Cardano’s Hoskinson Challenges Laura Shin’s ‘Damning’ Dossier

The XRP community unearthed new allegations of corruption against Hoskinson.

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  • A video from Laura Shin holding damning information over Charles Hoskinson has resurfaced. 
  • The XRP community is leveraging the video to clap back at Hoskinson 
  • Charles Hoskinson swiftly called Laura Shin’s bluff.

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson often finds himself amidst controversy stemming from a history of sparking debates that include rattling the XRP community’s hornet’s nest. Now, fresh allegations of corruption from the past have emerged against Hoskinson.

Crypto journalist and author Laura Shin, who once raised doubts about the Cardano Founder’s academic qualifications, alleged holding ‘damning’ information on Hoskinson’s past at Ethereum. While Shin aimed to stir controversy with her bold comments, they didn’t gain much traction when she first made them. 

However, as tensions between the XRP community and Hoskinson escalate, the video has resurfaced again, and the crypto pundit has shown that he is not one to back down as he challenges the claims.

XRP Community Use Shin’s Comments as Ammo

On Sunday, October 29, Mr. Huber, a vocal member of the XRP community, took to Twitter to share a snippet from a 2022 panel featuring Laura Shin. In the snippet, the author of ‘The Cryptopians’ made several bold claims, including purporting that Charles Hoskinson once claimed he was Satoshi Nakamoto and insinuating that the Ethereum team possessed a potentially incriminating dossier about the Cardano founder because they distrusted him.


Huber leveraged Shin’s allegation to clap at Hoksinson’s earlier statements regarding XRP and Ethereum. Hoskinson had previously labeled XRP enthusiasts as conspiracy theorists for believing that Ethereum was tainted and had influenced the SEC. 

However, before the controversy could spread, Hoskinson swiftly challenged Shin’s assertions, contending that if such a dossier did exist, she would have published it verbatim.


This isn’t the first time Laura Shin has targeted the Cardano Founder. In her book, Shin alleged that Hoskinson never enrolled in a Ph.D. program, contrary to his former claims. 

On the Flipside

  • Laura Shin has not provided any evidence to back her claims from 2022. 
  • Laura Shin previously celebrated founders like Do Kwon, the disgraced founder of Terra Luna Labs. 

Why This Matters

The XRP community and Charles Hoskinson have been engaged in a longstanding feud. This strained relationship has driven both sides to seek damaging information about the other. For Charles Hoskinson, challenging misinformation is vital, as inaccurate information can potentially harm his reputation.

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