Cardano Founder Stands Firm Against Partnerships with XRP

Cardano Founder says no to partnerships with XRP, points at community harassment and lack of technical fit.

Charles Hoskinson's head exploding.
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  • Charles Hoskinson is again on the podium for something he said in the past. 
  • Community members asked Hoskinson about his stance on potential collaborations with XRP. 
  • Unsurprisingly, the Cardano Founder remained steadfast against partnerships with XRP. 

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community have one of the most interesting dynamics in the crypto space. In what could be one of the longest-standing feuds in the industry, the two parties are often at each other’s throats, seldom missing an opportunity to express their dissenting opinions of one another. 

In the latest episode of this enduring saga, Hoskinson finds himself again at odds with the XRP community, stemming from something he said in the past. 

Charles Hoskinson and XRP Community Reopen the Past Again

On Sunday, an 𝕏 user brought Charles Hoskinson back into the ring, highlighting a comment made by the founder a year ago regarding XRP. Hoskinson heavily criticized the XRP community in the comment, labeling it ‘toxic and petty’ and dismissing any potential collaboration between Cardano and Ripple. 


A year ago, in response to Hoskinson’s critical view, Ripple CTO David Schwartz urged the Cardano Founder to reconsider his position and statement. The crypto pundit initially responded with deafening silence. 

Screenshot of Charles Hoskinson's opinion on XRP From December 2022.
Screenshot of Charles Hoskinson’s opinion on XRP From December 2022. Source: 𝕏

However, Hoskinson’s response remained a resounding no to potential partnerships when asked about his recent thoughts a year later. Defending his view, Hoskinson pointed to two years of what he described as ‘harassment’ from the XRP community, coupled with the perceived lack of technical overlap between Cardano and XRP.

Cardano and XRP Don’t Mix

The Cardano Founder elaborated that XRP had a different market fit and was built for a ‘different purpose.’ He emphasized that XRP wasn’t like Ethereum, Polkadot, and Algorand, which focused on solving similar problems. According to Hoskinson, XRP is an interbank settlement system and CBDC stack, not a decentralized smart contract system.

Hoskinson underscored that he didn’t foresee collaboration with the XRP community, especially given what he described as constant “personal attacks, harassment, and an utter inability to have a conversation.”


Hoskinson’s comment manifested what he was annoyed about. The XRP community responded to the founder with memes and alleging his involvement in corruption. In typical fashion, Hoskinson continued to call the community members ‘conspiracy theorists’ for their ETHGate theory

On the Flipside

  • In December 2022, Hoskinson promised never to comment on the XRP situation again. However, the founder often breaks this promise. 
  • The Cardano Founder was among the first to publicly support XRP when it came under the SEC’s magnifying glass. 
  • Hoskinson recently admitted that Ethereum used connections and maybe even money to convince the SEC; however, he didn’t label the notion as corruption; instead, he called it favoritism. 
  • Hoskinson publicly stated that taking swipes at the XRP community with ETHGate memes was one of his favorite pastimes. 

Why This Matters

Given the hostility between Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community, it’s unsure when this feud will end. However, as long this animosity continues, the more complicated it gets. 

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