Top 10 Crypto Subreddits to Join in 2022

Reddit, a social network that prides itself as “the front page of the internet,” gained a massive audience in the crypto community when GameStop took on the smart money institutional investors in early 2021.

Reddit, a social network that prides itself on being “the front page of the internet,” gained a massive audience in the crypto community when GameStop took on the smart money institutional investors in early 2021.

Subreddits are smaller communities dedicated to a particular topic within the Reddit ecosystem. This has made Reddit an excellent tool for the fast-growing diverse crypto industry, where topics covering every aspect of cryptocurrency are discussed. 


Here’s our pick for the top 10 Subreddits for crypto enthusiasts in 2022.

1. Cryptocurrency News & Discussion

If you’re looking for anything related to cryptocurrencies, chances are high that you’ll find it at Cryptocurrency News & Discussion. With over 4.9 million members, this is the single biggest crypto subreddit.

This subreddit is home to thousands of active users constantly sharing their opinions, analysis, and thoughts on a wide range of coins, tokens, and blockchain developments.

Join @  r/CryptoCurrency

2. Bitcoin for Beginners

This subreddit is one of the best places to start for people new to Bitcoin and crypto in general. There are posts dedicated to teaching beginners and its 861K members how crypto and blockchain technology works, their future uses, and the best ways to trade. The guides covered in this subreddit are not limited to Bitcoin and include several other altcoins.


Join @ /r/bitcoinbeginners

3. CryptoMarkets

This is one of the best subreddits dedicated to cryptocurrency trading and market analysis. Members also offer great information about exchanges and different applications that will help you analyze the market better.

Join @  r/CryptoMarkets

4. Crypto General

While the name implies that general crypto topics are discussed in this subreddit, emphasis is placed on quality, in-depth reviews on topics in different cryptocurrency fields. 

Join @ /r/Crypto_General

5. Altcoin – One of Reddit’s Original Crypto Subreddits

If you’re looking to learn about any cryptocurrency other than Bitcoin, then the Altcoin subreddit is for you. The discussions are based around news, trends, market performance, and predictions on the likes of Ethereum, Cardano, BNB, as well as recently launched altcoins.

Join @  r/Altcoin

6. DeFi

Revolutionizing traditional finance services has made decentralized finance one of the most talked-about crypto subjects. This crypto subreddit is dedicated to bringing you up to speed on all the happenings in the defi ecosystem and how to use defi protocols, news, reviews, and predictions.

Join @  r/DeFi

7. ICOCrypto – Active and Upcoming ICOs

If you’re looking to learn about new crypto projects about to be launched through initial coin offerings (ICO), crowd sales, and token sales, then this subreddit is where you should be. There are set rules and regulations for promoters and investors of projects to maintain transparency.

Join @  r/icocrypto

8. Cryptocurrency Technology Focused Discussions

This subreddit with over 331k members is dedicated to technical and serious discussions about cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology. Unlike most others of this nature, there are no discussions on the price of cryptocurrencies, market performance, promotional content, or memes. 

Join @  r/CryptoTechnology

9. Crypto MoonShots

If you’re looking to find the next crypto project about to take a phantom leap in its market cap, then you should visit this subreddit. The discussions are centered around analyzing low market cap cryptocurrencies with a moonshot potential. It has become a fan favorite, gathering over 1.6 million members.

Join @  r/CryptoMoonShots

10. Bitcoin

Closing the list is one of the oldest crypto subreddits dedicated to the pioneer cryptocurrency. Since 2010, this group has focused on everything relating to Bitcoin, from news to opinions, trade guides, and memes. 

Join @  r/Bitcoin

Just like Bitcoin, you can find a subreddit for every crypto project dedicated to everything pertaining to that project.

Why You Should Care

The Reddit platform is built around discussion, allowing members of subreddits to benefit from the knowledge of more experienced members. In addition, the upvote and downvote feature of Reddit can help you differentiate between helpful and harmful information.

This article is for information purposes only and should not be considered trading or investment advice. Nothing herein shall be construed as financial, legal, or tax advice. Trading forex, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs pose a considerable risk of loss.

Milko Trajcevski

Milko Trajcevski is a DailyCoin news reporter, mainly focused on Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and their founders (Vitalik Buterin and Charles Hoskinson). Milko is an avid follower of crypto and blockchain technology and has written thousands of articles on the subjects. He finds joy in transforming complex issues into written content that anyone can understand. Milko has used and analyzed numerous exchanges, such as Coinbase, FTX, and Binance. He also closely follows all of the latest news around the largest decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Location: Skopje, Macedonia