Cardano’s Hoskinson and XRP Community Exchange Punches, Again

The Hoskinson-XRP beef takes a wild turn after the crypto pundit acknowledged the SEC’s unjust regulation.

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  • Charles Hoskinson reignited tensions with the XRP community for claiming the SEC has been unfair in its crypto crackdown. 
  • The XRP community seized the opportunity to drag the Cardano founder and accused him of hypocrisy. 
  • Charles Hoskinson fired back and exchanged several punches with XRP community members. 

Charles Hoskinson and the XRP community have been at each other’s throats for a long time, consistently trading verbal blows, particularly regarding their perspectives on the SEC’s perceived leniency towards Ethereum

While historically, the animosity between the Hoskinson and the XRP community has been civil and limited to witty comments, the latest episode marked a departure from the usual tone.

XRP Community Fires at Hoskinson

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson has a very contentious and complicated relationship with the XRP community, primarily ignited by his dismissal of their ETHGate theory. Despite weathering intense scrutiny, the crypto pundit doesn’t shy away from taking swipes at the XRP community, considering it a favorite pastime. In return, the XRP community also seizes every opportunity to denounce the Cardano Founder, especially amid revelations of SEC corruption.

During a recent AMA session, Hoskinson doubled down on his stance, asserting that US regulators have been unjust in their crypto crackdown, branding everything as unregistered securities while affording a ‘complete pass’ to Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

Hoskinson’s controversial comments reverberated across the crypto space, particularly among the XRP community, which already accuses the SEC of corruption and favoritism. Given the nature of the Cardano Founder’s words,  Mr. Huber, an influential figure in the XRP community, fired back, accusing him of hypocrisy and implicating him in covering up Ethereum founder Joseph Lubin’s corruption and bribery of the SEC.

Hoskinson Fires Back

In response, Hoskinson dismissed Mr. Huber’s allegations, claiming there was zero evidence that Lubin bribed the SEC to go after XRP. The Cardano founder challenged Mr. Huber to produce proof or be deemed a purveyor of conspiracies and slander.

The XRP community flooded the founder’s comment section despite Hoskinson’s rebuttals, clarifying that their accusations are not against the SEC targeting XRP, as Hoskinson asserts. Instead, they accuse the Ethereum foundation of bribing the SEC to secure a free pass.

Amid the clarifications from the XRP community, Hoskinson persisted in framing the matter as a grand conspiracy orchestrated by XRP enthusiasts, unwavering in his stance. The XRP community, in turn, continued to emphasize their position to the founder, debunking the notion of a conspiracy.

As this feud unfolds, its resolution remains uncertain. What is certain, however, is that Charles Hoskinson shows no signs of embracing the XRP community’s accusations and remains steadfast in labeling them as ‘conspiracy theorists.’

On the Flipside

Why This Matters

Given the hostility between the two parties, it’s unsure when this feud will end. However, as long this animosity continues, the more complicated it gets. 

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