its marketing and branding initiatives.

Level Up Marketing Game

During a recent AMA, Hoskinson revealed that plans are in place to allocate more funding to marketing. The Cardano founder stated that the proposal would require the community to decide how much to spend on new marketing and branding functions as part of a revised investor awareness and perception approach.


Hoskinson explained Input Output Global (IOG) has hit a wall as far as marketing is concerned, and that there are “much better, cheaper, and more qualified people” to fulfill the marketing function than the developer team. The Cardano founder hopes bringing in dedicated marketing specialists will dampen the FUD surrounding the project.

“We’ve done what we can with Cardano360 and these other things, but it’s never really the place of a core developer to try to learn and invent how to be ecosystem builders and marketers,” explained Hoskinson.

Hoskinson also mentioned that the coming roll-out of Cardano Improvement Proposal (CIP) 1694 would go a long way to changing the narrative around Cardano, particularly from the aspect of IOG and Hoskinson leaving Cardano once the proposal is fully implemented.

Cardano Improvement Proposal 1694

CIP-1694 is the primary proposal of the Voltaire era, aiming to turn the Cardano network into a self-sustaining ecosystem. Although CIP 1694 encompasses a variety of motions, such as the formation of governing bodies, the eventual goal is for IOG and Hoskinson to hand Cardano over to the community and walk away.

Graphic showing high-level goals of CIP-1694.
A high-level overview of CIP-1694 from Emurgo.

Hoskinson anticipates that once CIP-1694 goes through, his and IOG’s departure will appease the FUDders, leading to the negative sentiment toward Cardano lessening. 

On the Flipside

  • Marketing changes cannot fully eradicate tribalism and the spreading of FUD, which are deeply embedded elements of human nature.
  • No project to date has made significant headway in assuming the “Ethereum killertitle.
  • Cardano is consistently among the top blockchains for developer activity.

Why This Matters

Cardano’s shift in focus to marketing and branding represents an acknowledgment that the project has emphasized its technical capabilities too heavily up until now. While Cardano’s scientific approach has produced a robust blockchain platform, focusing on its highly technical nature has limited growth potential among lay individuals, creating space for FUD to propagate.

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