What Polygon Miden Brings to the Table as Testnet Goes Live

Miden goes live on testnet; what does it bring to the Polygon ecosystem?

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  • Polygon Miden has gone live on testnet.
  • Miden promises to unlock new use cases with features suitable for privacy and high-throughput use cases.
  • According to Polygon (MATIC) Labs CEO, it may be the team’s most ambitious project yet.

Polygon Miden is inching toward a full launch.

After over two years of development, developers have released the ZK-rollup on a testnet, allowing users and developers to interact with some of its novel features that are not feasible on other EVMs.


How does Miden differentiate itself from other ZK-rollups, including the Polygon zkEVM?

A Home for Privacy and High-Throughput Applications

In an X post on Monday, May 6, Polygon (MATIC) Labs disclosed that the Miden Alpha testnet was live, calling users and developers to explore the network and try token transfers and smart contract execution.

Polygon Miden differentiates itself from most other ZK rollups with two defining features: client-side proving and parallel execution. Client-side proving allows users to generate and verify proofs about data on their devices without posting the data on the network. This system has two benefits: first, it enables greater privacy. Second, it reduces the network’s workload, allowing for greater scalability. 

Polygon Miden’s scalability is further bolstered by parallel execution, which allows concurrent processing of multiple tasks across several processors.


The network’s key features make it suitable for privacy and high-throughput applications. These features also unlock several capabilities, such as regulatory compliance for DeFi protocols while maintaining user privacy.

Polygon’s “Most Groundbreaking Chain?”

Commenting on the Miden testnet launch, Polygon Labs CEO Marc Boiron described it as “the most groundbreaking chain in the space” as he urged users to explore it.

Miden expands Polygon’s blockchain ecosystem, which includes the PoS chain that is set to transition to a zkEVM validium chain to host payments-focused applications, and the standard zkEVM, which is projected to be the ecosystem’s DeFi home.

Per Polygon’s multichain roadmap, the Miden chain will share liquidity with other chains in the Polygon ecosystem through the AggLayer.

On the Flipside 

Why This Matters

Polygon (MATIC) is one of the most popular Ethereum scaling solutions. The Miden project promises to address several concerns with blockchain privacy, including how users can maintain privacy and remain compliant.

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