Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Weighs in on ETH Insider Drama

Charles Hoskinson finds himself amidst drama again for his past with Ethereum.

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  • An Ethereum insider recently stirred the pot by revealing hours of audio recordings with Vitalik Buterin. 
  • The insider mentioned Hoskinson numerous times by name. 
  • Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson broke his silence and weighed in on the matter. 

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson finds himself thrust into the spotlight once more, this time revisiting his past with Ethereum. Former advisor and insider Steven Nerayoff recently unveiled a trove of conversations with Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin, along with a document outlining Ethereum’s rescue mission circa 2015. Hoskinson takes center stage in this shocking revelation, earning a whopping 69 mentions as the central figure in the project’s salvation. 

Responding to the bombshell, Hoskinson swiftly stepped into the spotlight, offering clarity amidst the unfolding drama. With measured words, he addressed the murky past and urged caution. 

Charles Hoskinson Weighs in 

In a compelling 22-minute video, Charles Hoskinson delved into the unfolding drama, reflecting on his own experiences and contributions within the Ethereum ecosystem. Hoskinson disclosed a longstanding relationship with Nerayoff, revealing their initial encounter in 2013 and subsequent collaborations on various projects such as Cloud Park. 


Seizing the opportunity, the Cardano founder underscored his contributions to Ethereum, dispelling what he labeled as three great lies surrounding his involvement. These included accusations of being a pathological liar, a non-contributor to the crypto space, and his alleged role in Ethereum’s founding. 

Defending his track record, Hoskinson pointed to the success of Cardano and the absence of legal complications or scandals despite publishing hundreds of unique papers and projects.

Reflecting on his departure from Ethereum in June 2014, Hoskinson expressed optimism for interoperability and collaboration in the crypto space despite historical conflicts. He candidly addressed the personal toll of enduring prolonged disputes, acknowledging the psychological impact. He urged viewers that the people involved in the controversy have grown tremendously over the years. 


As an example, he shared that co-founder Gavin Wood initially played a role in his exit from Ethereum; however, years later, the two have evolved to collaborate closely on a current project.

Concluding the video, the contentious founder expressed uncertainty about Nerayoff’s endgame but extended well wishes.  He emphasized the necessity of addressing his involvement in the controversy, particularly after being mentioned 69 times, highlighting the importance of providing a comprehensive response. 

On the Flipside

  • Nerayoff maintains that Ethereum is a fraudulent project that has corrupt ties to federal agencies.
  • Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community frequently clash over Ethereum’s alleged collaboration with the SEC.

Why This Matters

Controversies like this can tarnish the image of those involved. After being mentioned numerous times, it’s crucial for Charles Hoskinson to clarify the situation and provide context before the drama escalates out of control.

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