Solana Founder Denounces ‘ETH Killer’ Label, Sees Coexistence

Solana Founder is unpleased with the ‘Ethereum Killer’ narrative making a comeback.

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  • Solana is having a historic quarter. 
  • SOL’s performance has resurrected the ‘Ethereum Killer’ narrative. 
  • Solana’s Founder rejected the label and called for coexistence. 

Solana is riding high on a phenomenal year, clocking in an impressive 700% gain. Naturally, this performance positions it as a formidable threat to Ethereum’s reign, as the network turns heads with its on-chain and trading activity. 

While the crypto community is abuzz with excitement, tagging Solana as the potential ‘Ethereum Killer,’ founder Anatoly Yakovenko, however, is taking a different stance. 

Yakovenko Optimistic About Coexisting

Solana’s quarterly performance is nothing short of historic. SOL has skyrocketed by an impressive 200% in just two months. In addition to its price dynamics, the network is also brimming with activity, showcasing increasing interest in DeFi as it witnesses a sudden surge in transactions, DEX volumes, and wallets

The heightened optimism around Solana has led to the ‘Ethereum Killer’ narrative making a resounding comeback, with many community members forecasting that the network is poised to dethrone Ethereum in the near future

However, Solana’s Anatoly Yakovenko quickly denounced the ‘Ethereum Killer’ label and urged caution in resurrecting the narrative. The founder emphasized that technologies can have overlapping features and still coexist competitively. He expressed optimism about the industry’s future and hinted at potentially collaborating. 

It’s worth noting that Solana’s genesis was rooted in addressing Ethereum’s scalability challenges. The network introduced a solution that combined proof-of-history and delegated proof-of-stake protocols to process over 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), outperforming Ethereum’s 15 TPS. 

While it is uncertain whether Solana will clinch the ‘altcoin king’ title away from Ethereum in the future, what’s certain is that it is undeniably poised for mainstream adoption. 

On the Flipside

  • There are ongoing concerns regarding the large stash of SOL held by the now-defunct FTX exchange. However, these are yet to impact SOL prices.
  • Solana has experienced at least three major outages this year. 

Why This Matters

Solana’s recent resurgence injects fresh competition into the crypto ecosystem, providing users with compelling alternatives beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. The network and its token are emerging as highly appealing choices for crypto enthusiasts.

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