Vanguard’s Investment in Bitcoin Mining Is Not What It Seems

Vanguard’s enigmatic Bitcoin stance unravels as their massive indirect investments in mining companies clash with their public reservations.

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  • Vanguard has shocked the markets by withholding trade on the newly approved Bitcoin ETFs.
  • A deeper look has revealed Vanguard’s investments in leading Bitcoin mining companies.
  • Vanguard’s Bitcoin exposure stems from its core passive index-tracking strategy.

In a move that stunned the financial world, Vanguard Group, the investment behemoth with $7.7 trillion under its belt, is refusing to offer the newly approved Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to its customers. 

Is Vanguard Bluffing on Bitcoin?

This stance, coming on the heels of the SEC’s green light for these products, has left investors puzzled and sparked questions about the company’s true motivations. While publicly citing concerns about Bitcoin’s volatility and misalignment with their long-term investment strategy, Vanguard’s actions speak a different language. 


A closer look reveals the company’s significant investments in leading Bitcoin mining companies, raising doubts about their anti-crypto narrative. Finbold, a financial data platform, uncovered Vanguard’s substantial stake in the US Bitcoin mining industry. However, Finbold failed to mention that these holdings were not direct purchases of shares.

The firm holds the top position in Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA), owning a hefty 8.11% share worth $216 million. This figure comes after Vanguard’s recent purchase of nearly 1 million shares in the mining giant, seemingly contradicting their public pronouncements.

The trend echoes elsewhere in the sector. Riot Platforms (RIOT) boasts Vanguard as its largest shareholder, with a 9.12% stake. Similar scenarios play out in CleanSpark (CLSK), Cipher Mining (CIFR), and TeraWulf (WULF), where Vanguard occupies top investor positions.

Vanguard’s Indirect Bitcoin Exposure

The key lies in Vanguard’s core strategy: passive index tracking. Their colossal index funds passively mirror various market benchmarks, automatically buying and selling stocks as the index composition changes. This explains their sizable holdings in Riot and Marathon, both included in popular indexes like the Russell 2000.

So, Vanguard’s Bitcoin foray isn’t a grand crypto endorsement but a byproduct of their index-driven approach. While the company remains cautious about direct crypto exposure, its indirect involvement speaks volumes about the burgeoning mainstream interest in the digital asset landscape.

On the Flipside

  • Vanguard, as a fiduciary, prioritizes long-term stability for clients. Their cautious stance on Bitcoin reflects their right to manage risk and allocate assets according to their investment philosophy.
  • Vanguard’s index-tracking approach is transparent and well-understood. Their holdings in Bitcoin miners are a consequence of this strategy, not a hidden agenda.
  • Vanguard’s Bitcoin mining holdings are not an endorsement of Bitcoin itself.

Why This Matters

Despite their indirect exposure through mining stocks, Vanguard’s cautious stance on Bitcoin ETFs highlights a critical juncture for mainstream crypto adoption. While not a direct endorsement, it signals a slow-growing acceptance within established financial giants, potentially paving the way for future crypto products tailored for long-term investors.


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