Crypto Christmas Gifts: 8 Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

Looking for crypto gift ideas this Christmas?

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If you’re struggling to think of the perfect Christmas gift for the cryptocurrency lover in your life, you’re in the right place. The blockchain world may be complicated, but that doesn’t mean that finding a gift for Bitcoin or Ethereum bull needs to be.

Fortunately, plenty of fantastic crypto gift ideas will win the hearts of even the grumpiest Grinch.


From the practical to the peculiar, we’ve curated a list of eight crypto-centric gifts that will delight blockchain enthusiasts and make you the gift-giving star of Christmas 2023.

Why Are Crypto Gifts a Great Idea This Christmas?

Every year, we see the same rotation of formulaic gifts. Fluffy reindeer antlers and wooly socks may be Christmas staples, but they’re hardly unforgettable. If you want to make a statement this Christmas, why not opt for a crypto-inspired gift this year? 

For one thing, crypto gifts are a gateway for friends and family to educate themselves about the future of money. It’s a conversation starter, a financial literacy lesson, and an investment opportunity all wrapped into one. 

Secondly, they’re a gift that keeps on giving. Unlike the sweater that unravels or the latest tech gadget that’s obsolete within a year, cryptocurrency and crypto-related gifts have the potential to appreciate over time. 


On top of that, most crypto gifts are digital by nature. They’re easy to throw together at the last minute and find their way to the receiver in seconds. Save yourself the awkward apology that comes from sending your presents out too late.

8 Ingenious Gifts for the Crypto Enthusiast

Convinced that a crypto-themed gift is the way to go, but unsure where to start? Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. Our list of 8 creative gift ideas is a guaranteed winner, even for the crypto enthusiast who was everything. 

1. Hardware Wallet

From now until the end, the hardware wallet will always be the best gift for the crypto enthusiast. Also known as a cold storage wallet, products like Ledger and Trezor are the gold standard of crypto security and an essential item in every crypto fan’s inventory.

Hardware wallets.

While pretty much every crypto user knows what hardware wallets are and how they work, an alarming amount of crypto enthusiasts don’t own one. It seems ridiculous, but the common trend is that people would rather put the money into buying more crypto than securing it effectively.

Hardware wallets make a great Christmas gift because they’re something every crypto fan wants but often won’t buy for themselves. If you choose to offer someone a hardware wallet this year, make sure you can prove that it came directly from the retailer. Third-party resellers are often a target for compromised wallets.

2. Crypto Subscriptions

The only thing a crypto enthusiast loves more than watching prices pump is diving into the depths of the blockchain and digging up complex market analysis. 

Crypto analysis platforms like Messari, Artemis, and Nansen are industry leaders, giving crypto enthusiasts a competitive advantage when researching cryptocurrencies and blockchain data.

With a subscription to these services, your crypto connoisseur gains a fresh perspective on the data that drives the decentralized economy, emerging with knowledge that can turn speculation into strategy.

Gifting access to these elite services is a wonderful Christmas surprise. Both thoughtful and practical, you’re giving the crypto lover in your life the tools they need to succeed. Who knows, it might even boost the budget for your return gift next year.  

3. Personalized Wallet Address

Imagine gifting someone their very own slice of the blockchain. This Christmas, give the gift of a personalized wallet address or an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain that’s as unique as their fingerprint. 

Ethereum name service.
Source: ENS

It’s the crypto equivalent of getting your own Hollywood Star on the Walk of Fame, only far more practical. A standard public wallet address is a completely forgettable random jumble of letters and numbers, like 0xkwgr74i42… you get the idea.

On the other hand, an ENS or SNS (Solana Name Service) domain turns that disorganized mess into something recognizable to human beings, like “john.eth” or “sally.sol”. Registering domains is relatively straightforward and popularly done by key figures in the crypto industry.

A personalized wallet address or ENS domain is a thoughtful nod to the receiver’s pro-crypto ideals. It’s perfect for the cryptocurrency enthusiast who appreciates the flair and function of blockchain technology.

4. Physical Bitcoin

The physical Bitcoin is a statement piece. Part collector’s item, part household decoration, and full conversation starter, a physical Bitcoin is a must-have for every Bitcoin maxi. It’s the perfect paradox, a physical representation of the world’s most famous digital asset, and it makes for a spectacular gift.

Physical Bitcoin in hand.
Source: Reddit

These coins are generally well designed and made from quality materials, from gold-plated to silver and even more luxurious limited editions. A physical Bitcoin is an excellent gift for the Bitcoin bull who has everything.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that physical Bitcoins don’t actually hold any value. Please don’t get carried away buying them cheaply, thinking you’ll be able to resell them!

5. Unique Digital Art

For a novel gift that will turn heads, why not consider gifting someone an NFT or unique digital art piece this Christmas? Like tangible, real-world art that you might find in a famous museum, some NFT artworks have become historic landmarks in the digital world.

Digital artists like Beeple and Tyler Hobbs have become household names in the crypto space, with their original artworks fetching millions on the secondary market. While this might be outside your gift-giving budget this Christmas, you can still browse NFT marketplaces and find affordable pieces your recipient might like.

On top of that, there’s always the chance that the digital art scene will reawaken and explode like it did in 2021. In that case, your lucky gift recipient might find themself holding a piece of artistic history!

6. Crypto Gift Cards

If you’re still wondering what to offer your crypto-obsessed friend or family member this year, you could always get them a crypto gift card. Crypto gift cards are redeemable at the world’s largest retailers, including Amazon and Airbnb.

The only difference? You can buy these gift cards with cryptocurrency, effectively converting your crypto assets into a redeemable gift voucher. Crypto gift cards solve the problem of not knowing what to offer someone for Christmas this year while still linking crypto integration and novelty into the process.

7. Cryptocurrency Books

Knowledge is power, and what better source of knowledge is there than a book? A well-chosen cryptocurrency book is a guaranteed home run for the crypto enthusiast who devours market analysis for breakfast and blockchain news for dinner.

The range of cryptocurrency books is staggering. Underneath the crypto literature umbrella, you can find everything from Bitcoin history and the technical architecture of blockchain technology right through to market psychology and instructional tutorials on crypto trading.

Whether it’s for the beginner looking to decode the basics or the seasoned trader seeking to sharpen their strategy, a cryptocurrency book out there is the perfect fit. If you’re looking for ideas, check out this list highlighting some of the best crypto books.

8. The Gift of Crypto

Our final gift idea for crypto enthusiasts is the most obvious of all. Instead of tearing your hair out trying to find the cleverest and quirkiest crypto gift, why not offer them what they really want: More crypto?

Any crypto lover will always be happy to receive more digital currency. This gift idea can be even more whimsical because it lets you introduce the receiver to new networks or crypto assets they may not be familiar with yet.

Better yet, many countries treat gifted cryptocurrency below a certain amount of tax-free income. Giving the gift of crypto is fast, fun, and shows the recipient that you’re actively interested in and supportive of their belief in the crypto movement.

On the Flipside

  • Crypto enthusiasts are fickle people and often think they always know better. Don’t be surprised if whatever cryptocurrency you offer someone as a gift is promptly swapped for an alternative coin or token.

Why This Matters

Cryptocurrency can be intimidating, and gift hunting can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. Plenty of great crypto-themed gifts in this list for all budgets are sure to give any crypto enthusiast an unforgettable Christmas.


What is the best crypto to gift?

That largely depends on the receiver. For example, an Ethereum maxi would probably consider ETH a far better gift than SOL or ADA.

What do you get a crypto lover for Christmas?

The best Christmas gifts for crypto lovers are helpful products and services like hardware wallets, subscriptions to analytical tools, or the gift of cryptocurrency itself.

Do you pay taxes on crypto gifts?

In most countries, you do not pay taxes on crypto gifts below a certain threshold.

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