Top 10 Websites to Buy Gift Cards with Cryptocurrency

People also make use of gift cards when they are subscribing to different prepaid applications like iTunes, Gamespot, Amazon, and so much more.

Buying gift cards is so old-school and still in vogue at the same time. Just like old days, there are several reasons why people buy gift cards for their loved ones or those they genuinely care about. 

Notably, aside from giving out gift cards as rewards, people also use them to make in-store purchases as well as load funds into digital wallets. Similarly, people also make use of gift cards when they are subscribing to different prepaid applications like iTunes, Gamespot, Amazon, and so much more.


Initially, people are required to pay cash/fiat in exchange for these cards, however, this has changed over the years with the inception of cryptocurrency. 

Now, thousands of brands’ gift cards are offered to users in exchange for cryptocurrency. Well, this does not necessarily mean that all the brands support crypto payments; instead, there are exchanges and digital marketplaces where these brands’ gift cards are sold for different crypto assets.

In this article, we have compiled a carefully-curated list of websites to buy (and sell)  gift cards with cryptocurrencies. Our top ten picks are listed below in no particular order.

10. eGifter

If you have ever searched for platforms to buy gift cards using cryptocurrency, then the chances are so high that you would have come across eGifter. The platform offers one of the best e-gifting services you would come across on the internet. Notable, unlike the majority of its peers, eGifter offers various unique services ranging from buying and selling single cards and visas to corporate gifting as well as bulk/group gifting. 


Currently, users can shop from any of the hundreds of gift card vendors registered on the platform including Adidas, Amazon, Apple, Gamestop, and Uber to mention a few. Likewise, there is an advanced option to store and manage gift cards, a feature that is usually patronized by corporate organizations or bulk distributors.

9. Coingate

This particular platform is a crypto exchange marketplace by default, however, it is also a perfect destination for gift card purchases, exchange, and management. According to the website, customers can buy more than 1500 gift cards of different brands with Bitcoin or any other acceptable cryptocurrency on the platform. 

Notably, the platform offers gift cards from different industries/categories cutting across e-commerce, gaming, travel, entertainment, sports, and restaurants. That said, prominent gift card vendors on the platform include Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo eShop, Airbnb, Twitch, IKEA, Spotify, Nike and many more. 

Also, the platform makes gift card shopping less strenuous and cost-efficient as the customer can choose to pay for their purchases using lightning networks like Bitcoin and Litecoin which offers lower network fees. Similarly, the platforms enable customers to bypass regional subscriptions using cards purchased instead of card payments, and lastly, have each card delivered in the receiver’s email in near-real-time.

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8. Bitrefill

Offering support for over 4,500 gift card vendors, Bitrefill is unarguably one of the biggest gift card marketplaces to visit on the internet. In addition to that, customers can easily trade cryptocurrencies for gift cards and vice versa from more than 750 businesses across over 170 countries. 

Interestingly, it doesn’t matter what your interest or that of the receiver is; everyone gets to find something unique for themselves. More so, while there are several brands’ gift cards to choose from, customers can seamlessly navigate the numerous collections which are carefully sorted into micro-groups based on individual’s interest. 

7. Gyft

Well, the name alone speaks volumes. Gyft is one of the leading gift card marketplaces and offers some of the most unique offerings in the space. Notably, Gyft makes it easy for customers to give the perfect gift card to people who need them and essentially allows customers to conveniently manage the entire gifting process from any of their mobile devices.

In addition to offering unique gifting solutions including bulk buy and gifting management, Gyft also has a special offer for developers. For instance, corporate organizations can leverage the Gyft API and SDK features to integrate and set up their gifting system on the platform, making it easier to reward their employees with gift cards using their own applications. 

Sounds exciting right? There is even more; Gyft also offers personal customer support in an attempt to ensure that the user experience remains seamless and positive around the clock. Currently, customers can get access to over 250 popular brands to meet the needs of their recipients. 

6. Cryptorefill

Here is another dedicated gift card marketplace where users can buy, sell, redeem, and earn points on their gift card transactions. In addition to its gift card offering which cut across e-commerce, gaming, and entertainment categories, Cryptorefill also allows users to access mobile top-up and data purchases using the different crypto assets of choice.

Currently, the platform accepts up to nine different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), USDT, Litecoin etc., across five different networks.

5. BitPay

This particular exchange platform offers a gift card exchange feature where customers can purchase their gift cards from hundreds of brands including Amazon, Uber, Home Depot,, and many more using their preferred cryptocurrencies.

If you are familiar with the crypto space, you would have noticed that BitPay, since it was founded in 2011, has functioned as the gateway for many non-crypto accepting brands. In other words, it has made it possible for people to patronize different brands using cryptocurrency. 

The platform also provides API extensions which when integrated – into different online commercial marketplaces based off blockchain – make crypto payment seamless for customers. So far the platform host thousands of gift card vendors across various industries/categories like Gold & Precious metals, Jewelry & Watches, Travel & Leisure, Electronics, Charities & Non-profits, Restaurants, Automobiles, Fashion, and so much more.

4. Purse

This is one interesting gift card marketplace that you most likely would want to give a try. Specifically, Purse is designed uniquely such that it allows users to set their own discounts when shopping for different gift cards. 

For instance, when shopping for a particular gift card, say Amazon, or iTunes card, the system uses its peer-to-peer algorithm to pair shoppers with those who are looking to exchange their in-demand cards for crypto assets of their choice.

There is also a collective discount of up to 33% when a shopper, after adding gift cards to the cart, checks out by paying with Bitcoin. While the platform is more focused on Amazon vouchers, it allows users to import their Amazon wishlist so as to quickly checkout, thereby keeping track of all added items for easy reuse.

3. Paxful

One of the popular platforms across Africa and the U.S., Paxful started solely as an exchange platform and later included a dedicated gift card hub where people can buy and sell gift cards with/for different crypto assets. 

Currently, the platform trade gift cards across over 11 categories cutting across gaming, online shopping (e-commerce), foods/restaurants, electronics, and entertainment among others. Customers can make use of the P2P trading model to transact all types of gift cards from nearly 1000 brands/vendors.

The best part is that customers can decide their choice of crypto asset, as well as the rate they wish to sell their gift cards for. 

2. Bidali

Imagine having a wallet where you can save your funds as gift cards. Well, a perfect picture of what may have crossed your mind is Bidali. Essentially, customers can buy gift cards and make mobile top-ups from thousands of brands around the world using cryptocurrency.

To go about this, a customer will start by selecting a product of choice, scan the barcode address to pay into with the cryptocurrency of choice, and either receive an actual card in a dedicated wallet or alternatively redeem it for personal use. The platform currently offers gift cards across 7 major categories including entertainment, travel, house & home, sports, groceries, gaming, and clothing & accessories. 

Likewise, corporate partners can integrate their gifting system on the platform using Pipedrive, a dedicated cloud-based software for integrating third-party applications. This way, partners can store, distribute, and manage their gifting/reward systems.

1. WeGift

At the top of the list (ironically) is WeGift. This platform was recently backed by Coinbase who, on the other hand, was trying to provide its customer base with a novice approach to exchanging their crypto for gift cards.

Specifically, WeGift is essentially dedicated to revolutionalising gift card distribution with its proprietary solution. Notably, the platform provides four major services including incentive marketing, retail brand services, employee rewards, and gift card services. 

Customers – both individual and corporate organizations – can access the leading catalogue of eGift cards with amazing discounts while leveraging the platform’s automated system. Currently, there are hundreds of brands/vendors hosted on the platform across different categories; notable ones include Apple, Amazon, Nike, Starbucks, Uber, Zalando, and many more. 

While we have come to the end of the list, please add any other website names you’d like to see included in order to assist a fellow reader in navigating the gift card market.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

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