Coinbase Withdrawal Issues Leave Users Furious at Support

An in-depth look at the issues faced by Coinbase users with account restrictions, KYC compliance, and the efficacy of customer support.

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  • Reports surface of Coinbase users facing withdrawal delays.
  • Users express frustration over the lack of support.
  • Coinbase did not address the reports. 

Bridging the gap between traditional finance and the burgeoning world of crypto, crypto exchanges have become a cornerstone for user adoption. Among them, Coinbase has a strong reputation, both in terms of security and regulatory compliance.  

However, recent developments raise questions about users’ challenges when navigating the platform’s withdrawals. After one user voiced their concerns, multiple have shared their stories about issues with withdrawals on the platform, voicing frustration over the lack of support. 

Coinbase User Unable to Withdraw Upwards of $150k in Assets

On Sunday, March 10, Coinbase users started reporting issues with withdrawals on social media platforms, prompted by one user who shared their ordeal. In January 2024, following a significant investment in cryptocurrencies, the user received the “email of death,” signaling the start of a KYC compliance ordeal. 


As reported by the user, Coinbase requested additional information before the user could withdraw his investments into his self-custodial crypto valet. According to the user, the assets were valued at upwards of $150,000 at the time.  

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Source: Reddit

Despite promptly submitting the requested documentation, including bank statements and pay stubs, the user encountered a wall of silence. The situation escalated in March when their account was inexplicably restricted, prompting the user to seek customer support. 

The support was not helpful, which ultimately prompted the user to post their situation on Reddit, which prompted many other Coinbase users to share their complaints.

Other Coinbase Users Share Their Stories 

Prompted by the post, users started circulating their complaints, highlighting a sense of shared frustration. One user also shared their experience with the “email of death,” marking their account as restricted. Despite following Coinbase’s directives and providing the requested documentation, they encountered silence. 


Stories like these have led some social media users to caution others when dealing with Coinbase. However, not all users shared a similar experience. Multiple users, in reply to the post, claimed that they withdrew significant amounts of crypto to their wallets without facing issues. Multiple users suggested that the issue lies with the platform’s lack of support staff, which reflects an attempt at scaling their operations. 

DailyCoin contacted both the Coinbase team and the user who authored the post, but they did not immediately respond to a request for comment. 

On the Flipside

  • The stringent KYC measures are part of the exchange’s efforts to comply with global regulatory standards to prevent money laundering and financial fraud. 
  • One user’s story does not necessarily reflect the experience of other users in a similar situation. 

Why This Matters

The stories from the Coinbase community highlight the importance of user-centric service models that ensure individuals can manage their digital assets confidently and with the support they need. 

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